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Not Just Boring Dude Socks

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A friend was back at the sock designing board and needed another test knit, this time for socks for men.  The husband has repeatedly refused my offers to knit socks for him, but let’s be fair, he wears t-shirts all year round and is ALWAYS too warm.  Knit socks are not really what he needs, but he did request an awesome pair of mittens that I’ll get to in another post, soon.

Anyway, on to the Dude Socks!  I had to figure out who to knit for, so I opened up a post on Google+.  A bunch of guys responded, willing to be test subjects (and enthusiastic about hand-knit socks which was SO neat to see), so I random-number-generatored a winner who just happened to be friend and almost-neighbor, Steve.  Steve gave me his foot measurements and I set off knitting the large size.  After quick test-fit when the first sock was almost done, I managed to finish the pair  in 8 days!  Super quick knit, really squishy and stretchy, and the sizes fit anyone from a small woman’s foot to a large man’s foot with plenty of ease.  Steve has already worn them a bunch of times which of course made me happy because every knitter wants to hear that their hard work is much appreciated and loved.  The pattern went live on Ravelry recently, and the details are below.

Pattern: Not Just Boring Dude Socks
Designer: Corrine Walcher
Needles: US 2  (2.75  mm)
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential in “Sarge”
Ravelry Project Link