Stitch Fix August 2017

Stitch Fix August 2017

This is my sixth Stitch Fix, and it arrived just this week.  Since I’m catching up, I’m posting both July and August on the same day while I’ve got some spare time to do some blogging.  Lana was my stylist again and wrote me a note about her choices.

Hi Melissa!  I can’t wait to see a picture of you in those blue jeans from your last Fix – I am so happy you enjoyed them!  In your last request, you asked for more casual pieces, and since you’ve been loving the skinny pant trend, I thought you might want to try the Level + cargo pants.  They are a nice alternative to jeans and will look fabulous with the Papermoon striped top and some sandals for summer.  Fall is right around the corner, so as it cools down, add the 41 Hawthorn open cardigan and some short booties; you can also wear the outfit now indoors where it’s air-conditioned.  The Skies are Blue tie front top will also look chic with your new pants.  I’ve also chosen the Bay to Baubles fringe pendant which will add length to an outfit.  It looks great with a dress, or a simple top and jeans to add a little something special.  XO Lana

I know fashion “seasons” tend to run a month or two ahead of the actual season, so I’m not surprised to see Fall items even though it’s still in the 80s and humid outside.  I mean, winter is coming eventually, but it sure doesn’t feel like it right now!  So, out of the box, I have to admit, I’m not sure I would’ve actually pulled any of these items off a rack in a store and tried them on, and even opening the box, I was kind of skeptical about how many I’d keep.  Then I tried them on.  I looked in the mirror and thought, “Hey, I could pass for an actual adult, not some college-aged slob,” which was basically the point at which I knew I was keeping everything.  I mean, sure, I’m 37, but not having a traditional office job for the last 10 years means my wardrobe has shifted.  A lot.  And, when I shop for myself, I buy things that are decent enough mostly because they’re on the 70% off clearance rack and not because they’re great pieces that look fantastic on – they’re okay enough for the price.  My stylist, Lana, actually takes the time to pick out pieces that she thinks will look good on and that go together well; something I’m just not great at doing for myself.  Yes, the Stitch Fix prices are higher than I’ll pay for clothes when I shop by myself, but I’m finding more and more that the crappy clearance stuff I buy ends up in the back of the closet while I wear my Stitch Fix stuff right away.  Anyway, on to the box!

Item: Skies are Blue Deliana Tie Front Top
Item: Level + Sybil Cargo Skinny Pant
Cost: $88
Paired With: 
Flats (mine)
Okay, so I’ll admit that when I first pulled the pants out of the box and saw the zip detail at the bottom of the pant legs, I was a little meh.  Cargo pants are awesome, but I wasn’t so sold on the zipper, and since they’re skinny jeans, I can’t see actually using the cargo pockets since they’d bulge out funny if you put anything in them (I know, welcome to The Futility of Pockets on Womens Clothing 101).  I tried them on right away, and was still skeptical since I felt like they were a bit of a slimmer fit and didn’t feel like they looked as flattering.  Two days passed, and as I put on this outfit for the photos, all of a sudden they clicked and looked fabulous.  I don’t even know what was up with my brain, writing them off so quickly, but once I saw how Lana had put these two pieces together and how perfectly matched they were, well, I was sold.  They’re two pieces I never would’ve pulled off the rack in a million years, but LOOK AT HOW CUTE!  It’s got just enough preppy to be adorable, but is still laid-back and fun between the cargo pockets and print on the top.  Which, the top!  The print is awesome, has no pink, and is this fun rustic sort of paisley pattern.  I was worried at first that the cut would just be a big old boxy top, but it actually has just enough of a baseball tee sort of shape (curving in just enough at the waist and back out at the hips) that it’s surprisingly flattering.

Item: Papermoon Croydon Knit Top
Item: 41Hawthorn Ajana Open Cardigan
Cost: $98
Item: Bay to Baubles Kenny Fringe Pendant
Cost: $28
Paired With:
Level + Sybil Cargo Skinny Pant (this month’s Fix) and  flats (mine)
This was the outfit that made me feel like an adult.  It’s just SO well put together and fulfills that goal of still being casual without going out in yoga pants.  The stripe top I specifically took a photo without the cardigan because it has this cute little braided detail up the side seams.  The sleeves are just long enough that it covers enough arm for my comfort, so I could easily wear it without the cardigan, making it a great seasonal transition piece.  The cardigan is a perfect fit, falls just to the end of the top, and is so cozy and perfectly up my style alley.  Plus, I mean, it’s blue, so you basically can’t go wrong there!  It pairs well with the other top too which shows just how well thought-out this entire Fix was.  The necklace, which I neglected to get a close up of, is silver and pretty long, with seven little ‘fringe’ bars that hang down in a triangle shape (I did find a close-up someone else took here).  I don’t think I have a necklace quite as long and I know I have a few tops and dresses this will pair with nicely, so it’s a keeper too.

I know I usually post more photos and try to tie in pieces from my wardrobe, but I almost didn’t have the heart to this time since this was just so perfect as a package deal.  I know I have other tops that will go with the pants, and you know I’m itching to throw a red cardigan over that striped top because it’s just begging for it.  I’ve also got a great pair of boots that will go with the pants, and now that I’m sitting here doing the write-up, I’m mentally sorting through my closet going OH, YEAH, that’ll work too!  The total for the box came to $260.  The buy 5, 25% discount took off $65 which is $1 less than the cost of the necklace and striped top combined, so it really was a no-brainer when it came to whether or not I’d keep everything (which, I loved everything anyway, so the discount is a nice bonus!).  T-Mobile offered a code the other week for $25 off at Stitch Fix, so my $20 styling fee was covered plus an extra $5, so the final cost of the box came to $170 for five pieces.  Next month is September, so we’ll be into full swing with my favorite part of the year, Fall and Winter, so I’m looking forward to see what Lana will pick for me next!  In case you’re thinking about trying Stitch Fix and want to give me a little love, here’s my referral link!

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