Espionage Cosmetics Nexus March 2018

March’s Espionage Cosmetics Nexus has arrived earlier than expected, so that’s pretty awesome!  As usual, both the regular Nexus and Literary Nexus are going up in this post, and the theme for March was, “Hidden Treasures.”  Up first, standard Nexus!

  • Veiled Paradise – A beautiful palette of blues and greens shimmer in what looks like some kind of underground paradise.  The colors are SO stunning on this glossy nail wrap.
  • Egg-citing Manicure – Glossy dragon scales and eggs are accented with silver foil and glitter.  The pastel colors are just right for Spring and arrived just in time for Easter weekend!

The Nexus Literary shipment is also on the same “Hidden Treasures” theme and produced two nail wraps that are wildly different from each other, but still perfectly on point.  As usual, a themed bookmark is also included.

  • The Hidden Garden – Definitely a nod to The Secret Garden, this glossy nail wrap features blue glitter on a field of flowers with purple foil accents on the text wraps.  It’s a GORGEOUS wrap and I love how the flowers frame the tops of the text wraps as well.
  • The King’s Roar – This glossy and glow-in-the-dark nail wrap references The Chronicles of Narnia with gold foil accents.  This design is just too pretty with the greens and gold against each other.

Every month, subscribers are allowed to vote on each set of designs, and the winner is sent on to regular sale on the Espionage Cosmetics website.  The loser remains an exclusive wrap just for subscribers.  Each shipment costs $15 per month on a month-to-month basis, plus shipping, and since the wraps each cost $10-12 online, the value of the shipment definitely exceeds the cost.  Plus, there’s the fact that you get exclusive access to new nail wraps each month.  In case you’re thinking about subscribing, check out the link below!

Espionage Cosmetics Nexus February 2018

Another round of Espionage Cosmetics Nexus is here!  This month’s theme for both the standard and Literary Nexus was, “Voyages,” and having a husband who is a mariner, this was absolutely on point for me!  Above is the standard Nexus shipment which featured two nail wraps, both perfectly on theme.

  • Seashells & Starfish – It’s a pretty blue gradient background with pearlescent seashells and starfish printed on top.  It’s a really pretty design and will  be great for a vacation manicure.
  • That’s Nautical – A glossy nail wrap with ropes, anchors, and ships’ wheels, this features a pretty silver foil accent in the design.  Again, I think this one is going to be brought along on vacation this summer!

Nexus Literary this month on the same “Voyages” theme, featured two nail wraps that may be in my top 10 of all time.  I love that they include a bookmark every month with the Literary subscription too.  I’ve really been loving the Literary subscription – it’s such a great book nerdy addition to the Nexus lineup!

  • Odysseus’ Journey – Well I think it’s obvious this refers to the Odyssey by Home, the classic Greek epic poem.  I’m so in love with the color palette on this between the silver accented words and the wave design.
  • Voyages Extraordinaires – Another great fit to the theme, this design is based on the book of the same name by Jules Verne.  Tentacles frame the top of a few wraps with bronze accents on some of the words, and the accent wraps are blue waves with glitter.

Each shipment costs $15 per month on a month-to-month basis, plus shipping.  An online vote goes on to pick the winner of each shipment which then goes on to fame and glory for regular sale on the Espionage Cosmetics website.  The wraps individually cost $10-12 online, so the value of the shipment absolutely exceeds the cost, plus the ‘loser’ after voting each month is an exclusive that won’t be available to the general public.  There’s also a chance to add on a booster pack exclusive nail wrap that goes along with that month’s theme which I didn’t do this month (because I forgot, oops!).
In case you’re thinking about subscribing, check out the link below!

Espionage Cosmetics Nexus January 2018

The first Espionage Cosmetics Nexus shipments of the year have arrived!  The theme was, “Court of Fairies” and up above is the regular Nexus shipment.  Espionage Cosmetics recently launched a new Literary Nexus shipment, so you know I signed up for both because BOOKS.  But first, Standard Nexus!

  • Faerie Lace – On the top, with the tagline, “Woven with Magic,” these wraps are indeed woven with glow in the dark magic!  They’re a black lace design with little faeries in the corners, and they’re clear so you can use a colored nail polish underneath.  They’re so pretty and subtly nerdy, I just love them!
  • Neverland Fairies – I think it’s pretty obvious this means Tinkerbell!  And it’s absolutely precisely Tinkerbell.  I mean, how can you have a theme about Fairies and not include Tinkerbell, right?!  And, all that glitter, just as I’d expect from both EC and a nail wrap featuring that famous gal.

So, this is the Nexus Literary shipment also from January with the same theme.  Rightfully so, they include a bookmark that goes with the theme.

  • Wedded to Hippolyta – On the top with a quote by Puck from A Midsummer Nights Dream, these Literary wraps are perrrrfect!  The text glows in the dark and I love how they mix in the text and artwork to create a full set of nail wraps.  Also, Shakespeare!  And a badass woman.  I wasn’t able to figure out what painting the non-text wraps came from, but it works with the text.
  • Peter and Wendy – “Made of Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust,” in another nod to Peter Pan, these wraps feature a silver foil accent with silver glittery stars.  I just love the color palette on these with the dark blues and silver.  Pure magic!

So, that wraps up January’s theme!  I absolutely love all four nail wraps between the regular Nexus and the Literary Nexus.  I’m pretty sure my next manicure is going to be Neverland Fairies because it feels more and more like spring and that huge dose of glitter content is just the happiness I need in my life right now.  In case you’re thinking about subscribing, check out the link below!

Espionage Cosmetics Nexus – November 2017

Another round of the Espionage Cosmetics Nexus has arrived!  November’s theme was “Food Fight” so I guessed that donuts would somehow be incorporated and was indeed right, but I love the tie-in to the Simpsons too (DOUBLE BONUS NERD CONTENT!).

D’oh!nuts – I LOVE THESE!  Okay, so normally I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I absolutely have to approve of it here.  I mean, it’s a glittery pink donut with sprinkles on a yellow background.  What’s not to love?!
Sushi Party – Sushi and I don’t get along since fish and I don’t get along, so while sushi isn’t my thing (I mean, I wish it was – bite size food is most excellent), I really adore these happy face little sushi nail wraps.

Total cuteness overload on both of these!  I think my voting choice is easy this month though – definitely the D’oh!nuts!!  The cost of this subscription is $15 (plus shipping) per month on a month-to-month basis and since each nail wrap retails for $20, the value definitely exceeds the cost.  If you’re thinking about subscribing, click through my referral link here to check it out!