Kloverbox November 2015


This box arrived just before Thanksgiving, much earlier than the boxes arrive most months which was a really nice surprise!  Unfortunately the box just wasn’t “me” at all.  I’m not an inspirational quotes and flowers kind of gal, so this one missed the mark for me personally.  It’s still got a great value, but out of the whole box, I’ll probably only use the toner – all the other items will go to others as gifts which I guess, in a roundabout way, the recipients will  be thanksful for, so mission accomplished for the theme of the box in the long run.

  • MudLove Thankful Bracelet – 1 bracelet / $8 – (Full sized item)  I like the idea and it fits the “Giving Thanks” theme of the box, but it’s just not me.  Like I mentioned above, I’m not an inspirational quotes sort of gal – I’m more of a realist, and I don’t feel it’s necessary to wear slogans like this in order to be thankful, as the bracelet says.  I do love the company’s commitment to clean water and definitely respect that they donate part of their proceeds to a valuable charity.
  • Love Bottle – 1 bottle / $16-25 – (Full sized item)  Great idea, but again the design is SO not to my style.  Inspirational message and flowers?  No thanks!  The product card lists the value as $12, but I couldn’t find any $12 bottles on the site – the lowest price ones are $16 with the USA Bottles coming in at $25.  I do REALLY like the Honey design bottle since we’re beekeepers, so I may have to take advantage of the discount code and get one I like!
  • Meraki Botanicals Sage Orange Deodorant – 2 oz / $10 – (Full sized product)  Oh boy, here we go again.  I’ve ranted enough about the ineffectiveness of natural deodorants, I really don’t feel like I need to go into it again.  Suffice to say, they don’t work for me and I have absolutely no use for them especially after I broke out into a spectacular rash the last time I tried one.  I’m over it and done with these.  So, this is a complete loss for me.  I have gotten items from Meraki Botanicals before and love their face oils, but I can’t at all use a natural deodorant – it’s only a wee smidge better than going out with no deodorant whatsoever, they’re just that useless against my body chemistry.
  • q.c. naturals Timmy’s Toner – 4 oz / $16.50 – (Full sized product)  I’ll admit I was skeptical at first – vinegar in a toner?  But hey, no alcohol, so that’s a huge plus.  So, after trying it?  I actually really like this!  The toner does smell like vinegar and tea tree oil mostly, but the scent doesn’t stick around, and it made my face feel rather nice and soft.  Somehow my face feltfelt oil free, but not dried out like most toners.  I think this might be the first toner I’ve actually liked enough to consider purchasing again!

The overall value of the box comes to $46.50 to $59.50 depending on how you count the water bottle.  The only thing I’m keeping is the toner which doesn’t quite cover the cost of the box this month.  There are always going to be hits and misses, and I’ll admit that I’m probably not their average customer since I list recycling AND heavy metal music among my likes.  Looking forward to see what December’s Kloverbox brings!

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