Sepia Saturday 343-d

Sepia Saturday 343-d


This is the final week of the theme for 343, “Work and Play,” and I’ve really run out of steam on this one.  I found one of a young girl that mostly fits in, so we’re going with that!  Pictured above is Sarah Berger, and I know that because someone thoughtfully decided to label the back of the photo!  I didn’t have much to start with other than her name, but assuming she lived near my great grandmother Olga in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, I started searching for Sarahs that may fit the bill.  I stumbled upon a Sarah Berger living with her parents and grandmother at age 15 in the same town as my great grandma.  That had to be her!  A little more sleuthing and I found that Sarah Berger was born 1 Jun 1914 and died 2 Mar 1989.  She married Mirrel Yingling aon 7 Oct 1935 and had one son, Edward Yingling.  In the photo above, you can see she’s standing in front of a little scooter style tricycle which makes this fit into the play category.  I’m not sure who took the photo – it could’ve been Olga or it could’ve been her parents and a copy later shared with Olga.  I know Olga kept photos of a number of kids from the neighborhood, so it’s neat to finally learn a little more about the gal pictured in this one!


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