Sock Knitting Workshop – The Pattern

Sock Knitting Workshop – The Pattern

So the sock knitting workshop came and went, and the participants are knitting away on their socks.  I love seeing everyone’s photos of their socks in progress!

I figured I’d take the pattern and make it free and available for download.

Workshop Participants: I made a few changes (added in some helpful tips that we went over in class), so feel free to download and use this copy.

Click the image to the left to access the PDF pattern file.


    1. Sheetar

      Hi! You can download the pattern from the page by clicking on the image in the post. The workshop was in person and there is nothing to send for the workshop itself, just the sock pattern.

  1. Susie Q in pa

    do you have a tutorial on short row heel? I like this heel fit and toe up. thanks for your sock info. I still find knitting socks daunting and have one sock syndrome. lol

    1. Sheetar

      Hi! Sorry, I don’t have a tutorial for short-row heels or toe-up socks. I’m sure there are plenty of patterns on that could help though. I pretty much knit all my socks cuff down, haha but I totally understand second sock syndrome!

    2. Kris

      I never thought I would even try knitting socks because I’m a new knitter. But I took a workshop at a local yarn shop on knitting 2 socks at once, cuff down, on circular needles. I made myself a pair of socks that fit me like a glove :-D. If I can do it, anyone can!! It’s the only way I would ever do socks again too, because I can guarantee that if I knit one sock at a time, I’d never knit a pair! Plus, when knitting 2 at a time, your tension is the same in both and you know they’re the same – no extra rows in one sock because you lost count 🙂

      1. Sheetar

        Fortunately, there are about a dozen different ways to do everything in knitting! I prefer to knit my socks one at a time, but I’m glad you found a method that works well for you. 🙂

  2. Sandra Franklin

    I’ve tried clicking on the image, no pattern to download.

    I’ve gone to Ravelry and can’t find the pattern there either.

    How do I find a pattern to download as PDF

  3. Marlene Bailey

    What an awesome pattern I have a toddler(2) grandson and one little grand daughter on the way. I would LOVE this pattern. When I download it to print it ,it is very fuzzy. Is this a free pattern.Kind Regards Marlene

    1. Sheetar

      Yes, it’s a free pattern. You might have better luck saving the PDF (right click save, or long press, save/download on a mobile device) instead of viewing it through your browser. I just double checked and it downloaded fine for me.

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