Beccaria Township High School Commencement 1942

Beccaria Township High School Commencement 1942

Saved in Grandma’s scrapbook is this commencement program from 1942 for the Beccaria Township High School in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.  I don’t recognize any of the names as being relatives, but they were possibly friends from the nearby area where she grew up.  The text of the program is below, mostly typed out for search indexing, in case anyone is searching for these ancestors of theirs – click through any page to see the full size.

Program of the Commencement Exercises of the Beccaria Township High School
May twentieth and June first Nineteen Hundred and Forty Two, 8:00 P.M.
Board of Directors: David Marshall, Pres., Merle Myers, Vice-Pres., W. T. Jasper, Sec’y., Edgar Schenley, John McGill, William Spangle
Faculty: E. M. Hess, Supv. Prin., Harry G. Heil, Prin., George E. Fitch, Acting Prin., Grace E Kovach, Vernon Williams, Lynn Bland, Kathryn Maloney, Fred Schenley, Gabriel Chiodo, Beatrice Berkey

Class Day – Wednesday, May 20, 1942, 8:00 P.M.
Welcome Address – George Weakland
Play – “The Graduate’s Choice” By Edith Painton
Mr. Wise – Lewis Fulare
Dr. Solomon – Gale Thomas
Miss Hobson – Mary Ann McIntyre
Miss Prim – Esther Schenley
Mr. Knowitall – Robert Lesher
Mr. Haulemin – Robert Hooper
Tony – George Kozak
Mrs. Schimelovitch – Mora Collins
Mrs. Littlewit – Margaret Bellotti
Mrs. O’Flannigan – Vera Lutchko
Rachel Schimelovitch – Gloria Baer
Ikey Schimelovitch – Frank Welker
Bridget O’Flannigan – Ruth Johnston
Patrick O’Flannigan – Fred Montour
Tommy Terror – Harold Godin
Susie Dauby – Lucy Shank
Fatty Drake – Al Smith
Silas Shrewd – Bob Walker
Grace Brown – Kay Nevling
Peter Stuffer – George Weakland
Amy Littlewit – Jean Skonier
Place – Principal’s Office
Class Poem – Written by Lucy Shank, read by Gloria Baer
Play, “Happy School Days” by Jessie A Kelly
Youth – Gloria Baer
Faith – Ann Mondy
Charity – Rita Kruise
Humility – Ruth Johnston
Purity – Margaret Bellotti
Zeal – Betty Andrew
Pride – Chester Machen
Sloth – Gale Thomas
Deceit – Harold Godin
Hatred – Richard Jacobson
Greed – Lewis Fulare
Fancy – Marie Radomsky
Class Donors: Ruth Johnston and Lewis Fulare
Song – Senior Class
Song – Junior Class
Alma Mater – Senior Class

Commencement Exercises – Tuesday, June 1, 1942
Processional – Orchestra
Invocation – Rev. C. C. Cowder
Salutatory Address – Mary Ann McIntyre
Oration – Esther Schenley
Trumpet Quintet – Selections to be announced – Bill Copenhaver, Clair Robison, Mike Wosiw, Dick Caskey, Glen Shore
Oration – Margaret Bellotti
Valedictory Address – Marie Rodomsky
Selection – Orchestra or Mixed Chorus
Address – William S. Livengood, Jr., Secretary of Internal Affairs, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Presentation of Diplomas – Mr. David Marshall, President of the Board of Education
Presentation of Awards – Mrs. A. L. Hegarty, Ten Dollar Award to Valedictorian
D. A. R Good Citizenship Medal
S. A. R. Good Citizenship Award
School Good Citizenship Medal – Boys
Athletic Medals (Gold and Silver)
Dramatic Medals (Gold and Silver)
Attendance Medals (Silver)
Recessional – Orchestra

Class Roll
Betty Andrew
Gloria Baer
Margaret Bellotti
Mora Mae Collins
Lewis Fulare
Harold E. Godin
Robert Hooper
Anna Lorene Irwin
Richard Jacobson
Ruth Gloria Johnston
George Kozak
Rita M. Kruise
Robert D. Lesher
Vera Lutchko
Chester T. Machen
Ann M. Mondy
Fred Montour
Mary Ann McIntyre
Kathleen Louise Nevling
Marie Radomsky
Esther Martha Schenley
Lucy H. Shank
Jean F. Skonier
Alfred E. Smith
Gale W. Thomas
Robert F. Walker
George A. Weakland
Frank Welker
Honor Roll
Marie Radomsky
Mary Ann McIntyre
Esther Schenley
Margaret Bellotti
Rita Kruise
Mora Mae Collins
Harold Godin
Ruth Johnston
Class Officers
President – George Weakland
Vice Pres. – Marie Radomsky
Secretary – Betty Andrew
Treasurer – Rita Kruise
Student Association Officers
Pres. – Harold Godin
Vice Pres. – George Kozak
Sec’y. – Ann Mondy
Treas. – Margaret Bellotti
Class Colors – Crimson and White
Class Flower – Yellow Tea Rose
Class Motto – “Our aim, success; our hope, to win.”

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