High School Name Cards – Part 2

High School Name Cards – Part 2

The second post of two with these high school name cards collected by my grandmother.  The first post is here, and if you want to see all posts with name cards, they’re here.

Evelyn M. Brink: “Dear Clarice, It’s just about time to say ‘good by’ but when you look at this card remember the fun we had in Chemistry class.  Evelyn”

Connie Z Nelson: “Clarice, To a cute kid who never could quite hit it off with me.  You have lots of ambition.  I hope you get what you want.  Connie”

Blanche D. Bratton: “Clarice: Luck & Success to a swell girl.  Dickey”

Della M. Bloom: “Clarice, Luck & success to a very pretty girl.  Alway remember the junior prom.  It sure was alot of work.  Wasn’t it?  Della”

Madelyn S. Ponce: “Clarice, Lots of luck in everything you do.  I’ll always remember the good times we had together.  ‘Shrimp'”

Paulene V. McGarvey: “Clarice, What are you going to do after you are freed.  What ever it is I hope  you are a success at it.  A friend, Paulene.”

I did find some photos for some of these kids, so I’ve added those to the name cards as I’ve found them!

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