Sepia Saturday 334

Sepia Saturday 334

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Only a day late which isn’t too bad for Sepia Saturday given how busy this week was!  Our prompt image this week featured a man jumping over a towel held by two women.  I went with the jumping part of the photo and found these ladies in my stash of family photos.

Going Left to Right, we have…

  • Laura Esther Johnson, born 7 March 1905, died 25 June 2006.  First wife of Harry Oscar “Fritz” Powis, married 12 March 1926.
  • Olga Mary Louise Powis (my great grandmother), born 27 August 1900, died 29 July 1987.  Sister-in-Law to the other girls in the photo.
  • Goldie Patchin, born 19 March 1893, died 13 March 1975.  Wife of Alfred Herbert Powis who died 6 July 1926.
  • Irma Catherine McGarvey, born 2 December 1910, died 4 November 1976.  First wife of Waldo Orvis “Jack” Powis, married 10 April 1926.  I’m pretty sure that’s her – I only have one other photo of her to compare to, but the timing is just right for her to be included in this photo.

The back of the photo reads, “What you can see so much of us bloomers.  Har Ha.”  Then there’s an errant “One” or “On ‘E'” at the bottom – it’s hard to tell which it is.  With two  weddings and a funeral in one year, the family was together often, so I have to imagine this was taken sometime during 1926 or possibly a year before or after.  The smile on Olga’s face is just delightful, and it’s pretty amazing given the cameras of the time that they were able to capture the girls in midair.  The photographer was likely one of Olga’s brothers or possibly a parent.  You can see Olga’s bloomers peeking out of the bottom of her dress, and Goldie’s dress appears to be an olive print which I’m rather smitten with.  It’s just such a joyful photo, and I’m glad the girls stopped to take that photo and that it survived about 90  years at this point!


  1. La Nightingail

    What a bunch of fun, happy-go-lucky gals they appear to be in that moment the photograph was taken. One might hope they were sort of like that all the time?

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