Sepia Saturday 345-b

Sepia Saturday 345-b

Another week of our Sepia Saturday theme, “War and Peace,” and for this week, I have a photo of my grandfather, John Rachocki.  John served in the Army Air Force from 21 July 1941 through 13 Dec 1945 during World War II.  Based on another photo with the same border, I believe this was taken in Texas during training on the early end of his service.  Much like last week’s photo, there are barracks with a wooden walkway between them and while it’s a different branch of service and a different war, it still looks somewhat similar though there’s no laundry line in the background, just a large hangar or warehouse of some sort.  There’s no label on the back, but I’m fairly sure of my assumptions of time and place given that there’s a similar photo in the bunch.  We don’t have all that many photos of grandpa John and seeing him in uniform is a real treat!


  1. La Nightingail

    The photo has such a lonely look to it. A lonely soldier standing amidst lonely buildings. Perhaps it wouldn’t have looked quite so lonely had it been in color. The grayness of it does enhance the loneliness.

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