Medusa’s Makeup December 2016

Medusa’s Makeup December 2016

This is me, still behind.  I feel like the entire month of January just slipped right past me between vacation and gatherings with friends, and I just haven’t quite had time for continuing to catch up with these posts, but hey, here I am now with Medusa’s Makeup from December 2016.

  • With Lash Mascara – 12 mL / $12 – (Full size product)  This was a new item as of this shipment, so it was neat yet again to try something new!  I love the applicator wand and the consistency is just right – not too thick or thin.  It did seem to flake a little too easily and I noticed that the ingredient list contains parabens, so while this isn’t going to replace any of my favorites, it’s fun to get a chance to try it out.
  • Lipstick – 3.5 g / $12 – (Full size product)  The color included was, “Sugar Daddy,” a warm, beigey neutral.  The color doesn’t work with my skin – in fact, it nearly identically matches my skin color, so when I wear it, it blends my lips right into my face.  Not an attractive look, IMHO.  I would’ve loved to see a more wintery rich plum sort of color in here.
  • Glitter – 2 g / $7 – (Full size product)  The color included was, “Gold Digger,” which is a sparkly gold, perfect for New Year’s!  I love using glitter like this as eyeliner, so it was already put to use for New Year’s Eve festivities.
  • Blush – 10 g / $12 – (Full size product)  The color included was, “Dangerous Liaison,” a bright pink, and a color that works well on me since I’m pretty naturally bright rosy pink in my cheeks anyway.  I don’t tend to wear a lot of blush, but will brush some on if I’m using foundation just to brighten me back up, so this will get some use.  Also doubles as a great eyeshadow color.

That’s all!  The total value this month comes to $43 which is great for a shipment that only costs $15.95 including shipping every month.  I’ve been thinking about cancelling this one in the near future since I’m on product overload and while I love Medusa’s Makeup products, I have plenty now!  This box is a great way to work vegan products into your routine, though the only caveat is that a good deal of their products do contain parabens.  January’s shipment just arrived too, so that will be getting posted soon!

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