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Rhinebeck 2010

RhinebeckMosaic So I swear, sometimes I actually post about knitting and yarn and things like that.  October 16 and 17 was the annual New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, more commonly referred to as Rhinebeck.  It’s become an annual knitter tradition to go up for the weekend and enjoy fall, the beautiful leaves, snorgling sheep, checking out everyone’s incredible knitwear, and most importantly, SHOPPING.  I’m going to keep it short and say that we had an AWESOME group carpooling to the festival and it was pretty much an epic weekend (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!  HA!).  I came home with probably more than what I intended to buy, but I love everything and really really badly want to knit all the things right now.  I still need to get together a post about the awesome sweater I wore to show off, but that’s for later.  Can’t wait for next year!

Link to full flickr set, including acquisitions!

Rhinebeck 2009

Wow, what a weekend.   I’ve definitely got a bad case of the post-fiber-festival-shock in that I have to be back in the real world instead of oogling knitwear, squishing yarn, and snorgling sheep.   The fiber festival world is SO much more fun than this everyday kind of crap.

The haul?   I did well.   Fell off the budget wagon a touch, but I think it was well worth it and I can see all of what I bought being knitted before MDSW.   (Disclaimer: Just because I can see it happening doesn’t mean that another pattern won’t queue jump and ruin that plan)
3 skeins – Socks That Rock Lightweight, Mill Ends
2 skeins – Socks That Rock Lightweight, Rare Gems
1 skein – Holiday Yarns Sock Yarn
1 skein – Silver Moon Farms sock yarn (770 yards)
1 skein – Silver Moon Farms Laceweight (1375 yards)
2 skeins – Bijou Basin 100% Yak Laceweight (400 yards)
1 skein – Briar Rose, Charity (900 yds worsted)
Firebird Sock Kit from the Tsock Tsarina
4 oz – Targee Top from Mountain Colors
4 oz – Clover Leaf Farms Merino Roving
4 oz – Holiday Yarns Merino Roving
4 oz – Little Barn Linsi-Woolsie Roving
4 oz – Little Barn Alpaca Roving
Book – Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren (signed!)

I realize that means nothing to you non-knitters, but suffice to say, I got what I wanted, and then a little more.     🙂   Abbie and I did very well in terms of getting in early the first day, getting what we desperately wanted, and generally had incredible luck on our side when it came to just being in the right place at the right time.   For example, the Chicken Pot Pie line is known for being epic.   People usually wait a good half hour for this incredible chicken pot pie.   Us?   We got in line right when there were only a few people waiting.   Granted, had there been a half-hour-long line, we probably would’ve found something else to eat, but it was nice to finally get a forkfull of that yummy pot pie.   Then there was the Ravelry party, Saturday night, which was awesome.   The vanilla mead went over well, but I still managed to come home with a good amount left in the keg.   Sunday was rainy, but we managed to go through all the barns/buildings, grab a few things that we missed on Saturday because we had enough of the crowds really early on.   Sunday though, the grounds were rather empty, there were no lines, and much more room to browse around without getting bumped.   Finally got home to Pennsylvania around 8pm to my two little snugglebutt dogs who were thrilled to meet me.   The husband had left for a class in Texas, but had baked this incredible chocolate ganache/praline cake and left me a bouquet of flowers on the table.   Perfect end to a really spectacular weekend.

I will leave you with a photo  from Rhinebeck  and link you to my whole set from Rhinebeck on Flickr.   To all of you tweasels  who I met?   It was really, honestly great, and I hope to see you all again next year!

Maryland Sheep and Wool

(Center and then top left to right)
1. Koigu Mill Ends. Yum., 2. 4oz Rambouillet/Bamboo roving, 3. Merino/Sillk roving from Cloverleaf Farms, 4. Alpaca Lace from A Touch of Twist, 5. Cashmere/Merino Blend, 6. Merino Lace by the Drafting Zone, 7. Sweet Sheep light Fingering, 8. Wensleydale Roving by Flying Fibers, 9. Wullenstudio sock, 10. BMFA STR, “Koi Koi”, 11. BMFA STR, “Scum Bubble”, 12. BMFA STR, Unidentified Mill End, 13. Aisha Celia Designs sock

The Haul from Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2009. Three of us gals (myself, Abbie, and Debbie) piled into a car and drove the 2.5 hours down to a rather soggy MDSW. Luckily for us, going on a rainy Sunday meant less crowds, less being bumped, and a relaxing time, even if the rain never really let up and we missed a few things that sold out on Saturday.  There was even no elbowing involved while getting into the booth with Koigu Mill Ends and no line at The Fold.  Incredible.  While I’m sure the vendors were thoroughly disappointed by the lack of business on Sunday, I was completely thrilled by the lack of human traffic.  Last year, I went as a non-knitter and then promptly decided that Abbie had to teach me how to knit when we got home after being thoroughly exhausted by the amount of bumping and shoving and human claustrophobia that those packed little barns can inspire.  So, this year was officially my first knitaversary and I really can’t believe how much I’ve done in a year.  Managed to set a budget and pretty much stick with it, finding a variety of fibers that I haven’t spun before and stocking up on more Socks That Rock.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t already begun thinking about next year.   🙂