Espionage Cosmetics Nexus OP May 2017

This is the second round of Nexus OP, a special, randomly spawning exclusive set of nerdy nail wraps.  The first was Harry Potter themed, so I skipped that one since I’m just not into Harry Potter, but this time around the hints all pointed to Supernatural, so I was definitely in!  This round featured two nail wraps to fit the theme.  They arrived in a gold bubble mailer, and both wraps were inside that shiny gold bag inside the mailer.

Seraphim – This is a glossy nail wrap with a glow in the dark accent.  The design has Castiel with his signature trench coat and tie on one wrap and his wings on the rest.  The glow in the dark accent has a little piece of pie and print that says, “Where’s the pie?”  Honestly, these are perfect for a Castiel themed nail wrap!  I do wish the trench coat wrap was one or two spots down (to fit a smaller nail) since the size it’s on is one of the sizes I usually skip.  I can still trim it down to fit another nail without sacrificing the design, so it’s easy enough to make it work.

Sigils & Wards – Another glossy nail wrap with glow in the dark accents, but this one features a bunch of sigils and wards used in Supernatural.  The background is a black to burgundy ombre and the design is printed in white that also glows in the dark.  It’s one of those subtle nerdity designs that I love.  You wouldn’t know these were Supernatural related unless you recognized some of the symbols.

The cost of the Nexus OP is $25 plus shipping.  If you’re already a subscriber to the monthly Nexus shipments, you get 50% off which for me, brough the total to $16.50 including shipping.  Each nail wrap usually costs $10 on the website (I think it’s $12 if it’s a licensed design), so as a subscriber, this was well worth the cost!  The regular monthly Nexus is fun because the themes are wide-ranging, but the OP themes are going to be fandom-based, so it’s a neat bonus to add on to the regular subscription.  I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for the next time the “Golden Glow” activates on the EC website!

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