2015 Blogging Year in Review

2015 Blogging Year in Review

2015 annual report

With some help from the Jetpack help team, I finally have my Annual Report from Jetpack/Wordpress.  Somehow it didn’t generate automatically, but the admins pushed it through!  2015 was overall a better year, but again not without loss (two cousins on the husband’s side), and more uncertainty with husband’s job which is a rather big worry at the moment.  For the good, we had a nice trip to New Hampshire in the early part of the year, and another to Holland in the fall (that I still have yet to blog about, oops).  I had all kinds of photography jobs this year from band concerts to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, babies, families, and birthday parties.  Our dogs are still around at 12 years old, though they sleep a little more than they used to (but hey, who doesn’t love a good old dog who snores an awful lot?!).  I knit a little less, we homebrewed more, harvested tons of grapes and peaches from our yard, had some fantastic gatherings with friends and family, started beekeeping, and found  new genealogical connections.

2015?  Not bad!  Looking forward to see what 2016 has in store for us!

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