Coal Miners on the way home

Coal Miners on the way home


Written on the back, “Herb & D. Alexander on the way home”

From the handwriting, I can tell that my great grandmother labelled the photo, in part, long after it was taken – the style on the top line is a crisp, clean sort of penmanship, and the, “on the way home,” is written in her rather shaky handwriting from when she was older. The back of the photo is set up like a postcard, and the area where the stamp is supposed to be placed can be used to date the photo. This one has “NOKO” stamped on it, which indicates the date is between 1907 and 1920.  This resource  is REALLY helpful for dating photo postcards.  I’d put the date closer to the 1920 end of the date range since Herb, Alfred Herbert Powis (my great-grand uncle), was born in 1892 and died in 1926.  As for D. Alexander, I’ve got no idea!  Herb lived in Beccaria, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, but I don’t know which mine this is.  It is pretty neat to see these two, dirty from working in the mine, riding a mine cart on their way out, ready to go home.  This is just one of many, MANY photos from an old trunk, and hopefully I’ll be posting more soon!


  1. lynzie powis

    This is cool to see. My name is Lynzie Powis and I have family that were raised in Richeyville, PA. I’m sending this to my great-uncle, who is the genealogist of our side of the family. I hope to find more pictures you have posted of the Powis’!!

    1. Sheetar

      I don’t think we’re related – I don’t know any members of the Powis family who ended up in Richeyville. Alfred, my great-great grandfather, was actually adopted by a couple with the surname Powis in Englad, so my relation to any Powis outside my direct line wouldn’t be by blood. Please do encourage your great uncle to contact me though! There may be a few Powises I have missed.

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