Petit Vour April 2015

April’s Petit Vour arrived today, and unfortunately, I’m disappointed in this month’s box.  I really wish they had a color preference section in their beauty profile because then I’d be able to tell them that I HATE HATE HATE pink.  One simple change and I would’ve been pretty pleased with this box!  As it stands, the nail polish is an absolutely hideous color to me and one I’d never wear, and it would’ve been nice to have the sponge in a not-pink color (I saw on instagram, folks were posting green nail polish, and green sponges, so, it’s possible).  I received the Suntegrity sample in the Goodebox this month, so the only thing left are the two towelettes which don’t amount to all that much.  This one was a complete miss for me, and it was mostly due to the color which is silly, but c’mon Petit Vour, how hard is that to add to the beauty profile?  Not every woman likes pink – I find the whole pinkifying everything for women really abhorrent (I do not want or need a pink power drill, the orange and black one is just fine) and as a result, absolutely loathe the color.  Anyway, on to the contents.

  • Lauren B Nail Polish – .5 oz / $18 – (Sample is full size, full value)  I received color, “#ImSoLA.”  Going back to the whole pink thing I mentioned above, this is a nope for me.  I’ll pass this off to a friend, but this is seriously the world’s worst color for me ever.  I understand other people might love it, but this is not at all my thing.  Give me green, blue, a bold red, a nice neutral.. ANYTHING but pink.  This is also on the high end in terms of price for a 5-free polish, so it’s probably not a polish I’d buy anyway.
  • Konjac Sponge – 1 Sponge / $12 – (Sample is full size, full value)  I received the Pink Clay version for “tired or devitalised skin.”  The Green or Red versions probably would’ve been a better fit for my skin type.  Plus, Pink.. again.  But hey, I tried it out because it was in the box, so why not?  It feels slimy when it’s fully hydrated and didn’t do anything to exfoliate.  I think my cotton washcloth (maybe even my bare hands too) is more abrasive than this!  My skin didn’t feel softer or any different than before use, I still had all the same blackheads, so I’m not impressed.  It also seems wasteful in comparison to a washcloth that you toss in the washer and use over and over again – the sponge is only good for up to three months.  The string included on the product just got in the way so I snipped that off and let it air dry on a clean soap dish.  For exfoliation, I still prefer rougher salt/sugar scrubs once a week instead of something like this, so while it was fun to try, it’s not something I’d add to my routine.
  • Suntegrity BB Cream – 1.7 oz / $45 – (Sample is .25 oz, value of $6.65 by volume, or sample tube on website is $4.95)  I received this in the April 2015 Goodebox in the same color, so I’ll point you over there.  I tried it out on a sunny afternoon and still got sunburnt (after 2pm), so I’m even less impressed than I was before.  I don’t have super fair skin and don’t burn all that easily in the first place, so it was basically like using nothing.  I’d definitely prefer this to not be tinted and just be a sunblock/moisturizer.
  • Box Naturals Luxe Towelettes – 12 Towelettes / $9 – (Sample is 2 towelettes, value of $1.50)  The product card says they can be used for, “freshening up down there,” but it is NEVER a good idea to use anything scented down there.  I’ll use them, probably on my face, but it’s not something I feel the need to keep around for “freshening up.”  I’ll wash my face or take a shower if I need freshening up!

Total value comes to around $36.50 which is about mid range for this box.  For me, the value is MUCH lower since I won’t be keeping the nail polish and already had (and don’t like) the Suntegrity sample, so I’ll pass this unused one off to someone else.  That leaves me $13.50 worth of things I’ll actually use (once the sponge has hit the end of its lifecycle, I won’t be getting another) which doesn’t even cover the cost.  It’s inevitable that there are going to be some fails now and again, and for me, this is definitely one of them.

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