Benevolent Beauty Box Special Edition – December 2016

This is Benevolent Beauty Box’s first ever Special Edition box that shipped on December 10th.  Yep, I’m still behind on the blog posts, but I’m catching up, I swear!  Anyway, I knew the second they announced this that I’d need to have it since this subscription has been knocking my socks off.  It did not disappoint!  A makeup palette, BB Cream, lipstick, and three face products from some of my already-favorite brands plus a few new-to-me brands make for a pretty amazing luxury box that’s also 100% cruelty free.

  • Manna Kadar Day-Dream Palette – 1 palette / $39 – (Product is full size)  A WHOLE PALETTE!  This palette contains 6 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 2 highlighters, and a contour shade all in one rather portable package which makes this perfect for travel since everything you need is right there.  The company is cruelty free and this product is vegan to boot.  The eyeshadow colors are right in my range (but really, what isn’t?), two neutrals, two rosy pinks, two violets to make for a great balance.  The colors are nicely pigmented and blend well too.
  • Mommy Makeup Stay Put Matte Lip Cream– .12 oz / $22 – (Product is full size)  The color is, “Heather,” described as a dusty pink mauve and goes on a little darker than I expected, so I’m not 100% sold on the color, but I think I can still pull it off.  Dusty pink or rose colors generally wash me out but I think the darker shade actually makes it okay for fall and winter.  The formula is great – it goes on like a thin liquid but then once it’s dry, it’s matte and sticks and doesn’t move!  I like the formula, but as far as the color, I’m probably more interested in the “Marilyn” or “Harlow” which I may have to pick up since there’s a 15% off discount code included in the box for Mommy Makeup.
  • Bellapierre Derma Renew BB Cream – 1.5 oz / $75 – (Product is full size)  I received the “Fair” shade which matches with the information in my beauty profile with Benevolent Beauty Box.  This is just a wee bit too light for my skin tone, but I found I like the formula enough that I can make it work by dusting bronzer over top with a really light hand to bring up the color just enough.  I found on my dry skin, it did clump up on the dry patches at the corners of my nose, so I just need to remember to moisturize well before using this.
  • Baiser Beauty Formula Nº2 Lumineux – 1 oz / $35 – (Product is full size)  This is meant to be applied just like a highlighter, either under or over makeup.  It’s a pink, pearlescent liquid, and the teensiest drop goes a very long way.  It smells mostly like lavender and leaves behind a subtle brightness without any sparkle or glitter.  It’s oil based, so I’d imagine this would dissolve makeup if applied over foundation or powder, so this may work better without foundation for a natural glow.  I do like how subtle this is and may be using it on the regular because the oil base also works as an awesome moisturizer.  Also included is a code for 15% off at Baiser Beauty.
  • Franklin & Whitman Walnut Hill Face Serum – 1 oz / $39.99 – (Product is full size)  HOORAY for local (to me) companies!  I’ve become a serum junkie as I’ve gotten older and my skin has gotten drier, so serums that are blends of oils I know and love with no parabens or silicones are on point for me.  This is a blend of grape seed oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, pomegranate oil, and Vitamin E and is completely unscented (yessss!).  These are all oils I use already, and they combine here to create a viscous oil that surprisingly goes on lightly and absorbs quickly to make my skin feel amazingly soft.  I know I sound like an advertisement, but these are all things I look for in a good serum, and I’m loving this one.  Plus!  5% of the purchase of this product goes to help dog rescue organizations in addition to the company being cruelty free, so they’ve won me over.
  • Mullein & Sparrow Lemon Rose Face Wash – 2 oz / $32 – (Product is full size)  It’s like a castile soap, so it’s fairly gentle and works into a rich lather to wash away makeup without being too drying.  The scent is pleasant as well – the rose balances out the lemon perfectly so it’s not too floral or too citrusy and lands in that perfect goldilocks zone.  It works rather well if followed with a good serum just like the one above!

In total, the value of the box is $242.99 which is incredible since the full retail price of the box is $62!  There are some truly incredible products in here, and I’m finding it difficult to pick a favorite – between the face wash and serum together, the palette by itself, or the BB Cream (when dusted with bronzer, I have to say it does look great), I just can’t decide.  There are a total of 6 full-sized products in here that are all cruelty free.  I believe there are still a few Special Edition boxes available, and just with the BB cream alone, this box pays for itself, so it’s definitely worth it for a gift for yourself or your favorite cruelty free beauty maven.

Benevolent Beauty Box November 2016

Have I mentioned how behind I am on everything?  This is November’s Benevolent Beauty Box which did arrive on time as usual, I’m just late posting it.  There was a note in the box about excusing the appearance of the box, but it was just fine to me, but I appreciate the transparency!  Anyways, my mantra lately is Better Late Than Never, so here we go!

  • Ardency Inn Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl – .28 oz / $23 – (Full size product)  The color received is, “Studio Mix,” which is described as a melon base with orange reflect.  The applicator is an interesting shape, designed to fit the contour of your lips and delivers a crazy bright color payoff.  I’m definitely going to be using this next summer, but it’s a little bit too intense and bright for fall and winter I think.  It’s definitely leaps and bounds brighter than what I normally wear, but it’s such a fun color, I can’t resist.
  • Adamma 3D Mascara Kit – 1 kit / $50 – (Full size product)  I’ve never used anything like this before, and I’ll admit to being pretty skeptical, especially with the high price tag for the set.  Basically, one tube is the mascara, and the other tube contains the fibers which consist of corn silk and cashmere (WHOA!).  The mascara goes on pretty thin and doesn’t plump or thicken really.  It’s meant more to be a glue for the fibers and allow you to look like you have longer lashes.  I’m happy to say, that even being the klutz I am with this kind of stuff, IT WORKED.  WOW DID IT WORK.  I have the teeniest little eyelashes ever, but one round of mascara/fibers/mascara was enough to make me look like I had put on false lashes.  The package says you can repeat the process as many times as desired, but really, once was enough for me (though I’m tempted to keep going till my eyelashes hit my glasses just because!).  So far, no irritation either since the ingredient list for the mascara is super simple.  I was worried about using the fibers near my eyes, but they didn’t seem to fall into my eyes at all.  Honestly really impressed with this!
  • Herbal Transdermal Mineral Toner – 8 oz / $15 – (Product is 2 oz, value of $3.75)  I love that this is an alcohol free toner, but the wintergreen scent is a huge turn-off since I don’t like mint outside of my toothpaste.  Fortunately, it’s not so strong that it lingers with the product on your face, and it does feel nice and refreshing.  The addition of tea tree oil makes it a great skin refresher after a long day or as a quick clean before makeup.  Also included was a coupon for a free bar of soap with any order over $40 on the Herbal Transdermal website.
  • Josie & Hue, The White – 2 oz / $20 – (Full size product)  I LOVE CLAY MASKS.  It’s such a great way to spend a little time on yourself and pamper your skin at the same time.  I haven’t gotten a chance to try this just yet, but on top of the regular clays, there’s coconut milk powder and cucumber peel extract, so this should be pretty refreshing!  They encourage the use of various carrier liquids to personalize the mask – everything from honey to oils, apple cider vinegar, milk, and witch hazel.
  • LaRitzy Matte Lipstick – .16 oz / $20 – (Full size product)  The color received is, “Karma,” which almost looks a little like a dusty rose, so I was a little bit worried about the color at first.  Happily, this goes on more like a warm toned cappuccino colored neutral and is super matte!  I’m definitely going to be wearing this color a lot this fall and winter since it’s so versatile.

The total value for the box comes to $116.75 which is phenomenal since the box costs $29.95 per month for a month-to-month subscription.  Hands down, my favorite item is the 3D Mascara Kit which I totally didn’t expect to love this much.  Really, the whole box is awesome and I’ll use everything, so this month is a big win in my book.  Looking foward to December’s box!

Benevolent Beauty Box September 2016


HOOBOY!  I always get a little excited for this box because it’s been so consistently on point, but this month?  MINDBLOWING.  Oh man.  I can barely even put words together to put up this blog post, I am that blown away.  All the products are cruelty-free, some vegan, but they’re all rather ingredient-conscious and tend to be things that are right up my alley.

  • Gypsy Soul Organics Sister Wind Aromatherapy Spray – 2 oz / $19.99 – (Product is Full Size)  Okay, so I like the idea, but the scent is completely not me – spearmint and eucalyptus are near the top of my least-favorite scent list and honestly make me a little nauseous (I find those eucalyptus flavored cough drops are an instant upset stomach too, FWIW).  It’s not the product’s fault, it’s my picky nose/palate not liking the scents.  I’m going to pass this off to a friend, but there is a promo code included in the box and it looks like their “Family Tree” scent is right up my alley.  I could see this being a nice treat after a post-yoga shower since they’re all essential oil based.  The originals come in a glass bottle and the one included in the box is plastic so the value may be a little off, but it’s such a generous size to include in the box.
  • St. Tropica Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask – 6 pack / $27 – (Single size, value of $4.50)  It’s like they were listening to me when I rant about hair products in subscription boxes – I don’t want parabens, sulfates, or silicones.  This?  Fits that bill in spades and the ingredient list is beyond perfect.  My hair is super curly and dry, so I pretty regularly use all kinds of oils to help keep it moisturized and bouncy, so this is SO BEYOND PERFECT.  The first two ingredients are coconut oil and coconut butter, so yes and yes.  It is in a foil packet, but it’s meant to be that way so that you can heat up an individual packet as a single-serving so to speak, and there’s enough in there to generously coat down my long hair.  I’ll probably give this a whirl next week, but I promise to report back with my results.  There’s also a card included for 20% off your order.
  • Tat2 Lash Mascara – .25 oz / $16 – (Product is Full Size)  There’s beeswax, so this isn’t vegan, but as a beekeeper myself, I don’t mind.  LOVE the packaging!  The brush is a bristle tip, not one of those spiky plastic numbers, and it works fairly well considering the formula is on the thicker side.  I tend to like my mascaras a little thicker, so that’s perfect for me.  I did get a perfect application on one lash and then the next was clumpy which I figure is user error, but it does go on rather richly in one coat, no second coat needed.  Dries fairly quickly and the ingredient list is spectacular – no bad ingredients that may irritate my eyes.  So far, I’m loving this!  Better yet, there’s a card enclosed with a coupon code for 40% off your first order.
  • Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick – .13 oz / $19.95 – (Product is Full Size)  I received the color, “Primrose,” which is a shimmery mulberry spice type shade.  The ingredient list is really amazing, no parabens or petroleum-based ingredients.  It goes on a thick and semi-matte, but it stays put as a result of the waxes and still feels moisturizing thanks to the Vitamin E.  The color is spot on perfect for fall and I rather like the thickness of the product.  I figure some people may not like the waxiness, but I found that thicker products mean I’m not constantly moving my lips around together to redistribute the product and they end up staying put longer.
  • Bellapierre Eyeliner Duo – .14 oz each / $25 as a set – (Product is Full Size)  The product card from Bellapierre goes into detail that the clear one can be used to pick up a little color from one of their eyeshadows and used as a colored liner which is a super fun idea!  I have PLENTY of mineral eyeshadows and this extends those to a whole new usage and it’s much easier than trying to mix pigments with water and hoping they’ll stay.  Both the black and clear are waterproof.  The black has a felt tip and the clear is a brush.  I found the black a little watery and tough to apply evenly, but I’m also a little clumsy and shaky-handed when it comes to eyeliner, so it’s probably user error again.  It does go on nice and dark though and the ingredient list on both is great.
  • Bellapierre Shimmer Powder – 2.35 g / $15 – (Product is Full Size)  The color I received is, “Jadoo,” described as a burgundy with gold shimmer.  I’d probably call it more of a Merlot sort of color – it’s more purple than red I think, but it is very heavily pigmented and yet again, the perfect color for fall.  Remember the vanilla lip balm from last month?  Yeah, this pigment will mix with that and create a really pretty lip color.  Or you use it with the clear eyeliner and make a gorgeous eyeliner color.  So many possibilities and I love the tie in to the last box.

Overall we have 7 products or 6 if you count the eyeliner duo as a set with a total value of $100.44!  The box costs $29.95 per month for a month-to-month subscription, so the value is over 3 times the cost of even the month-to-month subscription!  This is the first time we’ve had non-makeup products in the box, the hair oil and the aromatherapy spray, but honestly, I’m completely okay with that since the hair oil is absolutely perfect and while I didn’t like the scent of the aromatherapy oil, I do like the idea.  Well done, Benevolent Beauty, this month is phenomenal and somehow the boxes keep getting better and better.  Excited to see what you come up with for next month!

Benevolent Beauty Box August 2016


Another Benevolent Beauty Box has arrived!  On time as usual (even if this post is going up a little late), and this month I got a bonus product which was unexpected!  I know they were offering a bonus product to all members since they offered it to new subscribers, but I never emailed in with a preference since I didn’t feel like it was completely necessary to give current subscribers the same bonus offered to entice new people to sign up.  Still though, a bonus product, the Colorevolution eye shadow showed up in the box!  Totally unexpected but still a nice addition.  Anyway, on to the contents!

  • Bellapierre Vanilla Bean Lip Balm – 7 g / $10 – (Full Size Product) It smells absolutely lovely!  On the side of the box, the directions tell you to mix it with your favorite pigment or shimmer powder which is a neat idea!  I find the balm nice and smooth without being sticky, and the vanilla scent is present but not overwhelming.  Really a solid lip balm.
  • Manna Kadar Priming Gloss Stain – 5 g / $24 – (Full Size Product) I received this in my first Lip Monthly shipment in July, so it’s not this box’s fault that it’s a dupe, I just subscribe to too many boxes!  I do really like this as an everyday lip product though – it’s enough that it’s something, but the color isn’t bold or outrageous.  It looks perfectly natural on my lips and very nearly matches their natural color, plus it seems to last a good long while and the formula is creamy and smooth but still matte.  I may pass this off to a friend though since I don’t need two of them, but I do like this product!
  • Nvey Eco Eye Shadow – 1.5 g / $17.99 – (Full Size Product) I received the color, “Mahogany,” which is a deep warm brown with a hint of shimmer.  It’s heavily pigmented and the little compact even has a mirror which is a nice touch!  Love the color and will definitely be using this often.
  • Your Minerals Transparent Veil – 7 g / $21 – (Full Size Product) I love powders like this especially for the summer months when I can’t bear to use anything heavy on my face.  This goes on silky smooth and the clay content helps absorb oil.  It can either be used under or over foundation, but I usually use it by itself just to give me a little more of a polished look when I’m not doing the bare minimum (eyes/lips).  I particularly like the texture of this one and I’m sure it’s going to go into regular makeup rotation right away.
  • Paula Dunne Cougar Blush – 7 g / $19.66 – (Full Size Product) I received the color, “Punch,” which is a rosy pink.  It’s probably a little too dark for my complexion and I don’t really use blush much anyway, so this is kind of a miss for me.  It shows up on my cheeks as leaning over to brown, so it’s probably got some yellowish tones to it that don’t mesh with my skin tone which is already pretty red on my cheeks naturally.  The formula is nice though, very easy to blend, but this just isn’t the shade for me.
  • Colorevolution Eyeshadow – 2 g / $12 – (Full Size Product) I received the color, “Sienna #2” which is a pink base with a gold shimmer, and this is the bonus product for the box, not part of the regular August shipment.  The shimmer comes out more than the color, but it’s a really nice effect and would work well over other matte shadow that I want to glitz up a little or for a good dose of sparkle just because.  The mix of the pink and gold is really growing on me and I’m loving it!  More eyeshadow is always welcome and I don’t think I’ve met a color that I didn’t like!

The box value comes to $92.65 without the bonus product and $104.65 with the bonus.  The box costs $29.95 for a month-to-month subscription, so this is really an incredible value!  This box consistently delivers products that I’m interested in and that are ingredient-conscious and cruelty-free.  It might cost more per month, but in this one, there are SIX full size products including the bonus.  No foil packets!  I’m really pleased, and even with the miss on the blush, the box is still well above the cost.  What’s really great about this box in particular is that a bunch of these brands, I hadn’t ever heard of or tried before, so it’s refreshing to see brands that are completely new to me.  As always, I’m looking forward to next month!