I had a shoot with Brittany last Friday and needless to say, we got some great images and had a blast working together.

If this isn’t a good enough incentive to schedule a shoot with me, I’m not sure what is!      😉

OLS: Week 7


One Local Summer rolls into week seven.  This week it’s back to being all me and I went all out.  Let’s start in the front with the zucchini, from my very own garden.  Next around, clockwise, is a zucchini bread muffin.  Finally we have a DELICIOUS bison with pesto and sharp goat cheese ravioli.

Zucchini – Yep, zucchini.  Non-local salt, pepper, and olive oil.  This one was perfectly ripe and gosh I could’ve eaten the whole zucchini at once.
Zucchini Bread Muffin – I’ve been getting a LOT of zucchini from the garden and decided to give this recipe a try.  This was tricky since I was trying to keep as local as possible and the result isn’t quite perfect, but considering the amount of zucchini I’ll have this summer, there’s plenty of time to get it right.  I used my own garden zucchini, wheat pastry flour from the Mill at Anselma (stone ground there too from PA wheat), honey from Baues Busy Bees, eggs from Mountain View Organics, and goat’s milk yogurt from Shellbark Hollow Farm.  Non-local ingredients include salt, baking soda, baking powder, canola oil, and vanilla extract.  If you’re keeping tally, yes I left out the spices, walnuts, and apple sauce.  It still tastes delicious and I love what the honey adds to the recipe, but I think I need to add more flour or less wet ingredients since it didn’t rise as much as I had expected and is a little dense.  Still, incredibly good, and worth a repeat.
Ravioli – WOW.  Wow.  Wow.  This was the most labor intensive part of the meal, but it was 100% worth it.  I dug out the pasta roller for the Kitchen Aid mixer and went to town.  Used the same wheat pastry flour as above for the pasta along with some non-local salt (and tap water, of course).  The filling is ground bison from Backyard Bison, with basil and oregano from my back deck planters, some of the frozen pesto sauce from Week 1, and Sharp II goat cheese from Shellbark Hollow Farm.  Non-local salt, pepper, and olive oil were also used.  The sauce is from the same batch of tomato sauce I made last year with the tomatoes from our garden (there were lots, and lots, and lots of tomatoes, in case I haven’t mentioned that before).  I haven’t ever made ravioli, so it was a learning experience for sure, but now that I know what I’m doing, I expect next time, this will go MUCH faster and be much easier.  I’m not quite sure if it tasted so good because it really was that good or that the amount of effort I put into doing something new mentally enhanced the flavor. 

Really though, I’m quite proud of myself for pulling this whole meal off and not giving up in the middle, leaving the kitchen a complete disaster and my stomach empty.  Through doing this whole challenge, I’ve been finding myself spending less time inside grocery stores and more time outside at farmers’ markets – I might go once every other week to the grocery store for things I can’t get at the market, essentials, etc.  It’s neat, and I hope to continue this as long as possible, maybe even freeze some meals to pull out in the dead of winter when I need a dose of *real* food.

OLS: Week 6


Week six of One Local Summer and it’s almost the mid-point of the thirteen week challenge. The husband decided to take the lead on this week’s meal with no objection from me.  In the back is a pile of mashed turnips and carrots with maple sugar added for flavor.  Clockwise, next is a Bison Meatloaf using ground bison, tomatoes, garlic scapes, swiss cheese, an egg, and last year’s frozen tomato sauce.  Finally, sugar snap peas finish the plate.  In the wine glass is a Strawberry wine.  It was a great meal, and even better, I didn’t have to cook it!

Rundown of ingredients:
Turnips: Willow Creek Orchards
Carrots: Willow Creek Orchards
Maple Sugar: Miller’s Maple
Bison: Backyard Bison
Garlic Scapes: Willow Creek Orchards
Tomatoes: Lancaster County (via Willow Creek)
Tomato Sauce: My garden, last year
Egg: Pleasant View Farms (via Willow Creek)
Swiss Cheese: Hendricks (via Willow Creek)
Snap Peas: Willow Creek Orchards
Wine: Mount Hope Vineyards

Congrats to Amber and Seth!


Congratulations to Amber and Seth!  They invited me to be their photographer at their destination wedding in the Dominican Republic and I happily accepted.  They’re an adorable couple and it was hard to pick just two photos to post here! The small group at the reception felt like they had all been family for decades, it was a ton of fun to be there, and I’m really honored that I was invited to be part of the week. Congrats again, you two!

OLS: Week 5


One Local Summer rolls on into week five.   I figured I’d switch it up a bit and do a breakfast meal this week before we left for the Dominican Republic.  Why yes, I spent most of June out of the country.   🙂

Potatoes in front are basic home fries in the skillet with potatoes (there were lots of potatoes) from last week’s run to the Anselma Mill Market.  The bacon on the side is from Country Time Farm and is becoming a fast favorite probably because it’s almost fresh off the pig with no nitrates.  In the back is a slice of frittata containing eggs picked up at Willow Creek Orchards from Pleasant View Farms, Tomatoes from Lancaster County, Garlic Scapes grown at Willow Creek, and Hendricks Swiss Cheese, and more bacon.

Non-Local ingredients used: Olive oil, salt, pepper

This was my first time visiting Willow Creek and I just love the store and the pick-your-own vegetable patch.  We brought home some turnips, snap peas, and carrots as well that I hope to use this week.  As previously mentioned, we were away most of the week in the Dominican Republic since I was flown in for a friend’s wedding to be the photographer – LOTS of great photos and I can’t wait to post them.  We had a lovely time and may even go back for a proper vacation maybe in the winter when it’s hopefully not quite so warm!