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Benevolent Beauty Box April 2018

Another Benevolent Beauty Box is here!   April’s edition featured four items this time, but the one is basically a four-in-one by itself and is a huge item, so I’m perfectly fine with this!   Let’s get into the contents.

  • Bellapierre Colour Stay – .32 oz / $10 – (Full Size Product)   It’s essentially an eye-safe glitter glue or primer that helps cosmetic glitter or shimmer eye shadow stick in place.   I, um, I tend to use a good bit of cosmetic glitter, so this is great by itself, but it also goes well with the other products in the box.   I think this is a touch thinner and easier to apply than the Too Faced glitter glue I love, so I’ll have to see how it holds up against the classic.
  • Star Looks Makeup Remover Pen – 2.5 g / $14 – (Full Size Product)   I guess I’m good enough fixing makeup oops with a q-tip that I just never bother getting special pens.   I mean, this is great, I’ll use it, but the fact that the ingredients on the box don’t match the ones on the website make me a little worried.   On the website, it says it contains paraffin and on the box, it doesn’t.   *shrugs*
  • Manna Kadar Blossom Floral Compact – 3.2 g / $29 – (Full Size Product)   I don’t really use blush or highlighter, but it says this can be used as an eye shadow as well, so that’s probably where it’s going to go.   The colors are pretty neutral between the light, pink, and bronzeish color, so it’ll work blended together or separately, no problem.
  • Bellapierre Eye Slay – 1 set / $45 – (Full Size Product)   I received the color, Mermaid Glam, which is going to be SO much fun to try out.   There are three pots each with 2 grams of mineral eye shadow plus a brush.   One of the pots in my set is a cosmetic glitter (the super bright blue one in the middle), so GLITTER!   I’m definitely going to give this a whirl sometime soon.

Overall the value of the box comes to $98 which is probably around the lower end of average for this box.   The big item is that eye color set, and I’m glad there’s the Colour Stay glitter glue to go along with it.   I’m kind of neutral on the Manna Kadar compact and the Makeup Remover pen, but they’re still items I’ll use for sure.   As always, looking forward to next month!

Benevolent Beauty Box March 2018

March’s Benevolent Beauty Box is here!   It’s another great box with a wide variety of products and I’m eager to try everything as usual.

  • Terre Mere Charcoal Blenders – 1 set / $44 – (Product is full size)   Probably one of the most high value products I’ve seen in the box yet, the set of two charcoal blenders in different sizes is pretty neat.   I’ll admit that I don’t use foundation ever really, but it looks like these also work well for primer and powders, so I’ll have to give them a try.   That little one looks like it might work really well for concealing my perpetually-exhausted under-eye circles.
  • Zuii Certified Organic Flora Lipstick – 4 g / $27.50 – (Product is full size)   I received the color “Charm” which is a really hard color to describe – almost a pinkish brick red?   The color is buildable, so it goes on sheer at first and works into a more opaque color with each extra coat.   The verdict is out on the color for me so far.. I think it might work better once my skin has had a little exposure to the spring and summer sun.   But, I do like the rich and moisturizing formula!
  • Luminate Vitamin C Serum – 30 mL / $19 – (Product is full size)   This is a super thick serum with hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and jojoba oil which my dry skin loves!   For being such a thick, gel-like consistency out of the bottle, it disappears into my skin nearly instantly, leaving behind no oily residue.
  • LippyGirl Pipod Pressed Mineral Blush – 3 g / $25 – (Product is full size)   I received the color “Tangy” which is a really orange tone for a blush, so I doubt I’ll be able to use it as a blush.   But hey, any pressed powder also doubles as an eye shadow, and I really do like the color on my lids since the peachy tone brings up the greens in my hazel eyes.   It’s got a golden shimmer to it as well which will make it perfect for summer eye makeup.
  • Body Stuff Face Mask – 12 g / $7 – (Product is test-tube size)   This mask is packaged in a neat little test tube and arrives dry so you can add your favorite liquid to it (honey or yogurt for a real treat, or plain old tap water works fine too).   I haven’t tried this yet, so I can’t report about how it works, but I love the unique packaging and of course, a mud mask is something I’m always happy to see in boxes!

The total value of the box comes to $122.50 which is a great value for the cost of $29.99 on a month-to-month basis.   Even if the blush color doesn’t really work as a blush for me, it makes for a really great eye shadow color, so there’s really nothing in this box that I won’t use (one way or another).   I think the big winner for me is the serum because my skin is just perpetually a desert, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it sunk into my skin for being such a thick gel.   As always, looking forward to the next month!

Benevolent Beauty Box February 2018

February’s Benevolent Beauty Box did indeed arrive on time, but I got behind (again, I know, shocker).   I always love the variety in this subscription – that they cover a wide variety of products in each box, despite being makeup/skincare only, not to mention that every product in the box is cruelty free or even completely vegan.   Anyway, on to the contents of this box!

  • Honey Belle Flora Rosewater Toner – 2 oz / $22 – (Product is full size)   Only 5 ingredients and no alcohol make this a toner I can actually use!   The scent is rosy but not overly floral since the rosewood tones it down and makes it a little musky.   It dries up nicely matte with no grease or oil and feels really pleasant on the skin.   I can’t wait to use this regularly!
  • Jacq’s Nourishing Face Moisturizer – 2 oz / $28 – (Product is full size)   I’m going to have to give this a cautious try since the third ingredient is coconut oil, and coconut oil is known to clog pores and cause acne.   The scent is nice though – herbal and clean without being overpowering.
  • Kismet Lovely Liquid Illuminator – .33 oz / $16 – (Product is full size)   The color is “Rosy” and it’s a very sheer, pearlescent pink.   It’s not one of those glitter bomb highlighters, it’s definitely a more subtle, pearly illuminator which I actually rather like.   I’ll probably end up using this one which is great since I usually pass on illuminators/highlighters – they’re just not my thing.
  • Vapour Aura Multi Use Blush – .24 oz / $36 – (Product is full size)   The color is “Crush” which is described as a sheer, soft pink.   I’m not too big on blushes since I have pretty rosy cheeks naturally, but this stick can be used on the lips and lids as well, making it more than just a blush!   The sheer, cotton candy pink is a little too light/pale for my lips in particular, but I think this might work well as a eyeshadow base color or as a brow bone highlighter.
  • Katherine Eyeliner Solution – .35 g / $26 – (Product is full size)   The color is “Cessna Brown” which is a dark brown.   The eyeliner goes on super smooth and easily with plenty of pigment, and there’s even a brush on the other end if you want to smudge out your eyeliner for a smoky eye look.

The total value of February’s box is $128 for five full size products!   I keep saying it every month, but getting full size products for $29.99 per month on a month-to-month basis makes this my absolute favorite subscription box.   The value is always out of the park, plus you get to try some neat products from smaller indie brands who are all dedicated to being completely cruelty free.   March’s box is already here, so that’s going up on the blog soon.

Benevolent Beauty Box January 2018

The first Benevolent Beauty Box of the new year!   Hey, I’m late on posting this, but I’m sure that’s no shocker at this point given how I haven’t had much time to post to the blog at all the last few months.   I keep saying I’m going to get better at it again since I had been really regular at posting things, but it just keeps falling off my radar.   Anyway!   In an effort to actually catch up, here goes.

  • True Moringa Simplicity Facial Oil – 30 mL / $26 – (Sample size is 5 mL, value of $4.33 by volume – listed as $17 on product card)   The applicator inside is a roller ball and I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of roller balls since they tend to clog or stick and never actually apply the product any better than you could with your fingertips.   However, the roller ball bit is easy to remove, leaving me with an awesome oil that has just one ingredient!   My face has been a dry wreck all winter, so this will be a huge help on the dry patches.
  • Seraphine Fig Butter Lip & Cheek Stain – 4 g / $24 – (Product is full size)   There’s no scent or flavor to the product and while I only tried it out as a lip stain, it goes on much like a rich, creamy lipstick without being sticky.   It’s kind of the best of both lipstick and lip balm.   The color is mostly like a brick red and the color payoff is enough to see it there, but not quite as much as a fully opaque lipstick making it perfect for everyday use to moisturize lips and add a pop of color.   I didn’t feel like it really stained my lips, but it did look really nice on.   I really love this!
  • Lippy Girl Vegotastic Vegan Lip Gloss – 2.5 mL / $22 – (Product is full size)   The color I received is “Plum Perfect” which is a dark burgundy/purple color.   The color payoff is surprisingly good for a gloss, and it doesn’t feel sticky.   Unfortunately, the color is just a little bit too dark for me, so I’ll try experimenting layering it over/under other colors, but this might be a miss for me.
  • Lauren B Beauty Nail Polish – .5 oz / $18 – (Product is full size)   The color I received is “House of Blues” which is a super dark navy blue color with just the slightest shimmer.   This is a color that’s absolutely perfect for me since I LOVE blue nail polish!   This brand is also a proven favorite, so I’m happy to see their polish in this box.
  • BioRepublic Pomegranate Crush Sheet Mask – 1 mask / $4.99 – (Product is full size)   I haven’t yet tried the mask, but anything pomegranate sounds good to me!   The mask claims to brighten skin tone, and even and smooth complexion, but any time I get to spend 15 minutes relaxing with a sheet mask is absolutely worth it, even if the mask doesn’t live up to its wild claims.   I’m always happy to see sheet masks!

Overall, the total value of the box came to either $73.32 or $85.99 depending on how you count the Moringa Oil.   Either way, for a box that costs $29.99 on a month-to-month basis, that’s still more than double the cost!   I’m always pretty pleased with these boxes, and in this one, my two favorites have to be the nail polish and lip stain.   Looking forward to see what February’s box has in store!