Benevolent Beauty Box May 2016


This is a new subscription for me, the Benevolent Beauty Box!  The first ever box from this company went out last month, so this is their second ever box.  I’m pretty impressed with the value and products they included!  My box arrived Tuesday, May 31st, right at the end of the month as specified.  The box arrived un-taped – there was a shipping label on the bottom, but the top wasn’t taped closed.  Fortunately, nothing escaped from the box!  Inside was a large product sheet with product information and retail values as well as where to find the companies online (websites, twitter, instagram, facebook, etc).  On to the contents!

  • Bellapierre HD Makeup Primer – 30 mL / $75 – (Full size product, caveat on value is that it sells for around $30 on amazon)  The ingredients are mostly silicones, and unfortunately, I noticed that it has an ingredient I know irritates my eyes, cyclopentasiloxane.  I think as long as I keep it away from my eyes, it’ll be fine, and I’ll basically not have to buy any sort of primer for the near future since this is HUGE!  It goes on like silk and feels nice and matte to create a good base for makeup.
  • Cailyn Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint – 3.5 g / $19 – (Full size product)  The color I received is, “Hospitable,” a pale dusty rose sort of color.  This absolutely isn’t my sort of thing at all between the color and formula. I gave it a quick try and once it dried, it dried REALLY durable, so durable that I had a hard time removing it between using an oil based makeup remover and finally giving in to a sugar scrub to basically exfoliate it off.  The color is absolutely terrible on me – it ends up fairly closely matching my summer skin color and nearly completely erases the line between my lips and my skin.  On top of that, the formula sinks into every crack and line in my lips and it looks weird to me.  So, this is just not a product I like from the color to the formula.  In a way, I’m glad I got to try it because now I know for sure, but oh man it’s just not me at all.
  • Gourmet Body Treats Agrimony Eye Cream – .25 oz / $18 – (Full size product)  Okay, so the size on the website says it’s .25 oz, but the size on the container says .5 oz.  I calculated out the volume (hi, I’m a nerd) and it comes out to .25 oz.  The container may be a .5 oz container, but it’s only half full (which is normal for this type of container), so I’m leaning towards this being .25 oz despite the information on the sticker.  The ingredient list is nice and simple, and even if I’m skeptical that it will have an effect on my dark circles and lines, it’s not something that can do any harm, so I’m okay giving it a try!  There’s no discernible scent, though it is a little greasy and is probably best for using overnight rather than during the day.
  • Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm Lipstick – 3.6 g / $22 (Full size product, value given in product card is $10)  I received the color, “Try to be Nice,” in my box which is a cool lilac purple color.  I couldn’t find these on the Trust Fund website at all!  The color might be a little too purple and pastel for me – just a little bit back to red and this would’ve been a nice rich berry, perfectly up my alley.  But purple?  I think that might be a little outside of my color spectrum comfort zone when it comes to lipstick shades.  I think maybe it clashes with my skin tone since I’ve got pretty rosy cheeks and the cool tone of the lipstick just doesn’t look right next to that.  The verdict is out as of yet – I can still use this over lipsticks that are more red or bring it up with a red tinted gloss, so it’s not a total loss I think.  I do like the creamy formula, and it does have a nice scent, smelling sort of fruity and sweet.
  • Vapour Organic Mesmerize Eyeliner – .8 g / $20 – (Full size product)  I received the color, “Truffle,” a medium brown.  One end is a pencil that glides on easily and smoothly, and the other end is a smudger tip.  The ingredient list is a perfect, super simple list of oils and waxes which means this won’t irritate my sensitive eyes and is easy to remove.

The value comes out to a whopping $154 for this 5-item box!!  The box costs $29.95 for a single month with discounts for longer subscriptions which means this is an incredible value even at full price.  I probably would’ve liked to have seen something else for variety’s sake instead of getting two lip products in the same box, especially since the one just doesn’t work for me at all.  The rest of it is pretty awesome though, and even if I’m not 100% sold on the Trust Fund color, I do like the formula and may spring for one in a color that better suits me (however, I can’t find them on the Trust Fund website).  Looking forward to see what next month brings!

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