Sepia Saturday 262: The law, trials, photographs with writing on them


I decided to go with photos with writing on them since I have no photos of the other parts of the theme and these have been bugging me for quite some time!  They’re glued (securely) to a black construction paper type paper inside a small album that was once my great grandma Olga’s photo album.  Two different girls, and for a date, it could be somewhere in the 1930s or 1940s based on where they are in the album and who’s in the pages before and after.  I’ve long suspected these may be two of my great grandmother’s cousins or their cousins’ children.  There’s really no one in the Battin family that fits the dates well with two girls in the family, so I’m still pretty stumped.  Either way, someone was corresponding with my great grandma Olga Powis with inscriptions on the photos saying, “Wishing for your company all by myself,” and, “Greeting from an old pal,” and, “Sitting pretty all by herself.”  The center and right photo look to be taken on the same set of steps too.  So, still a mystery, but a set of nice photos for a Sepia Saturday.

Sepia Saturday 261: Unflattering portraits, hair, more hair, lockets, medical illustrations

Scan00010080 Scan00010082

It was a little bit of an odd image for the prompt since it’s not really sepia, but an illustration but it made for a good challenge to match up a photo!  I’ve picked out these two because they were right next to eachother in the album and I’d love to know more about them but haven’t found too much.  They seem to be some sort of instant photo like those from photobooths or something like that.  For a date, I’d say something around 1930 or thereabouts based on the age of the other photos in the album near that page.  They were both definitely taken in Holland and I doubt either woman left The Netherlands.  They’re not incredibly flattering, or about as flattering as an instant photo can be.  The photos are only about an inch wide by 1.5 inches high and are on a heavy cardboard material.  The lettering at the top appears to be part of the backdrop in the photo booth, and there’s a metal hand holding a card with a number, presumably to help identify the image upon pickup.

On the left is Ellechien VanEerden, born 17 November 1876 and died 15 March 1945 in Holland (around Groningen).  It doesn’t appear that she ever married, but she was the sister of my husband’s maternal great grandmother.

On the right is Gertrudia “Grace” Dijkema who married Wessel Visser.  Gertrudia was born 13 September 1886 in Hoogezand, Netherlands and died in 1922 (date unsure).  She was the sister of my husband’s maternal great grandfather.  I don’t know too much about her, but it’s nice to have a photo that was labelled!

So, two ladies from two sides of the same tree!  I have to admit a fondness for these tiny little photos since they were probably taken spur of the moment, not in best-clothes and aren’t entirely perfect – a little blurry and damaged.  Still, a blurry and damaged photo is better than none at all, so I’m glad they’re still around!


Sepia Saturday 260: Bikes, tents, music, hats, flags


What a prompt to start the new year!  The photo has bunches of possible themes, but I went with another band photo that I’d previously posted about here.  The band in question is the Blain City Band from about 1917 as photographed by J. B. Bateman of Bellwood, PA.  Great grandma Olga labelled the photo in her later years with the approximate date and it would line up with her brother Alfred Herbert Powis right before he left for WWI.  Alfred Herbert Powis is likely the gent in the front, seated, with the full mask and trumpet.  We know he was a trumpet player and none of the other men look like him.  In his obituary, it’s noted,

Deceased was of a quiet and peaceable, charitable disposition and a great lover of home. He had numerous friends who mourn his untimely death, a death which was contracted in the service of his country. He gave his life in the defense of liberty and the preservation of a Christian civilization. Deceased was a member of Orpheus Band of Blain City until compelled by sickness to relinquish what was one of his chief delights. He was a member of the Loyal Order of Moose, Coalport Lodge No. 350; also a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Patton Aerie No. 1244. The interment service of the Loyal Order of the Moose was conducted at the home.

He was a pretty busy fellow involved in a number of organizations.  He passed away on July 6, 1926 at age 33, allegedly having brought back some sort of illness from World War I.  His death certificate lists cause of death as Pulomary Tuberculosis.  The family kept a number of his posessions that we found recently in a box – notably his helmet and gas mask – and never quite recovered from his passing so young.  His wife, Goldie, never remarried either and the only child they had together only lived for two days.  Pretty sad story to start the new year, but a great photo to share for the theme.


2014 Blogging Year in Review

Year in Review

Here goes!  Click through to the Full Report from WordPress and you can see on the chart where I started Sepia Saturday because there’s a post (almost) every Saturday.  Personally, 2014 was a rough year – the loss of my grandfather, husband’s uncle, some uncertainty with husband’s employment situation.  I guess that doesn’t sound like a lot of awful stuff, but it feels like it’s been a very off year, mostly because a lot of the difficult stuff happened VERY recently.  Focusing on the good, we had wonderful vacations in New Hampshire and Scotland, went to and worked a beautiful wedding, I had lots of photography jobs, and our dogs are still in good health for being 11 years old.  There was knitting and homebrew, family and friends, genealogy discoveries and visits with relatives near and far, raucous games of Cards Against Humanity and lots of laughter.

So, 2014?  It’s been swell, but here’s to a brighter 2015.

Goodebox January 2014


The January Goodebox arrived yesterday, before January even began which was a pleasant surprise!  They’re ahead of the game, and this box? KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK.  This is one of the best boxes, IMHO, in a while and I’m super psyched about it.  The box overview card mentions ringing in a new year with new beginnings and fresh starts which I think they’ve been able to pull off in spectacular fashion with this box.

  • Soapbox African Black Soap – 4 oz / $4.99 – (Sample is full size, value of $4.99) I could smell this before I even opened the box and it’s this wonderful clean scent.  I love using charcoal based soap for my face, so this is a welcome product at a great price.  The soap lathers up nicely and has a slight grey tinge to the lather, but neither the color nor the scent remain behind and wash away cleanly.  I really like using a basic bar soap to wash my face, so this is absolutely perfect.
  • Eslor Botanical Peeling Gel – 60 mL / $38 – (Sample is 15 mL, value of $9.50) I’ve never used anything like this before, but it sounds like part mask, part exfoliator.  It pumps out like a thick aloe vera gel (which is also the main ingredient) and after about 5-10 minutes, the gel is supposed to melt into the skin and liquify, but I found that it dried on my skin and when rubbed as directed it felt a little like an oil.  It rinsed away clean and didn’t leave my face feeling dry or greasy, so that’s good!  I didn’t notice much of an exfoliating effect, but it seems to be much more gentle than a coarse salt or sugar scrub.  Might be good to alternate with a coarser scrub (coarse scrub one week, this product the next).
  • Earthwise Beauty Green Leaves & Co. Facial Oil – 30 mL / $30 – (Sample is about 8 mL, value of about $8) Smells like herbal tea and fresh herbs.  I’m not entirely sold on the scent – I’m not sure if it’s the rosemary or basil or what that’s throwing me off, but it smells odd to me – I wish the lavender did more to overpower the other herbs.  I did give this a go and the scent is kind of strong and really really not my thing but it immediately made my face feel soft and smooth.  I’m torn between loving this for what it does and not liking the scent.  A small bit goes a very long way too, so the value is pretty good.  The small 8 mL container will easily last me somewhere around 10 or more applications.
  • Palmetto Derma Retinol & Peptide Infused Eye Lifting Cream – 35 mL / $68 – (Sample is 5 mL, value of $9.70) The product card says it’s great for smoothing wrinkles anywhere, so if it irritates my eyes, it’ll be worth a try on my forehead.  I don’t use any wrinkle-reducing or anti-aging products in my daily routine so this is a fn sample to have.  I gave this a try and it didn’t seem to bother my sensitive eyes at all.  We’ll have to see if it makes a difference after a few uses!
  • Della Travel Bag – 8.5″ x 5″ / $24 – (Sample is full size, value of $24)  LOVE the bag, not entirely fond of the colors (Ugghh it’s a hot pink design and I hate pink).  I can only find ones with vegan leather accents on their site which I really don’t like either.  I’d love to be able to find this same bag in another print though (anyone wanna swap?!) because it’s a great size and fully lined.  I do love their headbands, but hey, Della!  List some more prints/travel bags on your website!  Willing shopper, right here!

The box comes up to a total value of $56.19!  Even without the travel bag, the other products are worth $32.19 which still well more than covers the cost of the box.  The products are mostly face products, but they can all be used in order (soap, peeling gel, lifting cream, and facial oil) in one evening facial care routine which is fun.  Even if the samples mostly aren’t things I’d end up buying, the point of the box is to try new things I wouldn’t have found or tried othewise which is exactly what happened this month, so I’m pleased!