One Local Summer 2013 – Week 5


Another week down.  This week’s inspiration came from a few different sources.  I want to say it was on Google+ that I heard someone talking about putting chicken in the crock pot and then shredding it like pulled pork.  Brilliant!  I found cabbage at the farmer’s market and decided to combine the two to make cabbage wraps.  Pitas or other types of wraps won’t be local so this is my substitute for wraps.  Works WAY better than lettuce since lettuce can be a little fragile, but the cabbage held up really well.  Sugar snap peas are a big favorite around here and we tend to just eat them raw (and they disappear quickly that way).  The chicken was stuffed in the crock pot with some homebrew beer and spicy peanut satay-like sauce for a few hours, until it shredded apart easily.  The drink in the back (frozen fruit smoothie) is not local, but it was a part of dinner, so I let it hang out in the photo anyway.  We had a lovely bit of weather this week, so dinner was outside on the patio.

Cabbage Wraps:
Cabbage – Charlestown Farm
Zucchini – Jack’s Farm
Garlic Scapes – Jack’s Farm
Fat Cat Cheese – Birchrun Hills
Chicken – Deep Roots Valley Farm
Non Local – Sauce, beer

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