RetroCon 2016

RetroCon 2016

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For the first time ever, I went to a convention.  No, not a stuffy work thing, but a super fun convention all about retro shows and characters and really everything from my childhood.  It just so happens that this particular con, RetroCon, was practically in my backyard, so I really had no excuse!  Plus, I knew a friend who would be going, so it wasn’t like I’d be going by myself to some gigantic convention center (the husband is still at sea), though it turns out, I didn’t really feel alone, not even once, but I’ll get into that later.

Naturally, I brought my camera, and if I got a photo of you, do let me know in the comments!  I had a ton of fun watching the superhero presidential debate and the costume contest on Saturday.  The people  who entered into the contest were  really creative and between the variety of costumes and the incredible creativity, I sat there in awe, sometimes laughing (the family pack of insurance companies was HILARIOUS), watching a parade of characters from Thundercats to He-Man, Tron, Batman, Jem, and so many others.  I took a walk through the vendor tables and saw everything from creative artwork to t-shirts, toys, games, bags, jewelry, you name it!  It got me a good jump on giftmas shopping too.

I’m not sure if this is particular to this con because it’s smaller and retro oriented or if this is a thing that happens at all of them, but I felt really comfortable.  I’ll admit to being a bit socially awkward and shy, especially in a room full of people I don’t know (Hi, I’m an introvert, my idea of fun is curling up with my dogs and my knitting at home instead of being around people).  Somehow, this felt like home and I fit right in, right away.  I got to talk to amazing local artists and crafters who had time to chat about their work and nerdery in general.  I saw all manner of amazing costumes and people who, regardless of shape or size or anything, had truly become their characters and took countless photos with adoring fans and kids and even each other.  I’m not sure why this struck me so hard, but it really hit home, and I kept walking around with a smile on my face all day that I couldn’t shake.  I know all of that sounds like some big and sweeping schmoopy experience, and in a way, it was!  It’s not something I can really put to words since it’s not a feeling I’m used to feeling in big crowds of people, and I liked it.  A++ RetroCon, would Con again.

I’ll be adding more photos to this post as I get them edited and all, so check back here frequently!  I’ll also be putting them on my Instagram, which you can find here.

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