Sepia Saturday 328


The prompt image for this week’s Sepia Saturday was a little difficult for me – I really have nothing quite like it, so I’m reducing it to the super basic idea of two women in a photograph.  Well, I have lots of those!  This photo has a label on the back and identifies someone I haven’t been able to sort out yet.  The back has a date, August 5, 1936, and then underneath in the shaky handwriting indicative of my great grandma’s older years, it says, “Mother & Aunt Poll Creber from Canada.”  Mother would be Jessie (Battin) Powis, but I’m not sure about Poll Creber!  I know Jessie’s sister, Mary Jane Battin, married John Samuel Creber in England and then went to Canada, but none of her kids are named Poll or Polly, and none of John’s siblings are named Poll or Polly or married a woman by that name.  There’s another photo of the same two people in a larger group apparently taken at the same time, and if I were a betting woman, I say that the “Poll” here is probably Mary Jane and Olga, as an older woman, couldn’t quite remember the details.  I checked the border crossing database on and didn’t see the family there.  If they visited and arrived by car, they wouldn’t have been recorded at the border crossing in the 1930s unfortunately – it was just arrivals by sea or train.  But, based on the other photo, I think I can be pretty sure this is Mary Jane, and perhaps she went by the nickname Poll or Polly, but I hadn’t seen reference to that nickname until now.  So, I think I might have sorted out this little mystery today!

Kloverbox April 2016


April’s Kloverbox arrived today (April 29th) just before the end of the month.  They had emailed about a week ago to let subscribers know the box would be a little late, and I appreciate that!  On the other side, I feel like this box is consistently late and misses being timely for the holidays or events they’re themed on – this month it was Earth Day themed which, Earth Day was last week, April 22nd.  Still, even with the lateness, it’s been a great box, so I have a hard time faulting them for the lateness when the contents are awesome (themed or not).

  • Love Snack Pouch – set of 2 / $11.95 – (Full sized product)  AHH!  I love it.  It’s like they knew I needed something  like this.  Sometimes I’m out for photography jobs all day and need to stash a snack in my bag.  I hate using plastic baggies, so this is the answer to my situation, and I love the color they gave me, a simple navy and white stripe pattern.  I know these will be used right away!  They say they’re dishwasher safe, but it looks like they’re easy enough to clean out with sponge or towel quickly too.
  • Go Green Miracle Balm – 4 oz / $17.99 – (Full sized product)  We just had a very similar item in February, but balms like this are ones I use frequently (oh my poor dry skin), so I don’t mind to see the same product again so soon.  It doesn’t have much of a discernible scent, maybe faintly citrusy, which is fine!  It’s a rather solid balm, but it’s easy enough to scrape out a little with the top of my fingernail and smooth it on.  Just a wee pea sized amount covered my hands completely, so a little goes a long way, and it doesn’t feel greasy either.
  • Kali Organic Tampons & Wipette – 1 set / $3 – (Sample sized product)  I really don’t like getting feminine hygiene products in subscription boxes.  Hate it, even.  They can’t possibly know whether or not I have a period and what my hygiene preferences are, if I even can use tampons, and that’s just SUCH a personal thing.. I don’t know.  I have absolutely no use for these.  They’re apparently part of a subscription box for tampons and wipettes, but again, no use for that, so.. *sigh*
  • Goodnessknows Cranberry, Almond, & Dark Chocolate Snack Squares – 1 bar / $1 – (Full sized item) They’re delicious!  Looks like you can pick up an 18 count box for $21.50 on, which seems kind of expensive for a snack bar.  Still, the combination of ingredients is really delicious and I’m glad to have the chance to try them.
  • Preserve Razor – 1 set / $8.50 – (Full Size Product)  This was listed on the product card as a Kloverbox Overstock item, so it’s a little bonus from their back stock of products.  I had received this razor in another color from another box, but man, you can never have too  many razors.  I was just lamenting too that I needed a new one since the blade was going dull on the old one, so this actually comes in at just the right time.

The total of the box this month comes to $42.44 which is coming out to about average to low for this box which costs between $25 and $22.50 depending on subscription length.  It’s also a 5 item box instead of the usual four.  I’m really happy with the balm and snack pouch set, so the cost of the box is definitely covered.

Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox) Spring 2016 Bonus Box


Every once in a while, Goodbeing does this bonus boxes to clear out their inventory of old products.  Even though I cancelled, I still love these bonus boxes, so I jumped on it the second I got the email.  The box cost $20 plus $5 shipping, ten items included at least two full size.  Not a bad box!  I’d gotten everything in the box before except the Juice Beauty Moisturizer and the Gia blush, but don’t mind seeing the Balanced Guru set again – the Nourish Me oil is probably my Holy Grail as far as subscription boxes go this year.  I’ll probably be trading out/gifting the Curandera oil since I really can’t tolerate the smell.  The Natural tanner is going too (I’m fair skinned, so tan just looks silly on me), as is the Davids Toothpaste (Stevia and I DO NOT get along).  Even without those three products, the Balanced Guru set covers the $25 total cost, so I’m good with that!  Oh the blush is WAY too pink for my rosy cheeks, but I figure it can be repurposed as an eyeshadow so I’m okay with that.  Here’s a quick rundown of the contents plus values.

  • Davids Natural Toothpaste – 5.25 oz / $7.95
  • Curandera Remedies Kapalabati Cold and Sinus Oil – .5 oz / $12.50
  • Poppy & Elle Hair Ties – 3 ties / $4.20
  • SunTegrity Self Tanner – .25 oz / $1.95
  • S.W. Basics Exfoliant – .7 oz / $12
  • Gia Minerals Blush – 3 g / $18.75
  • Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer – .26 oz / $3.64
  • Balanced Guru Nourish Me Serum – 1 oz / $22.99
  • Balanced Guru Tone It Lightly – 1 oz / $9
  • Balanced Guru Face It Lightly – 1 oz / $10

The total value of the box is $102.98 which is pretty phenomenal.  Even without the three products I won’t use, I’m still at $80.58 which is a pretty good return on $25!

Sepia Saturday 327

Scan0071 Scan0071b

This week’s Sepia Saturday featured a prompt image of a young Queen Elizabeth II and her sister.  I didn’t quite have anything like it, but I do have a photo of a pair of sisters!  This is another photo from the great Red Velvet Victorian Photo Album I’ve posted about before.  I’m pretty sure the two girls are Kathleen Mary Rowe and Olga Maria Rowe.  It’s actually kind of funny – I had run a bunch of photos through Picasa in an attempt to do some facial recognition and see what turned up.  This one matched to Kate Battin, but it was much too young of a photo to be her.  Kate married a man named George Thomas Rowe and had two daughters, so I figured this must be them!  The photo does match up with photos of the girls when they were older too.  Also, Kate was the only sister who stayed in England, so all of those circumstances combine to make me pretty sure these are my girls!

The photo itself is pretty neat from the maroon colored board the photo is mounted on to the gold lettering naming the studio, H. Hayman & Son of Launceston.  The girls’ mother grew up in Lawhitton which is pretty close.  As far as a date goes, Kathleen was born in 1905 and Olga in 1903, so if they’re about 10 years old, the photo was probably taken in 1915 give or take a year or two.  The girls are wearing identical dresses and even have similar short haircuts, something I find a little odd for 1915.  Still, it’s a great photo of the two of them, and one I’m glad my great great grandmother, Jessie (Battin) Powis saved!

Sepia Saturday 326

Scan0024 Scan0017

A pretty easy prompt photo for this week’s Sepia Saturday!  The prompt photo featured a series of portraits of a baby, and boy do I have baby photos since my great-great grandmother, Jessie Battin, was apparently obsessed with baby photos!  There are a few that are identified, but many appear to be of friends – some may be family, but they’re unlabelled and baby photos can be so hard to match up to adult photos.  In the above set are two labelled photos.  On the left is Earl William Powis, born 15 October 1896 in Pennsylvania.  On the right is Olga Mary Louise Powis, born 27 August 1900 in Pennsylvania.  Even though they’re only 4 years apart, the photos were taken by different photographers and even used different gowns!  The face on poor Earl just gets me though – what a grumpy little face he has on.

Scan10111 Scan0019

While I have lots of these old baby photos, I thought I’d finish off the post with these two.  On the left is Harry Oscar Frederick “Fritz” Powis, born 1 May 1903 in Pennsylvania.  On the right is an unidentified photo of two babies who I assume would be twins!  It was probbaly taken around the same time as the others (late 1890-1910 or so) and was done at a studio in Pittsburgh, “J. H. Truxell.”  All the photos here are from different photographers around central Pennsylvania – three from Coalport and one from Pittsburgh.  So, to wrap it up, just a few old (over 100 years old!) baby photos to fit with the theme this week.