Darling Baby Postcard – 1909

Darling Baby Postcard – 1909

Yet another in the set of Maher Postcards!  This features, “To Darling Baby” on the front with a heart made out of roses and clover surrounding the heart.  It’s pretty heavily embossed.

The postmark stamp on the back is 9 September 1909.  The only other identifying mark is “Printed in Germany” on the left side.  The card was sent to William Maher at 113 Aldrich Ave in Buffalo, NY, in care of BA Maher (his father, Bernard).  William appears to have been born on 17 August 1909, so he would’ve been only one month old at the time this was sent.  The message reads, “Hello baby, wish I could see you.  I hope mama & Brothers are well.  From Aunt Nell.”  Aunt Nell is likely Bernard’s sister Ellen.  I’m still not sure how my grandma came into possession of these cards, but they’re such a neat capsule of communication to the family who left home in PA and went to Buffalo, NY.

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