Sepia Saturday 272: Tractors, Agriculture, Wheels

Another Sepia Saturday, and another great match for the prompt!  I had posted this about a month ago on Google+ just for kicks because I liked the photo.  In the photo is my grandpa, Leon Kitko riding a piece of machinery, a Clark CA1 Airborne Tractor.  If I have my facts straight, this tractor is still hanging around albeit in a state of disrepair.  The neat part about the tractor is that it was built during World War II for the purpose of being light and small enough to be able to be flown in by glider or even dropped by parachute to the ground to help clear land for landing strips for larger aircraft.  It’s a pretty neat machine!  I’m not sure how my grandpa came to own one though, but it was in working condition at some point as the photo shows.  Grandpa wasn’t a farmer and I don’t think he had any real need for a bulldozer, but he was a tinkerer and mechanic who could fix just about anything, so I’m sure when the opportunity came along, he was more than happy to add this machine to his collection.  The back of the polaroid is labelled, “Aug 1969, Leon and his bulldozer,” and was likely taken by his wife, Romayne.  It’s a bit of a newer photo than the prompt photo and probably one of the most recent I’ve used for a Sepia Saturday, but I couldn’t resist since it was such a good fit.  There are SO many in this series (more recent photos from grandpa’s collection) that I really ought to delve into them more, but we’ll bulldoze through them soon enough!


Petit Vour March 2015


Spring is slowly starting to creep in and overtake winter, and Petit Vour is celebrating the return of spring this month with a theme of, “Spring Dreaming.”  We still have a bit of snow on the ground, but the tulips and daffodils are showing signs of life, peeking the first signs of growth out of the ground.  The box contained four samples this month and while it didn’t absolutely blow me away, I’m pretty happy with the box!

  • The Little Alchemist Cacao & Banana Face Glow – 30 g / $32 – (Sample is 30g, Full Value!) I was a little worried at first because I’m not into banana scented anything at all, but I can happily report that this smells entirely like brownie batter and not like banana at all!  It’s hard to imagine, smelling this, that it’s not edible because WOW.  It’s kind of spendy for a clay mask, but it makes for a nice addition to the box and is a fun product to try out.
  • Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream – 1.7 oz / $39 – (Sample is .5 oz, value of $11.47) Not really sold on this.  It feels thick and heavy on, and while it does a bunch of things from being a moisturizer, repair cream, being a sunblock, and the tint, it’s not something I could use everyday comfortably.  It almost feels plasticky on my skin and I hate feeling like there’s something on my face.  If I can feel like it’s there, it’s not the cream for me – I’m so minimalist in terms of makeup, so while this would be good for events and whatnot where I need to go full-face makeup, it would drive me crazy pretty quickly.  I’m glad this was included so I could try it out without committing to a full size product since I was interested in giving it a go which really is the whole point of subscription boxes!
  • Vert Mont Perfumery EROS Perfume – 10 mL / $35 – (Sample is 1.5 mL, value of $5.25) At first sniff, after applying a dot of the thick perfume oil on my skin, the Jasmine jumped out at me.  Jasmine is probably my least favorite scent in the perfume world, so I was a little bummed.  Going back after a few minutes, the Jasmine faded out and let the sandalwood and Patchouli take over which made this a HUGE win for me!  The price is on par with my other favorite fragrance vendor, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and they have a sampler pack of all 9 fragrances on their website, so I might have to give those a try!
  • Metropolis Soap Co Lip Butter – .15 oz / $7 – (Sample is .15 oz, Full Value!) LOVE this!!  I’m not a big fan of mint, so I was happy to find that the spearmint is very subtle and fades away quickly with the lavender scent lingering on longer.  I really like the formula too – rich without being sticky and seems to hang around for a while.  I’m a lip balm junkie, so this is going straight into my everyday bag.  I would LOVE to see more lavender lip balms from MSC.. Lavender and vanilla maybe?  Huge fan of their products from the GoodeBox a few months ago, so this was a nice addition to the box.

The value comes out to $55.72 which is definitely on the higher end for this box!  Really incredible value, and even though I don’t like the Juice Beauty cream, I’m glad I got to try it and it really rounded out the box for a good variety of products.  LOVE the lip butter and face mask the most, and I’m eager to try out the other perfumes from Vert Mont since the EROS scent is growing on me and I’m a huge fan of essential oil perfumes already so this is right up my alley.

Sepia Saturday 271 – Horses, Rivers, Drinking


This was a pretty easy prompt for Sepia Saturday this week!  It took a few seconds of thinking to remember this photo, another from the collection of my husband’s Dutch family.  In the photo are Hilje “Hilda” Dijkema (1914-1997) and her sister, Ellechien Dijkema (1912-1974) on the horse.  The back of the photo is labelled, “Ellie en Hillie,” but has no date.  The majority of the photos in this album are from the mid to late 1930s, so I’d estimate the date around 1930 or even a hair earlier, maybe even taken around the same time as a photo from another Sepia Saturday post.  The girls look to be in their late teens and the photo was most likely taken in northern Holland around Groningen.  The girls are riding with no saddles, stirrups or anything, and in heels!  As usual, I’m curious as to who took the photo – another sister perhaps?  There are only two horses though, so maybe it was taken as they were returning home from a ride.  As far as I know the family didn’t own a farm or horses, so they were likely visiting family or friends at the time.  Whatever the circumstances, it’s a really lovely photo showing the closeness between these two sisters.  They show up in a bunch of photos toether, likely since they were only two years apart in age.  And now I’ll let this Sepia Saturday ride off into the sunset, until next week!


Spoonflower Cheater Quilt – Lesson 4

This week’s lesson for the Spoonflower Cheater Quilt is placing the blocks.  For a look back, here are the links to the previous lessons:
Lesson 1 & 2 – Link
Lesson 3 – Link

In spite of the poll very clearly going to the border I made from last week’s lesson, the design wasn’t sitting right with me.  There was too much room at the top/bottom and it looked funny with the collage blocks added in.  Something about the unused space at the top and bottom was unsettling and I didn’t like it.  I appreciate the feedback, of course, but, I gave it a week to settle in my brain and I’m really liking the polaroid option (below).  Plus, I found a cute camera fabric to work as a backing, so I sampled the blue from the backing fabric image and am using it as my background.  I think this creates a more cohesive quilt – the cameras on the backing fabric, the polaroid frames on the front.

That out of the way, Lesson 4 goes on about how to place the collage blocks and order fabric.  The fabric we designed for in the tutorials is the Organic Cotton Sateen at $27/yard (ouch).  Any other fabric though and the quilt wouldn’t have been long enough, so I get it, but the fabric is pretty expensive.  The custom quilt front I designed came with a designer discount, so that was $24.30.  The quilt label, also printed on Organic Cotton Sateen, I ordered as a test swatch (8″x8″) for $5, containing 6 labels.  The total for the fabric is $59, shipping is another $6, for a grand total of $62.30.  It’s not cheap, but for custom organic cotton fabric, I really can’t compalin.  I decided it would be easier, this being my first time around sewing a quilt, to use regular quilt binding instead of making my own which would involve ordering another whole yard of fabric.  Keep it simple, right?

So, here’s what we have, front and back and the quilt labels (my name is printed on the quilt label, but I’ve removed it here for privacy’s sake)


Make it Snappy!

Pretty excited to get the fabric!  I’m running a little behind on the tutorials since I wanted to be sure of my quilt topper design decision. No big deal though – once the fabric is here, I can get sewing right away and it should go pretty quickly!

Polaroid Frames – Fuzzimo
Label – From my own stock of family photos/postcards
Quilt Back Fabric – Make it Snappy by pennycandy

Sepia Saturday 270: Puppies, Air Crew, Hugs

When I first saw the prompt image for this week in the “Coming Soon” lineup on Sepia Saturday, I immediately knew which image to share this week.  It’s almost uncanny how similar the photos are, from the person in uniform to the dog and everything!  Unfortunately, I have no idea who the man was.  I posted on Google Plus to see if someone might be able to identify his rank and unit from the patches on his sleeve in hopes of narrowing it down.  Sure enough, a helpful community member was able to tell me he was Army, an E5 (Sergeant), and the patch was for the 3rd Army Corps.  Location?  Likely central Pennsylvania, somewhere near Clearfield or Altoona, but I can’t be sure where since there’s no identifying information on any of the photos.  A wikipedia article points to the reference that there was a 3rd Army Corps area that included Pennsylvania.  These photos were taken around 1945 (one of them is dated), so it fits the dates for the WWII organizational structure.  That same man appears in a photo with my great grandma Olga (Powis) Kitko with a very faint label on the back, “Joe thinks picture is good,” so I have to wonder if she they were perhaps romantically involved.  My grandpa Leon would’ve been 12 in 1945, and his father had disappeared shortly after he was born around 1933, but Olga’s divorce didn’t finalize till 1946.  If they were somehow involved, he didn’t stick around long since I don’t remember him and neither does my dad.  There are only a dozen or so photos of him from just around 1945.

Wouldn’t you know it though, puppies grow into dogs…  That may be the puppy’s mother though since the markings are different enough, but it’s hard to tell since puppies can grow up to look so different!



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