Sepia Saturday 270: Puppies, Air Crew, Hugs

Sepia Saturday 270: Puppies, Air Crew, Hugs

When I first saw the prompt image for this week in the “Coming Soon” lineup on Sepia Saturday, I immediately knew which image to share this week.  It’s almost uncanny how similar the photos are, from the person in uniform to the dog and everything!  Unfortunately, I have no idea who the man was.  I posted on Google Plus to see if someone might be able to identify his rank and unit from the patches on his sleeve in hopes of narrowing it down.  Sure enough, a helpful community member was able to tell me he was Army, an E5 (Sergeant), and the patch was for the 3rd Army Corps.  Location?  Likely central Pennsylvania, somewhere near Clearfield or Altoona, but I can’t be sure where since there’s no identifying information on any of the photos.  A wikipedia article points to the reference that there was a 3rd Army Corps area that included Pennsylvania.  These photos were taken around 1945 (one of them is dated), so it fits the dates for the WWII organizational structure.  That same man appears in a photo with my great grandma Olga (Powis) Kitko with a very faint label on the back, “Joe thinks picture is good,” so I have to wonder if she they were perhaps romantically involved.  My grandpa Leon would’ve been 12 in 1945, and his father had disappeared shortly after he was born around 1933, but Olga’s divorce didn’t finalize till 1946.  If they were somehow involved, he didn’t stick around long since I don’t remember him and neither does my dad.  There are only a dozen or so  photos of him from just around 1945.

Wouldn’t you know it though, puppies grow into dogs…  That may be the puppy’s mother though since the markings are different enough, but it’s hard to tell since puppies can grow up to look so different!




    1. Sheetar


      I really love Google+ as opposed to Facebook. The big difference is that on Facebook I feel obligated to be friends with high school classmates that I haven’t seen in nearly 20 years, whereas on Google+, I feel like I can reach out and follow new people I don’t know based on common interests. I’ve definitely gained more meaningful “internet friends” on Google+ because G+ encourages circling based on interests instead of only friending people you know as you do on Facebook. I very rarely log onto Facebook anymore, but I’m on G+ all the time!

    1. Sheetar

      I have to agree, the more I look at it.. Also, considering the short time range for the photos (under a year), the grown dog is more likely the puppy’s mother or father.

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