Just a Light Snack

Just a Light Snack


Sometimes, all you really want for dinner is a juicy tomato and some cheese.   You don’t?   Well, I DO!   The tomatoes are black tomatoes which didn’t really turn out as deep and dark as I had hoped, but they are still this gorgeous chocolatey red color inside and have this incredibly soft texture like velvet.   The color in the picture is pretty accurate on my PC.   Surprisingly, these fared rather well in spite of the awful blight this year (my roma tomatoes have been completely decimated), but they definitely aren’t sauce tomatoes since they’re pretty juicy and high in water content.   But, that does make them perfect for slicing up with some smoked mozzarella cheese, a little basil, and some balsamic vinegar for an evening snack.

While the tomato crop hasn’t done so well, the peppers have COMPLETELY made up for it.   I have jalapeno, anaheim, and banana peppers out the wazoo.   I’m totally running out of ideas for them at this point and need help.   So, help?

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