One Local Summer 2012 – Week 21


Just something simple for this week.  I’ve had an overload of tomatoes and STILL zucchini from the garden, so I figured I’d go with it.  The sauce is the 4th batch from the tomatoes we grew, and the zucchini, I can’t even count how many pounds I’ve eaten this year, not to mention the pounds of zucchini that I’ve given to friends and neighbors!  The pasta is home made, using the same recipe I always use – 1 cup flour to 1/4th cup liquid (water in this case).  With this post, I’m finally caught up on my backlog of posts and we’re nearing the end of our local summer.  There are still a few good weeks left – all the fall squashes are coming out, but it’s slowing down a bit.  I’m not sure if my zucchini plant is aware of this though.

Pasta with Roasted Zucchini:
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour – Mill at Anselma
Tomato Sauce – Tomatoes from our Garden
Onion – Jack’s Farm
Zucchini – Our Garden
Non local – salt, olive oil, pepper

One Local Summer 2012 – Week 20


I decided to go for something well outside my comfort range this week.  I’m not the world’s most daring cook, and tend to stick with easy things that I know.  I saw that our local poultry farmer had cornish hens, so I figured hey, wee little chicken, if anything goes wrong, I’m not ruining a whole bird.  In fact, she gave me a few ideas and some tips, and it came out great.  The wee little bird is stuffed with apples from our local orchard and some onion.  The potatoes and acorn squash were cubed and put in tin foil on the grill, as was the hen.  Everything came out great and made for a very filling meal.  I just love being able to cook everything on the grill and not make a mess of the kitchen!

Cornish Game Hen, Potatoes, and Squash:
Hen – Mt View Organics
Potatoes – Jack’s Farm
Acorn Squash – Charlestown Farm
Apples – North Star Orchard
Onion – Jack’s Farm
Non local – spices, olive oil, pepper, salt

One Local Summer 2012 – Week 19


Another week all on me.  We finally got a REALLY ripe watermelon from the garden.  So ripe, it practically burst open the second I started to cut. The watermelon naturally has this glowy orange-yellow inside, so no, your monitor isn’t off.  The garden is pretty small, so I usually only get one watermelon, but that’s enough for me.  A local farm was offering a new product, veal kielbasa, so I jumped on it and got the last package.  It was delicious!  Spiced just right.  I decided to pair it with some zucchini (we’re STILL getting zucchini from the garden) cooked with onions and shitake mushrooms.  The neighbors and I have a little garden exchange program going on, so I picked up a bunch of peppers from them which I sliced, grilled, and stuffed with cheese from the same farm that had the kielbasa.  The beer is a maple porter, homebrewed with maple syrup from the state, even if the malt and grains aren’t locally sourced, I’ll call it part local.

Kielbasa with vegetables and watermelon:
Kielbasa – Birchrun Hills Farm
Cheese – Birchrun Hills Farm
Peppers – Neighbor’s Garden
Watermelon – Our Garden
Mushrooms – Oley Valley Mushrooms
Onion – Jack’s Farm
Non local – olive oil, salt, pepper

One Local Summer 2012 – Week 18


Another week on my own.  I think I worked up something pretty good though!  Pretty basic – good ole Pork Chops, with acorn squash and onions.  The fun part is the balsamic vinegar and fig sauce for the top of the pork chop which was made using figs from our wee little fig tree!  We just planted the little thing this spring and it’s already gifted us with a few figs.  Not bad for its first year!  The balsamic vinegar is obviously not local, but I needed something to go with the three little figs I had to extend them a little.  I was just so excited to finally have them.  The pork was pan seared in our cast iron pan and allowed to sit in the pan until it reached the proper temperature.  The onions and squash were also roasted up in a pan while the pork cooked.  Pretty easy!

Pork Chops with Squash:
Pork Chops – Countrytime Farm
Acorn Squash – Charlestown Farm
Figs – Our Tree
Onion – Jack’s Farm
Non local – olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper.