Geek Chic Monthly – June 2017

This one is a new one for me, Geek Chic Monthly!  Each monthly box contains four items around a theme, and June’s theme was Stranger Things.  I’m probably the only person in the world who really wasn’t that into the series – it was too long by about 6.5 hours (it should’ve been a 1.5 hr movie, and you could tell there was superfluous fluff added to fill space and make it a series), the plot premise was nothing new, and the only leg it had left to stand on was all the awesome 80’s kitsch which is cool and all, but not enough substance to make the series truly something good.  It left me more than a little disappointed.  Still though, the theme of friendship and all the great call backs to my childhood made it worth watching, but it doesn’t get a place in my top-10 favorites.  On to the box!  The box itself has artwork on the outside which is a neat touch and so fun to see inside the mailbox, and I love that each box is customized for the theme.

  • Eleven’s Waffles Earrings – A cute set of earrings from Malyn’s Handmade as a nod to Eleven’s favorite food.  Super cute and realistic looking, these are going to be fun to wear just because!
  • Friends Don’t Lie Bracelet – It’s an ID tag style bracelet on a satin cord with an adjustable slider that has “011” printed on it.  The face of the bracelet says, “Friends Don’t Lie,” which is a quote from the series.
  • Barb “I’m Chill” Sunglasses – Pink sunglasses with a little image of Barb and “I’m Chill” written on the side.  This is the only thing I’ll be passing on to a friend since I hate pink, and I wear prescription glasses, so non-prescription sunglasses are useless for me.  I mean, it’s a cute idea, and I love seeing Barb getting a shout out in the box, but they’re just something I can’t use (contacts aren’t really an option for me anymore, total bummer).
  • Upside Down Necklace – This is so neat!  It’s Upside Down, upside down (and backwards in the photo, oops!).  The material is a laser cut acrylic and the chain is just the right length.  This is going to be so much fun to wear.

As far as a value goes, the box costs $15 per month plus shipping.  I signed on for the 6 month plan, so my total cost per month is $16.  Each item would have to be worth $4 to make the value exceed the cost, and I think that’s definitely been done here!  Similar earrings on Etsy from the same shop go for $10.99, so we’re already pretty close to covering the cost right there.  Even if the sunglasses weren’t a good fit for me, everything was such a great fit to the theme, and the box worked well as a whole.  I am SUPER psyched for next month’s theme which is Star Trek and Alien!