Medusa’s Makeup January 2017

Medusa’s Makeup January 2017

The first box of the new year from Medusa’s Makeup .. has been here and I’ve been slacking so hard.  I keep saying I need to get my act together and catch up, so here I am again, trying to catch up!  This month was just okay.  I think because I had already gotten the Maracuja Oil before, it felt like I was getting duplicates of stuff I’d received from Medusa’s Makeup before, but really it’s just me subscribing to too many boxes!

  • Lip Gloss – .2 oz / $9 – (Product is full size)  The color received is, “Space Kitten,” a sheer, glittery pink.  The color payoff isn’t huge, but I think it’s meant to just add a little sparkle without being crazy pigmented.  The formula is nice – not sticky, natural, and paraben free!  This is probably going into my everyday bag for when I don’t feel like doing full lipstick but still want to have something on my lips that isn’t lip balm.
  • Eye Glitter – 3 g / $7 – (Product is full size)  The color received is, “Star Struck,” which is a pearlescent glitter with violet iridescence.  I LOVE their glitters and how fine they are, and this is great to go over black eyeliner for that glitter eyeliner look.
  • Eye Dust – 1.5 g / $7 – (Product is full size)  The color received is, “Purple Rain,” which is an iridescent purple, and I KNOW that right now you’re already singing Purple Rain in your head because you just have to.  SUCH a pretty color, and again, I haven’t really ever met an eyeshadow I didn’t like!
  • Maracuja Oil – .34 oz / $9 – (Product is full size)  Also known as Passion fruit seed oil,  I actually received this in the October 2016 Benevolent Beauty Box.  It’s not an issue since it’s not a dupe for Medusa’s Makeup, and of course I don’t mind getting more of this amazing oil.  It soaks into my dry skin SO lightning fast and leaves behind no greasy or oily residue.  The scent is lightly nutty, but rather pleasant, I think.

Overall the value comes to $32 which is about double the subscription price of $15.95.  That works for me!  I’ll use everything in the box, and the value is pretty much on par with previous shipments.  Looking forward to next (this?) month!

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