Sepia Saturday 237: Ballet Dancers, art, poses, chiffon

Sepia Saturday 237: Ballet Dancers, art, poses, chiffon



This was another tough theme for me – there are no ballet dancers or artful poses in my collection of family photos.  This was the closest I could find to fit the theme, using the chiffon part.  The image above is of an unknown woman named Ann.  I have no other details about who she is and can’t seem to match her to any family member.  I have a hunch that this might be Anna Plansky, Earl Powis’ first wife, but can’t be sure since there aren’t many photos of her in the collection to compare with.  There’s no photographer studio listed on the photo and no other details to narrow down who she is, just a quick note, “With Love, Ann,” at the bottom of the cardboard photo holder.  The shoes make me think this is somewhere in the 1920s (love those pretty t-strap shoes!).  Going on the assumption that this might be Anna Plansky, she was 28 when she married Earl in 1920, which fits pretty well.  Despite all my hunches there’s no way to prove the woman in the photo is or isn’t Anna Plansky!  I have to admit that while I love going through these photos from the trunk of family pictures, it does sort of pain me a bit that we can’t connect a good number of them to anyone because there were no names/labels on the backs of the photos.  I would LOVE to connect this photo to living descendants and share the find with them, but without names/labels, its really impossible.



  1. Alan Burnett

    I know what you mean about the pain of such good old photos without them having names or dates or subjects. But who knows, now that they have been shown to the world, perhaps the information will come.

  2. Little Nell

    Good luck with matching those pictures – it’s quite a challenge. We’re happy that you can join us on Sepia Saturday and there really is no need to theme – just post your old photos which we love to see.

    Could I ask that you consider removing Captcha coding from your site; we’ve just about managed to eliminate it from Sepia Saturday now and you’ll find people are more likely to comment if they don’t have to jump through extra hoops.

    Marilyn (admin)

    1. Sheetar

      Hi Marilyn! Thanks for the comment 🙂 I do enjoy the challenge of the theme and it gives me a chance to stretch and see what I’ve got to fit in and go along. They’re usually broad enough that I can find something and make it work.

      In regards to Captcha, I had been getting over 100 spam comments a day and adding captcha cut it back drastically. While I’d love to make it easier for folks to comment, it’s not realistic for me to be sorting through hundreds of comments to find the precious few that are from real people. I did find a conditional captcha plugin that may still work. I’ll give it a test and see how it goes!

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