One Local Summer 2012 – Week 3


Another salad, I know, but the greens, they call to me! Also, we still don’t have much else available in terms of vegetables. At least this one is a little more creative?  I added a whole bunch of toppings to this one including some amazing bison chorizo.  Our local bison farmer (rancher?) is super nice, and I enjoy cooking with bison over beef any day of the week.  I’ll admit that my diet is skewed about 80% towards vegetables with about 20% meat in there, so while I’m not all vegetarian, I certainly appreciate vegetables in my dish.  So, this salad is a mix of three types of greens (romaine, mesclun, beet greens), roasted beets, chevre, grilled turnips, and that yummy chorizo.  I decided to pour myself a glass of homebrewed hard cider since it’s been a little warm this week, and since I cooked everything out on the grill and the evening was starting to cool off.. well it felt right.  The beets were put in an aluminum foil package with some olive oil on the grill first.  Then the turnips with some olive oil and salt in a slotted grill pan, and then finally the chorizo.  The rest is fresh, so it was easy to put together.

Chorizo Salad:
Romaine – Charlestown Farm
Mesclun – My Garden
Turnips – Jack’s Farm
Chevre – Shellbark Hollow
Beets & Greens – Charlestown Farm
Bison Chorizo – Backyard Bison
Non Local – dressing, olive oil, salt

Knitting Update – finished objects!

DSC_5717   DSC_5712
So I actually have been knitting, honest.  I just haven’t posted everything here.  So, here’s a quick post with a few recent finished objects.

On the top above, is 14 Karat.  The yarn is from the club I’ve been a member of for a while now, and is a colorway called “Sunken Treasure.”  I figured a pattern referencing jewels would work nicely with a color referencing treasure.  They were pretty labor intensive and required working from the computer with the chart, but they’re well worth it!

On the bottom above is Business Casual, using another yarn from the club, this time the colorway was, “Fathoms Below.”  Easy to knit, and they worked up pretty quickly.  These two pairs of socks were worked at the same time, but the Business Casual socks didn’t require looking at a chart and were taken along with me everywhere.  The faux-argyle diamond pattern shows up more in person than it did in the photo, and I really love how they came out.


DSC_5873_color   DSC_5837_color
This is the big project that I’ve had sitting in my Works in Progress (WIP) queue for a while.  I started the Royale sweater in November of 2010 for the National Knit a Sweater Month (NaKniSweMo).  I got about 5 inches up from the bottom and set it aside.  With Ravelympics 2012 coming up soon, the team I joined decided that we should spend the month prior to the Ravelympics ‘training’ and finishing up WIPs.  This one isn’t my oldest one, but it was a huge undertaking – the cables, twisted stitches!  All the hard work was totally worth it though, I mean, just look at that!  It’s sort of unfortunate that I finished now, mid-May, when I won’t be able to wear it all summer long.  The pattern and charts were easy to follow.  My only big mistake is that I usually don’t do as many increases for the bust as the pattern sizing calls for – everyone has different measurements and should adjust a knit pattern to suit their individual measurements for a best fit.  Nooo I just kept trucking along!  So, the bust is a little loose, but it’s not a dealbreaker, and there’s NO WAY I am going to go back and work all that over.  The yarn used was Valley Yarns Northampton in the color, “Twilight Heather.”  The photos above are pretty color accurate, and I’d call the color kind of a purpley maroon heather.  I over estimated on the yarn purchase, so I have three skeins left – I’ve got a short torso, so while most folks have 4 or more repeats of that center cable pattern, I only needed three, cutting down drastically on the yarn requirement.  Love this to bits, and I’m so glad I finally finished it!

One Local Summer 2012 – Week 2


When I talked about doing things simple this year? I really meant it.  Hooray for salads!  It’s still early in our growing season, so a lot of what’s available is leafy and green.  Of course by the time summer comes, lettuce and leafy greens become scarce, so I might as well enjoy it while I can!  There are three types of greens in that salad – romaine, mesclun mix, and some turnip greens which I found to be particularly delicious.  The other ingredients are crimini mushrooms because I’m a firm believer that there should be fungus in every meal, sliced turnips because the turnips are more than just greens, and some goat cheese because, well, CHEESE.  Sadly, the dressing isn’t local, but you’ll forgive me for that if I tell you that I grew the mesclun all by myself, right?  I am very much open to salad dressing recipes, but they’d have to not contain oil in order to be local.. possibly something yogurt based?  I can get goat’s milk yogurt locally, and we have a variety of herbs that I either grow myself (dill, sage, cilantro, basil) or can obtain at the market.  I’m also looking for a good use for the saffron I harvested in the fall from my crocuses.  How does saffron polenta sound?

Spring Salad:
Romaine – Charlestown Farm
Turnips & Greens – Jack’s Farm
Mushrooms – Oley Valley Mushrooms
Mesclun – My Garden
Goat Cheese – Shellbark Hollow
Non local – Dressing

One Local Summer 2012 – Week 1


Seeing as our local farmer’s market kicked off its first regular market of the season, I figured I’d start One Local Summer back up again.  I seriously contemplated whether or not to do this again.  This year would be my fourth year of a summer’s worth of making one meal a week using only local ingredients.  To be honest, I’m lacking motivation this year, and have gotten pretty busy with a bunch of other things.  But, reason won out, and said hey, this is good for your health, it doesn’t have to be complicated, so cook something local once a week, no big deal.  This year may be a little less inspired than other years, but I’m still doing this.  ON TO THE FOOD!

This is pretty basic.  It’s still early in the vegetable growing season, so my veggie options are limited.  Our opening farmer’s market with the Phoenixville Farmer’s Market was a honey bee festival, so I included that here.  Going around the plate clockwise, we have chicken marinated in honey and olive oil, then crispy beet greens from the grill, crimini mushrooms, and wilted beet greens with wee little baby beets on the end.  When they ‘thin the herd’ so to speak, to prevent overcrowding with the beets, the greens and baby beets are perfect for eating.  The whole thing is edible – the greens are sort of spinachy and the teeny beets on the end grill up in short order and are perfectly tender.  The wilted beet greens were done up in foil with a little olive oil and salt and set on the grill.  EVERYTHING on that plate was cooked on the grill!  Easy peasy.  Here’s the rundown on ingredients.

Chicken and Beet Greens with mushrooms:
Chicken – Mt View Organics
Honey – Baues’ Busy Bees
Beets and Beet Greens – Charlestown Farm
Mushrooms – Oley Valley Mushrooms
Non Local – Salt, Olive Oil, homebrew beer (Saison)