OLS: Week 2

Week 2 of One Local Summer is cooked and consumed already.


I did say dill last week right? I should’ve said yogurt would be the theme of this week’s meal.  Let’s go over what’s on that plate.  In the front, Sugar Snap Peas picked up at Kimberton Whole Foods (KWF) in Kimberton, PA.  They were labelled as being grown locally, but didn’t mention which farm.  The skewered chicken, also found at KWF is from Eberly Poultry and was marinated in olive oil and lemon juice before being tossed on the grill.  The sauce over the chicken is a sort of cucumberless tzatziki sauce using goat’s milk yogurt from Shellbark Hollow Farm and dill from the deck planter.  In the back is wilted turnip greens from the Phoenixville Farmer’s Market with a few sun-dried tomatoes from last year’s garden (roasted and then frozen, thawed, dehydrated).  Dessert is the same goat’s milk yogurt with some fresh Lancaster County farm-stand strawberries blended in.

Non-local ingredients: Olive Oil, lemon juice, spices (marinade for the chicken)

Now let’s go over why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this meal.  First, my obsession with dill – it’s limitless.  I pretty much believe that dill belongs in everything and I love the Oregon Herb bread that the Great Harvest Bread Company makes because the herb pretty much means dill.  Sadly, I don’t think cucumbers are in season around here yet, but even without the cucumber, that tzatziki sauce was delicious.  MMMmm dill.  And the chicken with the marinade worked out perfectly – so soft and juicy and DELICIOUS.  But, my new find of the week and a new favorite is that goat’s milk yogurt from Shellbark Hollow Farm.  There’s something about the goat’s milk that gives the yogurt a little extra zip or zing or pizzazz.  You should go and check out the website for Shellbark Hollow and watching the “awwwww” inspiring videos on the goat of the month page.  I have a feeling that the goat’s milk products will be making a regular appearance in my diet now that I’ve found out how incredible they taste.  And now, as I sit here and digest that wonderful meal, I’m already making plans for the leftovers.. Frozen Goat’s Milk Strawberry Yogurt anyone?

One Local Summer

I remember seeing the One Local Summer blog posts when we were getting settled into our new home that is conveniently located within walking distance of our local farmer’s market.  We have some really fantastic vendors and it’s a thing I’ve grown to love in the two years that we’ve lived here.  SUCH a wide variety of goods from bison to chicken and pork to all sorts of vegetables and some of the best bread I’ve ever had.  Having never participated, I figured this would be the year!  Admittedly, I’m not much of a cook, but I can do the basics when I have to and this gives me a fun summer goal and a way to eat better and eat locally grown goods.  So, here’s to the start of one local summer!