One Local Summer 2012 – Week 13


Time is really getting away from me this summer. Is it really week 13 already? And to think that I was considering not doing this!  Local meals can be breakfast too, and this is pretty much what breakfast looks like every morning.  Some sort of meat, an egg, fruit, and a seriously not local but very necessary double shot of espresso.  The meat is a pork roll, or if you’re from New Jersey, Taylor Ham.  Both are cooked up in a little pan, and I usually just crack the egg over the pork roll and let them cook together, but I figured to make it look nice, I’d do them separately this time.  Our local orchard has had an abundance of fruit from plums to nectarines, peaches and even the first apples of the season!  And that coffee, well if you’re a coffee drinker, you know.

Ham and Eggs with Plums:
Pork Roll – Countrytime Farm
Egg – Mt View Organics
Plums – North Star Orchard
Non Local – Coffee

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