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Sepia Saturday 316

Scan2372 Scan2046

Sepia Saturday, or rather, Sepia Sunday for me, featured a prompt photo of a group of people watching a movie filming.  While we have a LOT of old super 8 reels we had digitized, I felt these two belonged here together, since they’re people taking photos of themselves and there’s a camera in the photo like the prompt photo.  On the left is my grandpa, Leon Kitko, with an old Polaroid camera, taking a selfie in a mirror.  On the right is his second wife, Romayne Greenaway, also set up in the same room with the same camera, but the focus is just a touch off.  Both photos are labelled on the back with a date of 26 May 1969, written in Romayne’s hand.  Leon is sporting quite the smirk with his hat tipped back and to the side while Romayne appears as if she’s trying to concentrate on getting everything just right before hitting the shutter release.  I love that we have both of these photos and that they’re still just a little different from each other.  I also get a kick out of the fact that they’re basically selfies, but from long before the first teenager took a selfie with a mobile phone.

Sepia Saturday 303

DSC_7516 DSC_7524

Sepia Saturday edition 303 featured a prompt image of a Halloween greeting card.  Since today is Halloween and Sepia Saturday, I  might as well combine them both and post images of ghouls from the collection of family photos!  These come from the collection of Romayne Louella Greenaway (30 May 1936 – 7 Jan 2014).  They were negatives, and an old size of negative that wouldn’t fit in my negative scanner.  Fortunately, they were flat enough that I was able to lay them on a light box and use my DSLR to photograph them, invert the image, and there they are!  Romayne was my grandmother (step-grandmother if we’re getting technical, but she married my grandfather long before I was born so she was always grandma).  I believe that’s here in the right image with the crazy mask, but it’s hard to tell!  The other images in the series show four children, three of whom are Romayne and her two siblings, but everyone has a mask on, so I can’t be certain who the extra child is or even which child is in which costume.  In the left  image, again, I can’t be sure who that is, but I love it too much to not include it for the theme as well.  It’s a fairly simple costume – big bows on her hair and ankles, long  coat, and a mask!  If I had to guess, I’d say these were taken right around 1950.  The others in the set of negatives show Romayne, and she looks to be about 12 or 13 which is how I ended up at that date estimate.

Even though I’m not at a trick-or-treating age anymore, I’m still treating myself to zombie movies and a Halloween themed cupcake this evening and hope you all are enjoying a little treat for yourselves today too!

Sepia Saturday 278: Decayed and Damaged Photographs


Still on theme for this Sepia Saturday, but  I went with damaged negatives instead of photos!  Afterall, the photos are made from negatives, so in the long run, it works out.  These negatives are square format and were subject to some kind of light leak, likey while inside the camera since there are a series of photos with evidence of the same light leak in the same spots.  The photos are of Romayne (Greenaway) Kitko (1936-2013), my grandfather’s second wife.  While we were going through yet another trunk of photos, we found an old paper photo sleeve stuffed full of negatives.  Being the preservation nerd of the family, I grabbed them up and scanned them, because you just never know what you’ll find.  I’m still using a super old scanner, the Canon Canoscan 8400F because it comes with negative carriers for the most popular film types  (except for 127 film), and  it gets the job done.  Unfortunately, damage like this is just impossible to undo – the negative was overexposed from the light leak and it’s not possible to reconstruct data that isn’t there or was blown out by the light leak.  There’s also a little bit of dust/scratches and other damage from age and being improperly stored for so long.

filmscan343 filmscan363
As far as a date/place goes, I’d assume 1948-1952 or thereabouts, taken at her girlhood home in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.  Romayne looks to be about 15 or so in the photos, maybe younger.  In the first photo, she’s standing with two children, but no one has yet been able to identify those kids.  They don’t seem to be family members, but perhaps neighbors or friends or something like that.  The other two, she’s sitting in front of a car, and in one, it looks like she might be petting a dog standing  near her, but it’s hard to tell with the light leak flare.  Even though these are damaged, they’re still treasured for a peek into her life as a younger girl and because they’re the earliest photos we have of her.  Even damaged photos have their merits and are worth digitally preserving as they are.


Sepia Saturday 259: Christmas and New Year 2014


Sepia Saturday takes a break over the winter holidays, but resumes January 3rd, 2015.  I’m going to post a little Sepia Saturday of my own in the meantime just to keep up with the streak.  There are a bunch of photographs I want to explore and haven’t been theme-appropriate yet, so this seems like a good time.

For grandma (technically step grandma, but she’s always been my grandma), Christmas was a really big deal.  She’d decorate the house inside and out, put up a tree, and string up cards as they arrived.  It’s really incredible, the amount of Christmas decorations we’re finding in the attic now that she and grandpa have passed.  It’s no surprise then that a large number of photos are of holiday scenes including many of the tree and decorations and a few of the two of them opening presents.  This one of grandpa, Leon Kitko, above, is one of my favorites.  Grandpa is looking at a box of some sort, checking out the information, and the back is labelled, “Christmas ’69.”  Taken with a polaroid camera, it’s really a lovely photo – the light coming in the window to the left, perfectly placed doilies, a couple of boxes stacked on the chair, the tree fully decorated.  Peaceful, but happy.

Below is a short video I’ve posted on the blog before, converted from Super 8 by Southtree.  It’s not a photo and it’s not sepia, but it’s so neat to see a glimpse into their holidays together, including grandpa’s prankster tendencies.

Xmas with Grandma and Grandpa from Sheetar on Vimeo.


Sepia Saturday 244: Itinerant Entertainers, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Unusual Pets, Monkeying Around

Scan1965     filmscan036
Two photos to fit the theme, even if a rabbit isn’t really that unusual of a pet.  I didn’t have any photos of itinerant entertainers, so these two will have to suffice for this week!

On The Left:  My grandpa, Leon Kitko (b. 20 Mar 1933, PA, died 18 Jun 2011, Clearfield, PA), holding a rabbit.  It’s a rare photo of him with a beard – he kept his face clean shaven nearly all of his life except for a brief period around 1954 where he shows up in a few photos with a beard.  A rabbit really isn’t an unusual pet, but among the many photos of their pets, this is the only one that isn’t a cat or dog!  I never heard stories about a rabbit from grandpa, but it’s clear he had one at some point!

On The Right:  My grandma (step-grandma.. Leon’s second wife, not my biological grandmother, but I always knew her as grandma), Romayne (Greenaway) Kitko (b. 30 May 1936, PA, d. 7 Jan 2013, Clearfield, PA).  She was quite the musician her whole life from piano to organ and even the accordion!  This is a scan from a negative, so I don’t know when exactly this was taken, but I’d assume sometime in the 1950s.  She’s sitting at the back of her childhood home at the well, perfectly posed and coiffed, playing on the accordian.

Short and sweet this week!  It was nice to be able to include different photos from this set of grandparents who have both passed away.  Having memories like this and photos from their younger years really helps keep the memory alive and I’m so glad I have a chance to share them with Sepia Saturday as well!