One Local Summer 2016 – Week 7


Another week of One Local Summer!  Still a little behind, but this was honestly cooked and consumed during week 7, I’m just a lazyass blogger.  Oops.  So anyway, we’re beekeepers, and this past week I robbed the hives and extracted about 30 lbs of honey from one hive which is pretty damn awesome for our first actual honey ‘harvest’ from the hives!  I was trying to figure out a way to incorporate that into the meal since honey from the beehives in your backyard is about as local as it can get when I stumbled across some recipes for honey ginger chicken.  Ginger falls under the allowable-spice-exemption clause to One Local Summer since it was used sparingly and isn’t a main feature of the meal.  The chicken was cooked with garlic scapes and set next to some roasted broccoli.  Then there’s a well overfilled bowl of salad greens, splashed with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Not bad!  I think next time, instead of cooking the chicken in a pan, I may toss that in the oven whole, then coat with the sauce and set under the broiler for a few minutes to allow the honey to caramelize a little.  The flavor didn’t come out quite as much as I had hoped, but it was still delicious!

Garlic Scapes – North Star Orchard
Broccoli – North Star Orchard
Chicken – Deep Roots Valley Farm
Lettuce – Charlestown Farm
Honey – Our Beehives
Non Local – Salt, Pepper, Ginger, Olive oil, Balsamic vinegar

Benevolent Beauty Box June 2016


My second Benevolent Beauty Box has arrived!  I have to keep reminding myself this is a beauty-only box since I’m used to boxes with a wider mix of products, but it’s actually really nice to focus on just makeup that’s cruelty free and (mostly) vegan.  I’m not a vegan myself, but when it comes to beauty products, the ingredients in vegan and cruelty-free products tend to be less irritating and easier on my skin.  Anyway!  On to the contents..

  • Mineral Hygienics Mineral Bronzer – 28 g / $20 – (Full Size Product)  I received, “Cool Kiss” which is designed for cooler skin tones.  I’m probably a warm skin tone, but I’m fair to light in terms of skin color, so this is definitely the one I’d have selected between the Cool and Warm Kiss colors.  Not pictured is the fact that it has a lockable sifter top.  It comes out a little bit peachy on my skin which actually really looks nice and isn’t too much – most bronzers tend to be far too dark for me, but this one is basically in the goldilocks “just right” zone.  There’s a very subtle shimmer too.  Also included is a coupon for 70% off a mini starter kit from Mineral Hygienics.
  • Modern Minerals Eyeshadow – 2 g / $12.50 – (Full Size Product)  The color included was, “Surya,” a shimmery bronze/copper sort of color.  The eyeshadow comes with a sifter cap (not pictured).  This seems to be the “IT” color for this summer, but it’s fine because it’s such a versatile neutral sort of shade and can be paired with lots of different colors or used alone.  It’s such a great color, and it’s a brand new color that isn’t available on the MM website yet!
  • Saturated Colour, Colour Switch – 3.5 g / $12 – (Full Size Product)  This was the spoiler product for the month. It’s a creamy white lipstick meant to be used basically like a primer to blend with other lipsticks and give you new options for old colors.  It’s really versatile – more white to really lighten the lipstick, less to make a subtle change.  Completely brilliant.  I can’t wait to try this out on some colors I didn’t really like to see what it can do.
  • Terre Mere Matte Lipstick – 4 g / $39 – (Full Size Product)  I received the color, “Someone Special,” which is a neutral sort of color that edges a bit into dusty rose or raisin territory.  More of a fall color than summer, I think, but it’s still a great lipstick.  The formula goes on with a matte finish (not shiny/glossy) but is still creamy and not drying, and is super pigmented.  Really in love with the formula, so even if the color is a wait-till-fall color, I may spring for  one of the other colors (“Backstage” may be calling my name)
  • Terre Mere Bronzer Brush – 1 brush / $34 – (Full Size Product)  Holy wow is this brush soft.  I didn’t think a synthetic brush could be this soft, but there it is!  It’s meant to go with the bronzer, and I think the shape and texture is just perfect for applying bronzer.

Total Value comes to $117.50 for a 5 item box!  The box costs $29.95 for a month-to-month subscription, so the value is pretty damn incredible, even at full price.  I’m really loving this box so far and this month was great!  I think the only brand I’d heard of and used before was Modern Minerals, so not only am I getting awesome products, but these are new brands for me too which is exactly what I want from a subscription box.  As always, looking forward to next month!

Sepia Saturday 336

Another Sepia Saturday and another chance to use one of the MANY baby photos from the family photo collection.  That giggly little baby is Elizabeth “Betsy” Dijkema, daughter of Albert Dijkema, brother to my husband’s grandmother, and Jantje Oosting.  She’s sitting in a buggy, holding on to what looks like a teddy bear hanging over the side while laundry dries on a line behind her.  This was likely taken in Holland in about the 1930s.  Pretty short and sweet this week!  I’ve actually been in contact with a daughter of Betsy’s, so it’s pretty neat to be able to connect this to a living relative in Holland.

One Local Summer 2016 – Week 6


My lazy self, alone at home, tends to keep things pretty simple when it comes to One Local Summer meals.  This is a super easy meal featuring Farro with sautéed garlic scapes and mushrooms and a little pork sausage.  Nothing fancy, but sometimes keeping the ingredient list short means the individual ingredients really get to shine, plus it’s much easier in the heat of the summer to cook something that isn’t so complicated.  Short and sweet for week 6, even a little late, but I swear I’ll be caught up as of tomorrow!

Farro – North Star Orchard
Garlic Scapes – North Star Orchard
Mushrooms – Oley Valley Mushrooms
Pork sausage – Countrytime Farm
Non Local – Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper

Sepia Saturday 335


When I sat down to write this today, I had selected a photo weeks ago and popped it into #335’s folder.  It’s no yawning koala bear like the prompt image for Sepia Saturday, but for whatever reason, the drowsy look on the faces of this couple was the first thing in my mind when I saw the prompt photo.  Sometimes you just go with the feeling of a photo instead of going deep into the finer details.  So, I opened up my WordPress new post editor and got to work, thinking I should probably do some research on who these folks were before putting up another, “Hey it’s a great photo, but I have no idea about the people!” sort of post.

Yet again, Sepia Saturday leads me to filling in some gaps on the family tree.  Extended, adopted family tree, but I now have a clear connection to these folks that I didn’t know about before!


As you can see on the back of the photo postcard is written, “Mr & Mrs Bob Chilton.”  It doesn’t look like Olga’s writing, so I’m guessing this is the handwriting of Jessie (Battin) Powis, my 2x great-grandmother.  This photo has been on my radar for a while since the name isn’t familiar in the family or from the area in general.  I had tried to do a little research a while back, but came up kind of empty since Bob Chilton is a common enough name and I had other photos with more of a lead to work on.  I logged into and tried to see if I could find a death certificate for a Bob or Robert Chilton since I have to assume he lived near my 2x great grandparents in Clearfield County, PA.  BINGO!  I found a death certificate ( link) for Thomas Robert Chilton who died in Ginter, Clearfield County, PA on 18 September 1938.  His parents are listed as Benjamin Chilton and Sarah Ann Powis.  Sarah Ann Powis.  And he was born in England.. Hannng on a minute!

My 2x great-grandfather is Alfred Powis who was born Alfred Jackson on 26 April 1859 in Walsall, Staffordshire, England, and came to the USA in 1872.  Alfred’s biological mother didn’t list his father’s name on his birth certificate and Alfred shows up on the 1861 census as a “Visitor” with Thomas Powis and Margaret Collings who apparently adopted him and brought him over to the USA.  Thomas Powis’ parents were Thomas Powis and Sarah Ferriday.

Getting back to our dear Mr. Bob Chilton.  Bob Chilton’s parents, as listed on his death certificate, were Benjamin Chilton and Sarah Ann Powis.  I managed to find a marriage record for Sarah and Benjamin for 26 Mar 1849 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England listing Sarah Ann’s father as Thomas Powis ( link).  Well, that’s good enough for me.  I already knew from a census rcord for Thomas Powis the younger (Alfred’s adoptive father) that he had a sister named Sarah Ann, so the pieces fell neatly into place.  To seal the deal, there was even a passport application online ( link) with a photo of Thomas Robert Chilton which absolutely without a doubt matched my photo.

As for Mrs. Bob Chilton, her name is Hannah Elizabeth Fry.  Once Bob’s story fell into place, I found her Find A Grave entry giving us her birth/death dates and parents’ names.

If that left you with your head spinning, here’s a screenshot from to show the relationship.  Remember that Alfred J Powis is my 2x great-grandfather and while his parents are not his biological parents, they adopted him and cared for him, so his adoptive family factored into his life likely more than his biological family ever did.


Whew!  So how’s that for a long post?!  In poking around on, it looks like lots of other members have Bob as having died in 1913, but I don’t think that’s correct at all.  All it takes is one person to post an erroneous fact, then it slowly cascades through other trees as people save it to theirs without fact-checking.  I have a pretty high degree of certainty that I have everything correct here since all my pieces fit together well, plus, it would make sense for Alfred to have a photo of his (adoptive) cousin who lived nearby.  Anyway, that’s that, and I’m feeling rather pleased with myself for having sorted out this mystery today!

EDIT 9:04 pm EDT: Turns out, I have even more evidence this is the right guy!  I found this ( link) 1871 England census showing Thomas R Chilton living with Thomas Powis, Margaret Collings and Alfred Powis.  So, there you have it!  The boys definitely spent some time living together and probably had a closer connection than I thought at first!