Kloverbox January 2017

Another Kloverbox, this one the first of the new year!  The product card in the box said that January’s box was, “all about letting go of 2016 and starting 2017 looking and feeling your best!”  It definitely seems to focus on dental health, and it’s actually nice to see a grouping of these three products that work well together!

  • Natural Annie Essentials Happy Edges – 1 oz / $14 – (Product is full size)  This is meant to be used on dry scalp patches, especially around the edges of your hair line.  It’s like they knew I needed this!  My scalp gets crazy dry during the winter and I’ve tried all manner of remedies to help keep it from turning into a desert.  The only thing I’m not sure of is the roller ball applicator – I think I’d have preferred a dropper or something like an eye dropper bottle instead.  The roller ball doesn’t seem to roll well around my hair line, so the product doesn’t come out and distribute itself very easily.  I do like the light herbal scent, and a scalp oil is right up my alley.
  • Balipura Auric Spray – 3.4 oz / $25 – (Product is full size)  Okay, so I’m not quite sold on the whole energy field stuff that they mention on the website, but the spray is basically made up of water, alcohol and essential oils (cinnamon bark and pink grapefruit), so it works as a room spray even if I don’t buy into the woo.  It smells nice – the cinnamon is earthy and not “hot” like cinnamon scents can get – and I can see using this as a pillow spray before bed sort of like an aromatherapy thing.
  • Humble Brush – 1 brush / $5.99 – (Product is full size)  It’s a bamboo toothbrush with nylon bristles, and with every purchase, one brush is donated to a child in need.  I already gave this a test spin, and it’s just like every other toothbrush I’ve used except it’s biodegradable.
  • Eco Dent Gentle Floss – Travel Size / $3.79 – (Product is Travel Size)  Vegan dental floss that’s waxed with vegan waxes.  It’s a bit smaller than regular floss, so it doesn’t get stuck as much.  The packaging is all cardboard, so it’s completely recyclable too.
  • Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse – 4 oz / $5.49 – (Product is 4 oz)  I gave this a try, and while I like the idea, I can’t say I’m all that impressed.  The taste is terrible, probably from the Peroxide.  You’re supposed to swish the rinse first, then brush, then spit, so it’s neat that it’s one product that does two things, but I didn’t feel like it’s something I’d continue using since the taste was really that awful to me.  It would make a lot of sense as something to bring camping or where you might not have running water available, but I’ll stick to my regular toothpaste.

Overall, the value of the box comes to $54.27 which is great for a box that costs $25 on a month-to-month basis!  I’m not completely sold on the vegan oral care stuff, but they were all fun to try, and it’s always neat to learn about products that might be better than what you’re using now.  These didn’t quite do that for me, but they’re all things I may not have had a chance to try otherwise.  I do like the Happy Edges the most out of this box, and the Auric Spray I’ll still use as a room spray or pillow spray.  Looking forward to February’s box!

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