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Sock Knitting Workshop

I’m running a sock knitting workshop in Phoenixville, PA!  Check out the flyer above, but if you want the pdf version, you can grab that here.  I’ll be posting some more details later today, but I wanted to get this post up right away!

Someone forgot to put the cost of the workshop on the flyer.  So, the flyer on this page is the current one, sorry for any confusion!  The cost is only $7.  There’s still space left too, and if you need to brush up on some knitting skills before February, there’s plenty of time.

Here are a few videos from knittinghelp.com that show the skills you ought to have before the class.
Long-Tail Cast On
Knit Two Together
Basic Knit stitch – either continental or english is fine
Purl – again, either method is fine
Picking up stitches – I’ll be teaching this one in the workshop