FanMail Box April 2017

I subscribed to the FanMail Box a few cycles ago, but finally decided to add it to the blog this time around!  It’s a little hit or miss for me since it’s kind of heavy on the Harry Potter, a fandom I’m really not into.  I’ve never read the books or seen the movies, and it’s just not my thing (my least favorite genre is fantasy – I’d take zombies and space explorers over wizards any day of the week!).  This month did feature one Harry Potter item, but the rest were from other fandoms, and it’s great to have a box that caters to lady geeks!  This month’s theme was, “The Gang’s All Here,” and was teased as featuring items from, “the teams that right the wrongs, solve the mysteries, and have one another’s backs as they fight the good fight.”  Lots of possibilities to choose from!  The front of the product card is even a coloring page featuring Buffy and her gang.  This box arrived just yesterday, right on time with their usual shipping schedule.

  • Rogue One “I Rebel” Beanie – It’s a really heavy, thick beanie hat in a grey knit with a bit of embroidery on the front that says, “I Rebel,” over the rebel logo.  I’m definitely more into Star Trek than Star Wars, but even so, this is a great hat and will definitely come in handy this winter!
  • Charmed Triquetra Scarf – It’s a light chiffon infinity scarf in a purple ombre with the Triquetra or Trinity Knot printed in white all over the scarf.  The Triquetra is obviously from Charmed, but it’s also such a well-known Celtic symbol that it ends up being a little subtle nerd content that you wouldn’t necessarily know referred to Charmed unless you were part of the secret FanMail nerd club.
  • Spirit in the Sky Bath Bomb – From NerdieNifties comes this pretty lavender-scented bath bomb inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy that has a mystery charm inside.  We have a teeny little bathtub at home, so I’m going to save this for a future vacation to a fancy place with a big old jacuzzi tub.
  • Harlequin Nail Wraps – From Espionage Cosmetics, these nail wraps feature a pretty design from a famous partner in crime to the Joker, Harley Quinn.  I already have this one in my nail wrap stash, but you can never go wrong with more nail wraps!
  • Rejected Princesses Enamel Pin – A nice little enamel pin marking the publishing of the book by the same name, Rejected Princesses.  I took a look at the book, and I want to know where was this when I was a kid?!  The book features real stories about, “women too awesome, awful, or offbeat for kids’ movies.”  Take that, Disney Princesses!
  • Rejected Princesses Trading Cards Set – Going along with the above pin is a set of four trading cards featuring different rejected princesses.
  • Harry Potter Golden Trio Postcard – Well, again, Harry Potter is just not my thing, but I know enough friends who love Harry Potter, so someone is going to get a just-because postcard in the near future.

There was no t-shirt this time, so in lieu of the t-shirt, they included a bonus item (mine is the Orphan Black comic book) and a discount code for their website.  There were also a bunch of promotional materials – A Quirk Books double chaplet of Geekerella and The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen, The Legend of Korra preview edition, a leaflet about ConTessa and a “Nevertheless She Persisted” bookmark from them as well, and two stickers for The Werewolf Diaries.

The subscription costs $21.99-$23.99 depending on your shirt size on a bimonthly basis.  I know the nail wraps retail for $10, the bath bomb is around $6, and with the scarf and beanie, the value easily exceeds the cost.  I think they worked the theme through the products really well this time and I really liked this box as a whole.  Plus, I got to learn about the Rejected Princesses project and it’s just so perfectly up my alley!