This is a little late going online, but I think the Loot4Fangirls crate is still available, so  for $65, you can get this awesome haul.  If you want to use my referral link, click here!

I have a current subscription to LootCrate already, but lately have been skipping months that aren’t interesting to me.  I’ll admit that my interest in geeky and nerdy fandoms is fairly narrow and specific, so the regular monthly LootCrates don’t always appeal to me, but it’s awesome to have the option to skip a month once the theme and franchises are revealed.  I really love that LootCrate gives their subscribers that option.  Anyway, once they announced the Loot4Fangirls, I KNEW I was going to be in, no matter what was inside.  Geeky ladies are really starting to have bunches of products just for them in the world of nerdery, so it’s exciting to see LootCrate put together a box just for us!  The dress alone would probably retail for about $45 based on other Her Universe dresses, so I know the value exceeds the cost of the box which, as a pre-order, cost me $54.99 plus shipping for a total of $58.29.

DSC_5912 DSC_5915

Women of Marvel Skater Dress by Her Universe – I was so glad to see this come in plus sizes.  I ended up sizing up from my normal size and while the fit wasn’t perfect (too big on the top but the bottom half was fine), it’s the same level of imperfect fit I have with all commercial clothing.  Apparently plus size gals are supposed to have err, huge tracts of land, and since I don’t, there’s a lot of excess fabric in the top that leads to gaping at the armholes and a waist that falls three inches below where it should.  It’s a fairly easy fix for a nerd who also sews (take up the straps and a little bit in at the arm holes), so all in all, this worked out just fine and I’m super thrilled to have this included in the box!  The fabric is a decent weight too and super comfortable with a pair of leggings.  What a perfect print to have on a dress for a Fangirls box.

DSC_5942 DSC_5946

Borderlands Nail Wraps by  Espionage Cosmetics – A brand I know and love, Espionage Cosmetics has largely replaced nail polish for me, so it’s great to see a nail wrap from them included in this box.  While I’ve never played the Borderlands games before, this design, Moxxi, is exclusive to the box, super pretty AND glows in the dark.  With a good top coat, the nail wraps typically last just about two weeks for me and have the bonus effect of keeping my nails protected and making them stronger in the long run.

DSC_5938 DSC_5939

DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Mini-Figure by Cryptozoic Entertainment – Exclusive to the Loot4Fangirls box was this cute Wonder Woman figure with metallic details.  The original has yellow accents, but the gold was a special run just for LootCrate.  Wonder Woman was one of my heroes as a girl, so it’s neat to have this figure of her in the box.  The 1940s pin-up styling works really well too and makes this unique in the world of vinyl figures.

DSC_5903 DSC_5922

The Walking Dead Michonne/Carol Charm Wrap Bracelet by Love and Madness – YESS!  One of my favorite shows and I love the charms on this.  It pays homage to two of the toughest women in the show and was a perfect item to add to the box.  The wrap style even has two extra buttons so you can customize the fit which is a nice bonus.

DSC_5916 DSC_5921

Star Trek Uhura Clutch Bag by A Crowded Coop – Probably my favorite item in the entire box, this clutch features the Star Trek 50th anniversary logo and even has a keychain with enamel charms showing Uhura and the Enterprise as well as three little fuzzy tribbles.  Every last little detail on this is PERFECT and I cannot wait to take this out somewhere.


“Fangirls: A Coloring Book For Girls That Like Stuff” by Her Universe Press – Included along with the coloring book, designed by Katie Cook and Ashley Eckstein, was a set of colored pencils.  It’s a substantial book with over 50 coloring pages of all types of fangirls and their interests.  The addition of the colored pencils was a really nice touch!


The product sheet  also included four stickers which was a nice little bonus, including  a nod to Captain Marvel with the quote on the bottom center sticker.

Overall, I’m really happy with what arrived and would definitely be in for another Fangirls box from LootCrate.  I’d probably even be interested in a Fangirls monthly box from LootCrate if they can swing it since this was really spectacular!  Maybe even a quarterly thing?  C’mon LootCrate!

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