One Local Summer 2013 – Week 12


I’m sort of split on this one.  I had a great idea, it just ended up being poorly executed mostly due to a bad recipe.  Yep, that’s supposed to be a taco shell.  Unfortunately, I used this recipe, instead of the one I had used before, and got what’s basically a cornmeal crepe instead of a hard taco shell.  It leaks, doesn’t hold together, and it basically rubbish.  Everything else was great though – the ground pork came out great, the squash was wonderful, the fruit sweet, and the sheep’s milk feta cheese!  YUM!  Oh well, at least I know better for next time!  A quick note on the nectarine and plum – our local orchard was hit by a hail storm earlier this season and fruit has been pretty scarce in comparison with prior years.  They put up a sign on their fruit bins at the market that the fruit is, “Hail kissed but still delicious!”  It makes me laugh every time, and they’re right.  Visual imperfections don’t make the fruit taste any different.

Pork Tacos and Fruit:
Cantaloupe – Brogue Hydroponics
Nectarine – North Star Orchard
Plum – North Star Orchard
Egg – Deep Roots Valley Farm
Flour – Mill at Anselma
Cornmeal – Mill at Anselma
Squash – Maysie’s Farm
Ground Pork – Bendy Brook Farm
Onion – Maysie’s Farm
Tomato – Maysie’s Farm
Sheep’s Milk Feta – King’s Creamery
Lettuce – Brogue Hydroponics
Non Local – olive oil, salt, pepper, taco seasoning

One Local Summer 2012 – Week 13


Time is really getting away from me this summer. Is it really week 13 already? And to think that I was considering not doing this!  Local meals can be breakfast too, and this is pretty much what breakfast looks like every morning.  Some sort of meat, an egg, fruit, and a seriously not local but very necessary double shot of espresso.  The meat is a pork roll, or if you’re from New Jersey, Taylor Ham.  Both are cooked up in a little pan, and I usually just crack the egg over the pork roll and let them cook together, but I figured to make it look nice, I’d do them separately this time.  Our local orchard has had an abundance of fruit from plums to nectarines, peaches and even the first apples of the season!  And that coffee, well if you’re a coffee drinker, you know.

Ham and Eggs with Plums:
Pork Roll – Countrytime Farm
Egg – Mt View Organics
Plums – North Star Orchard
Non Local – Coffee

OLS: Week 12


We had a sort of hectic week, but I still managed to get a local meal in.  There was a party at the house last night, and I managed to get up in the morning and throw together some pancakes (quickly becoming a favorite around here) with some fresh plums from the farmer’s market.  Ingredients are the same as Week 9, but with no blackberries this time.  The plums were sliced and plopped on the griddle to warm up, then put in a bowl with some maple syrup and cinnamon while the pancakes were being made.  The tartness of the slightly under-ripe plums worked really well with the sweetness of the maple syrup and the whole thing was just plain delightful, receiving rave reviews from the guests who stayed over for the night.  Non-local ingredients include cinnamon, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and sugar.
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour – Mill at Anselma
Egg – Mt. View Organics
Goat’s Milk Yogurt – Shellbark Hollow Farm
Plums – North Star Orchard
Maple Syrup – Miller’s Maple