One Local Summer 2012 – Week 21


Just something simple for this week.  I’ve had an overload of tomatoes and STILL zucchini from the garden, so I figured I’d go with it.  The sauce is the 4th batch from the tomatoes we grew, and the zucchini, I can’t even count how many pounds I’ve eaten this year, not to mention the pounds of zucchini that I’ve given to friends and neighbors!  The pasta is home made, using the same recipe I always use – 1 cup flour to 1/4th cup liquid (water in this case).  With this post, I’m finally caught up on my backlog of posts and we’re nearing the end of our local summer.  There are still a few good weeks left – all the fall squashes are coming out, but it’s slowing down a bit.  I’m not sure if my zucchini plant is aware of this though.

Pasta with Roasted Zucchini:
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour – Mill at Anselma
Tomato Sauce – Tomatoes from our Garden
Onion – Jack’s Farm
Zucchini – Our Garden
Non local – salt, olive oil, pepper

One Local Summer 2011 – Week 18


This one was pretty simple. We were getting ready for vacation and I had little time to get something together, so I went with what I’d already stashed in the freezer. The pasta was made a while back and frozen, the sausage was frozen as well, and the peppers and tomatoes came from the garden. Pretty simple, but it counts as local, and even super local considering the maybe 100ft walk from the house to the garden.

Pasta with Peppers and Tomatoes:
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour – Mill at Anselma
Peppers – My Garden
Tomatoes – My Garden
Chicken Sausage – Mountain View Poultry
Non Local – Olive Oil

One Local Summer 2011 – Week 7


Okay, I know I say this every week, but, I REALLY made a good one here.  It’s no secret that I love garlic scapes, the spirally green vegetation that grows above the garlic bulb.  In order to get a proper garlic harvest, the green shoots need to be cut back to allow the garlic bulb to grow and harden.  Those shoots, or scapes, are gently garlicky, and can be cooked up much like scallions.  After a little googling last week to find other uses for garlic scapes, I came to a brilliant conclusion.  Garlic scapes could be steamed and blenderized and then used to make pasta (why no, I haven’t been on a pasta kick either), and then topped with a garlic scape pesto.  That’s exactly what I did.  I steamed the garlic scapes for about 10 minutes.  Then, using a stick blender, added in a little of the water from the steam pot, and blended until I got a thick slurry of garlic scapes.  Made and rolled the pasta using about 1/4th cup of the garlic scape slurry instead of water and allowed that to rest while I cooked up zucchini, diced scapes (yes, ALL THE SCAPES!), spring onions, and some crimini mushrooms along with pork sausage.  The remaining garlic scape slurry was given a boost of smoked sea salt and a little olive oil to make the pesto sauce.  Boiled the pasta, threw some sauce on top, added the sausage and vegetables to the plate, and there was dinner!  A little chunk of cheese on the side of the plate finished off dinner – which, I’ve just finished off dinner as I’ve been sitting here typing this up for you, it was THAT GOOD.

Garlic Scape Pasta with Sausage and Vegetables:
Garlic Scapes – Jack’s Farm & North Star Orchards
Crimini Mushrooms – Oley Valley Mushrooms
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour – Mill at Anselma
Zucchini – North Star Orchards
Spring Onions – Jack’s Farm
Pork Sausage – Countrytime Farm
Smoked Sea Salt – Pureblend Teas
Fat Cat Cheese – Birchrun Hills
Non Local – Olive Oil

One Local Summer – Week 21


The husband has returned home and planted himself in the kitchen. I can’t say I mind, when the result is an amazing crock pot meal. He took a Bison chuck roast out of the freezer and threw in all manner of vegetables and fruit that I had from the farmer’s markets and came up with something AMAZING. The bison was SO tender after cooking for five hours and the way the flavors blended together was really a work of art. I think I’m still in a food coma over this one!  It was all served over some home made noodles using Whole Wheat Pastry flour and Buckwheat flour from the Mill at Anselma.

Crock Pot Bison Roast:
Bison Chuck Roast – Backyard Bison
Onion – North Star Orchard
Purple Potatoes – Unknown Vendor at Anselma
Apples – North Star Orchard
Noodles – Egg from Mt View Organics, Flour from the Mill at Anselma, Buckwheat flour from the Mill at Anselma
Peppers – My Garden
Wine – Paradocx
Beer – Homebrew Imperial Blonde
Sage – My Garden
Cilantro – My Garden
Basil – My Garden
Non-Local – Spices