Valentine Greeting – c. 1910

Valentine Greeting – c. 1910

In the ongoing publishing of these Maher Postcards, I think this should be the final card, and I saved it for this post, because, well, timing.  There’s no date and it didn’t have a stamp or postmark so it was either hand delivered or put into a larger package delivered to Lee Maher whose name appears on the back.  I’m guessing this falls in the same time frame as the others, so 1910 or so.
The back is really nice in comparison to other cards.  It has a little leaf design and notes that it’s “Whitney Made, Worcester Mass.”  The stamp square also says it’s once cent for domestic mail and two cents for foreign.  It’s a shame that it’s a little beat up with part of the front design torn away over the years, but again, for over 100 years old, it could be worse!


    1. Sheetar

      That’s the last of that set of postcards! I did find a set of letters from a soldier in France in another batch of scanning, so those are on deck for the upcoming months. Always something new to blather on about around here 🙂

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