The Fighting XX Corps

The Fighting XX Corps

It’s not exactly the right season right now, but this was a little unique piece of history I only found one other place online, so it seemed like a good idea to post it!  The image is a piece of World War II history, issuing Season’s Greetings from the Fighting XX Corps.  Now, I’m not a military historian at all, but Wikipedia has an article for that!  On the back, my grandpa John noted,

This is a card my brother Stanley sent me, a Christmas card from the outfit he is in, some card isn’t it?

I know Stanley served in the military, but I couldn’t verify via available records which exact division or corps he served in while overseas.  The shield on the soldier’s back matches the insignia on the Wikipedia page, and the date on the card shows 1944 which all lines up with the details in the Wiki article.  There’s also another history page about the XX corps here (link to page) that contains what I assume are personal photos from a soldier in the corps.  Again, I’m not a military history buff, so I’m more just posting this to be digitally preserved or in case someone interested in military history finds it interesting.  Grandpa definitely sent this to grandma who preserved it in her scrapbook as part of a wide variety of postcards and tidbits he sent her while he was away with the Army Air Force.

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