Sepia Saturday 315

Sepia Saturday 315

Our prompt image this week featured a kitchen and oven  showing off fresh baked goods.  I really have nothing precisely like it, but I do have some more recent photos that show the aftermath of cooking, the cleaning!  Going to a rather not-sepia zone this week, we have two photos of dishwashers.  In about 1984, Bouwe Jaarsma and his wife Baukje Zijlstra came to the USA to visit Bouwe’s siblings, one of whom was my husband’s grandfather, Doede Jaarsma.  At some point during their visit, after a meal, they jumped right in and started washing dishes.  This is a scan from a pile of negatives, so the quality isn’t terrific, but it’s a wonderful, candid snapshot of their visit.  Even though they were the guests, they ended up (whether voluntary or assigned) the task of washing dishes that evening.  Even though not Sepia, it still fits in nicely with the theme and lets me connect a few genealogical dots in these recently scanned photos!

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