Not Just Boring Dude Socks

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A friend was back at the sock designing board and needed another test knit, this time for socks for men.  The husband has repeatedly refused my offers to knit socks for him, but let’s be fair, he wears t-shirts all year round and is ALWAYS too warm.  Knit socks are not really what he needs, but he did request an awesome pair of mittens that I’ll get to in another post, soon.

Anyway, on to the Dude Socks!  I had to figure out who to knit for, so I opened up a post on Google+.  A bunch of guys responded, willing to be test subjects (and enthusiastic about hand-knit socks which was SO neat to see), so I random-number-generatored a winner who just happened to be friend and almost-neighbor, Steve.  Steve gave me his foot measurements and I set off knitting the large size.  After quick test-fit when the first sock was almost done, I managed to finish the pair in 8 days!  Super quick knit, really squishy and stretchy, and the sizes fit anyone from a small woman’s foot to a large man’s foot with plenty of ease.  Steve has already worn them a bunch of times which of course made me happy because every knitter wants to hear that their hard work is much appreciated and loved.  The pattern went live on Ravelry recently, and the details are below.

Pattern: Not Just Boring Dude Socks
Designer: Corrine Walcher
Needles: US 2 (2.75 mm)
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential in “Sarge”
-Ravelry Project Link-

Sepia Saturday 255: Children, train sets, crafts, silhouettist, dogs, family groups

For many of the prompt images for Sepia Saturday, I see the image and immediately think of a photo that fits.  This one was a little more difficult.  I have no artists like Eveline Maydell in my tree (that I know of) and no photos that jumped out at me as having the same feel.  The one below kind of came close to the feel of the photo, even though mine is a perfectly posed family photo.  It’s a bit of a departure from the prompt image, but it’s still Sepia and Saturday!


The image is just about an 8×10, mounted on heavy boad with the photographer’s studio name embossed in gold, “Lipp Studio,” in Philadelphia, PA.  The studio doesn’t exist anymore, but even without that hint, my great grandma Olga labelled the photo, “Mother’s sister, husband, Maurice & Gordon, Shugg Family.”  Bessie looked much the same throughout her life, so it’s been pretty easy to pick out photos that she’s in anyway, and this is no exception.  Bessie Battin was born in Lawhitton, Cornwall, England in 1870.  After marrying Arnold Shugg in 1900, she came to the US with her husband and two children in 1911, almost 20 years after her sister (my 2nd great grandmother Jessie) arrived.  They settled in Philadelphia, PA about a 5 hour drive away from where Jessie and her family lived.  The sisters appeared to have kept in close contact, exchanging photos over the years, and Jessie’s daughter Olga even visited Philadelphia to see Maurice Shugg and his wife, Mildred Pruden.  Marurice (the older boy in the photo) and Mildred never had children, but Gordon (the younger boy) had a child, Mary, who married Joseph Delphidio.  I don’t have a lot of information on the descendants of Bessie and Arnold, but I apparently have a few fourth cousins floating around somewhere, related via Bessie.

As for the book Bessie is holding, all I can make out is that it says, “Record,” on the front and is very well worn.  As far as a date goes, Gordon was born in 1905, and they arrived in 1911, so something like 1915 sounds about right.  If you happen to stumble across this photo and are related to the Shugg family, please get in touch!


One Local Summer 2014 – Meal 22


TWENTY TWO!  Yeah, that’s a lot of orange on that plate (Heyooo Dutch reference again), but it’s delicious orange!  The plate contains a pork butt steak with steamed carrots, mashed sweet potatoes, and a chunk of delicious Fat Cat Cheese.  Mmmm root vegetables and meat, all washed down with a glass of sweet apple cider.  Husband braved the chill outside to cook the pork on the grill after it was rubbed with a sweet and spicy rub which, while the rub isn’t made from locally sourced ingredients, it is blended by a local woman, so I’ll count it as a partial win.  This is probably one of our favorite cuts of pork because it’s easier to grill up and still keep it tender and juicy.  Pork goes from edible to rubber quickly if you’re not careful with the temperature, but the butt steaks seem more forgiving.  It was devoured quickly, but there was enough steak and vegetables for some leftovers.

Just a quick note too, the cheese maker, Birchrun Hills, has started a Kickstarter to help them “Raise a Cave” at their farm.  They’re currently renting space at another facility to make their cheeses which isn’t incredibly cost or time effective.  We love these folks SO much and enjoy supporting local agriculture, and hope you might consider sending a few dollars their way!  It’s always great to see Sue at our local farmers market, and we’d love to see this succeed.  Also, if you haven’t yet been able to find their Smoked Blue Cheese, you aren’t really living.  Honest.

Sweet Potatoes – Jack’s Farm
Carronts – North Star Orchard
Apple Cider – North Star Orchard
Pork Butt Steak – Countrytime Farm
Cheese – Birchrun Hills
Milk – Camphill Kimberton
Non Local – Salt, Pepper

Square Hue November 2014


In the September Goodebox there was a full-size Square Hue polish.  While I wasn’t too keen on the color, I really liked the formula (covered in two coats, long lasting, five-free).  There was a special offer for a special treat, so I figured hey, why not give it a shot?  This is my first month.  Couple of things I didn’t know and weren’t made entirely clear when I signed up.  The spoiler image for the next month contains the colors that will be in the next box.  Had I realized that and seen the image, I probably wouldn’t have signed on for that month.  The next month’s box is billed around the 3rd or 4th day of the month prior (So, December is billed November 4th).  If you don’t remember to check the spoiler image and cancel before that date, you’re in for a box you might not want depending on the colors involved.  I wish they would email a day or two before billing with the spoiler image so that you have a chance to opt in or out of the next month’s shipment.  Anyway, November’s theme is Prague!  Having been to Prague, these were not at all the colors I imagined and I was pretty disappointed with the dark, grey and gloomy colors selected.  When I think of Prague, I see red tile roofs against the green copper patina spires and domes of churches all sitting above white and cream colored buildings.

  • ParizskaMicro Glitter, right – It’s basically a cream grey with silver glitter added in which means after two coats, it’s lumpy and bumpy from the glitter underneath and is almost  like one of those Sugar Coat nail polishes.  It drives me crazy.  I like the idea though of adding glitter to a cream polish, but it just doesn’t work for me.
  • Vaclavske NamestiShimmer, left – I actually kinda like this one.  It’s a deep plum color with a hint of shimmer and is great for winter parties.
  • Na Prikope – High Gloss Creme, center – The color is just horrendous and looks a little like mossy concrete.  This isn’t at all something I can wear and will probably trade off to someone who does like it.


A second box?  Yep, that’s the bonus special treat!  One of the prior months’ boxes packed up and shipped out in addition to your monthly order which makes six polishes for $19.99 including shipping.  I received the August 2014 box with the Beverly Hills collection.  I’d already received Rodeo Drive as my sample in the Goodebox and really don’t like the color at all, so I was kinda bummed to now have two of the same polish that I don’t like.

  • Rodeo Drive – Micro Glitter, right – It’s just such an odd hue – somewhere between brown and pink and I really hated the way it looked.  Any other color, and this would’ve been a great polish.
  • Cannon Drive – Micro Shimmer, left – I have to admit that I like this one – it’s a light, shimmery not-quite-pastel violet and is a fun color.
  • Wilshire Boulevard – Micro Shimmer, center – Absolutely my favorite of all six.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE blue and this is a shimmery royal blue that’s just the kind of color I like to wear, and I have nothing like it at all in my collection of blue polish.  I can see this being a new go-to favorite.

All in all, it’s a great deal for a first order, and then if you keep on top of things, you can suspend and reactivate your account when the spoiler image has colors you like.  I don’t need three new nail polishes every month, but I could see doing this a few times a year for a treat.

Sepia Saturday 254: Couples, Clinches, Crossings, Hitching a Ride


This was as close as I could come to the prompt image for this week’s Sepia Saturday.  A man helps a woman steady herself next to a waterfall!  It doesn’t look like they were crossing the falls, maybe just standing near it for the photo, but it’s still a great image.  We don’t know who this is for sure, but I have to assume it’s someone related via my husband’s paternal grandmother Hilje “Hilda” (Dijkema) Jaarsma.  I have a hunch, based on another photo that’s labelled, that the woman may be one of her aunts (either Ellechien VanEerden or Gertrudia Dijkema Visser).  It’s really hard to tell, and of course none of hte photos are labelled.  No clues on the man though.  I don’t think Ellechien was married, so it points to this more likely being Gertrudia, but then again I could be completely wrong on all accounts!  It was likely taken in Holland, sometime around 1935.  A quick search, and it looks a lot like the Sonsbeek Waterfall in Arnhem!


This appears to be the same man and woman as above.  If you look closely, you can see the man is holding a walking stick behind his back, possibly the same one he had in the photo at the top.  Again, I can’t verify anything about the photo, but hey, it’s a crossing, even if assisted by a bridge.  I thought the bridge may have been unique enough to turn up in a google search, but I’d searched for it for a while and came up empty.  Then, after stumbling across the image for the photo above, I found it’s a bridge in the same park (Park Sonsbeek) in Arnhem!  So, now I’ve got the where, but still no who!  Maybe if one of Wessel Visser’s relatives happens to stumble across this blog, they be able to confirm or disprove my theory.  Wouldn’t that be great!  So, yet another Sepia Saturday that brings me a new snippet of information through careful examination of old, unlabeled photos.