Reese’s Johnny Bar

Reese’s Johnny Bar

Trying to get back into regular blogging this year, so here’s another item from Grandma’s scrap book.  It’s a Reese’s Johnny Bar wrapper from probably about 1941 based on the other items on the same page (dated postcards in particular).  I couldn’t find a whole lot on the internet about this, nor could I find another photo of the wrapper anywhere.  There’s a Wikipedia article about H.B. Reese who created the bars and named this one after his son – a companion bar to the Lizzie Bar, named after his daughter.  The difference between the two bars was that the Johnny bar contained nuts (you have to laugh, it’s just too funny).  The bar was made at the H.B. Reese candy co in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and was probably one of the last few Johnny bars made before being discontinued in 1942 due to wartime rationing in favor of producing only their best seller, the peanut butter cup.

The full ingredient list:
Fresh Cocoanut [sic], corn syrup, cane sugar, creamery butter, molasses, freshly roasted peanuts, milk chocolate, salt.

Why grandma saved this may remain a mystery.  It’s on a page that also includes a ticket stub for an airplane flight she took with her then boyfriend (later husband), a bingo ticket, postcards, and a few newspaper articles.  I suppose the most likely reason she saved this is that grandpa bought it for her or they shared it on a date or something like that.  Whatever the reason, it was a neat piece to find in the scrapbook, even if I’ll never know why she held on to it!

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