One Local Summer 2013 – Week 21


I got really behind on getting posts up during busy November and December, but, better late than never (I seem to be really good at the late).  Husband prepared this one as sourced from the market at the Mill at Anselma.  The ribeye was cooked on the grill and topped with blue cheese, carrots cooked with some maple syrup, and the soup simmered all day.  It was absolutely incredible and very filling, finished off with a glass of cold cider.

Ribeye with Salad and Potato Leek Soup:
Ribeye – Bendy Brook Farm
Carrots – Maysie’s Farm
Salad greens – Maysie’s Farm
Maple Syrup – Miller’s Maple
Blue Cheese – Birchrun Hills
Potatoes – Maysie’s Farm
Leeks – North Star Orchard
Celery – Maysie’s Farm
Cider – North Star Orchard
Non Local – salt, pepper, salad dressing

One Local Summer 2013 – Week 20


Another meal by the husband.  It’s the time of year that he makes at least one pot of soup per week, and there are no complaints from me!  The only thing not really local is the bread – it was baked locally, but the ingredients aren’t local (but it does go very well with the soup).  The soup turned out great – the cabbage was still just a little crunchy and not completely wilted down to mush.  The husband has a real knack for knowing what ingredients work together in a soup, and this was no exception.  The soup bone had a bunch of meat on it, more than we expected, so that was a nice surprise.  The whole thing turned out great and made for a perfect lunch on a chilly day.

Cabbage Soup:
Carrots – North Star Orchard
Cabbage – North Star Orchard
Potatoes – North Star Orchard
Onions – North Star Orchard
Soup Bone – Deep Roots Valley Farm
Bread – St. Peter’s Bakery
Non Local – Salt, pepper

One Local Summer 2013 – Week 4


And here we have week four – a Bison stir fry.  The farmer’s market had their first zucchini of the year and I was SO excited to see all the new vegetables at the market, so I grabbed a bunch of different ones, added some bison and sauce and VOILA!  The sauce was definitely not local, but necessary.  The bison vendor advised that the chuck steak would work best and to marinate it overnight in the sauce to make it nice and tender -worked like a charm.  I still have some leftovers from this meal, since it made such a huge pot, but they’re going fast.

Bison Stir Fry:
Zucchini – Jack’s Farm
Carrots – Charlestown Farm
Bison – Backyard Bison
Garlic Scapes – Jack’s Farm
Broccoli – Charlestown Farm
Shiitake Mushrooms – Oley Valley Mushrooms
Onions – North Star Orchards
Non Local – General Tso sauce, soy sauce


One Local Summer 2012 – Week 22


Another week down, this one cooked by the husband.  Husband had an outing with a friend to go ‘hunting’ for quail and pheasant.  They managed to get a few, and this is part of the result of that.  The hunt was local-ish so we’re calling it good for the Local Summer.  The dish is basically Waterzooi (a Belgian chicken stew) made local.  Waterzooi typically has cream added to it, but goat’s milk was easier to find, so we went with that.  The vegetables can be different depending on who you ask, so we’re pretty good there, using mushrooms, leeks, carrots, celeriac, onions, potatoes, and sage.  Everything was simmered together in a big pot with chicken stock we saved from the last time we did wings (using locally sourced chicken wings), so it’s very very local there.  The only thing that’s not are the spices.

Quail Waterzooi:
Quail – hunted and shot locally
Mushrooms – Oley Valley Mushrooms
Leeks – North Star Orchards
Carrots – North Star Orchards
Celeriac – Jack’s Farm
Onions – Jack’s Farm
Potatoes – Jack’s Farm
Goat’s Milk – Shellbark Hollow Farm
Sage – Back deck planters
Non Local – spices, salt, pepper