Kloverbox September 2015


Well, Kloverbox knocked it out of the park with this one!  Super happy with this box since it’s a good mix of products and physical goods (that bag!!) which is exactly what I was looking for with this box.  As the product card says, it is indeed a September to remember.

  • Posh Skincare Bergamot Facial Oil – 1 oz / $20 – (Product is full size)  All my favorite oils in one little bottle.  I’ve really come to love the oil cleansing method so this is another great oil to use for cleaning my face.  The scent was a little off-putting at first, but it’s grown on me and isn’t too strong that even if I didn’t love it, it’s not a bother.
  • One Love Organics Skin Savior – 1.8 oz / $49 – (Product is full size) Like the product card says, a little really does go a long way and it melts with the heat of your skin into a great oil that moisturizes really well.  The scent is incredible too – it’s somewhat vanilla and citrusy, but again without being too overwhelming.  It’s a sweet, warm, light scent.  Really love this!
  • Paddywax Soy Candle – 2 oz / $5 – (Product is travel size, full value) If someone could make a candle tailor made to fit me, this would probably be it.  I LOVE the warm, woodsy sort of smell this has and it will be wonderful for the house now that fall has been steadily creeping up on us.  I actually like the smaller tins too so that you can try out scents before committing to the full sized candle.
  • Baggu – Baby Baggu / $7.00 – (Product is full size)  This may sound silly, but I think this is my favorite thing in the box!  I love the print and that it folds up neatly into its own little wallet.  Now I really have no excuse to ever use a plastic bag again.  We’re big on those canvas bags for grocery shopping, but sometimes I forget to bring one for a quick stop into a drug store or something, but having this tucked in my bag will keep me from wasting a plastic bag.  Plus, that print is adorable – wee little elephants on a green background.

Overall the value comes to $81 which is PHENOMENAL.  Arguably the highest value for this box or any box I’ve ever seen.  What’s more is that I’ll use every single item in this box till they’re empty and can’t be happier with the contents.  On top of all that, three of the items came with coupon codes this month which makes the value even higher if you plan to purchase from the companies offering discounts.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with next month, Kloverbox!

Sepia Saturday 299: Cut-Outs, Medicine, Babies, Feeding

On time this week for Sepia Saturday!  Here we have two babies and the one on the left is chewing on a rattle.  The back is labelled, “Betsy en Jacob,” or Betsy and Jacob, two children of Willemina Dijkema and Derk Rop.  Willemina was a sister of my husband’s paternal grandmother and stayed in Holland with her children and husband.  I’m not quite sure who is who of the two adult women, nor who is who among the children, but I know at least that the children are Betsy and Jacob.  Based on their birth/death dates, this was likely taken in the early 1940s in Holland, probably somewhere around Groningen.  Short and sweet this week, looking forward to the big 300!

Sepia Saturday 298: Girls, Twos, Dogs, Steps

Better late than never for Sepia Saturday this past week!  I’ll admit that I wasn’t entirely sure what photo I was going to use this week, but I settled on another unknown photo in the collection from my maternal grandmother.  Probably taken around 1950 in Clearfield or Cambria county in Pennsylvania, these photos show some young boys with puppies and a dog.  I have absolutely no clue who they were – there are no labels and no living relatives recognized them.  If we go a little broader with the theme, these fit in nicely as children with dogs.   The young boy above is sitting with three little puppies.

These young men are sitting with the puppies and the dog who I assume is the mother of the puppies.  It makes me think that perhaps someone’s dog had a litter and all the young boys in the neighborhood picked out a puppy to bring home.  It’s possible that they may even be brothers since they seem to look similar with curly light hair and similar facial features.  They’re really adorable photos even if I don’t know who the boys were!

Nerd Makeup Box September 2015

Beta testing for the Nerd Makeup Box has come to a close with this box.  However, it’s only a few months to wait before subscriptions open to the public in December and begin shipping for January which is incredibly exciting.  I’ve had a TON of fun being a part of this box, and it’s so neat to see what they come up with for new designs each month.

  • Cosmetic Glitter – $7.50 – I received the color, “Invincibility,” which is a bright yellow glitter.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I tend to go subtle with makeup, so crazy bright yellow glitter is probably something I won’t put on my face.  The card in the box said it can be used as glitter eyeliner, but my eyes are SO sensitive that I can’t see eyelash glue and glitter playing nicely around my eyes.  The info on the website says it can be used on eyes, cheeks, nails, hair, or lips, so I think this is destined for nail art because crazy bright yellow nails could work!  Or I really do need to embrace my inner wild child and go for the glitter eyeliner at least once.
  • Nail File – $.50 – I’m SO glad these show up in every box, because I seem to misplace the last one by the time I open the next box.  One day I’ll find them all huddled together behind the couch or something.
  • Killer Nail Wrap – $10 – This one is one of my absolute favorites, and it’s the glitter version!  With Halloween next month, this one is definitely making an appearance in October.
  • Teleporter Nail Wrap – $10 – It’s a purple tonal glitter wrap.  It’s still glitter, but it’s definitely one of the more tame wraps they have.  Not a problem – I love purple and this is a winner for me.
  • Unicorn Blood Nail Wrap – $10 – RAINBOW NAIL WRAP!  I got the glitter version of this during the last Kickstarter campaign, so it’s great to have the regular plain gloss version to try out too.
  • Ludicrous Speed Nail Wrap – $10 – Just when you think they have to be running out of ideas, out comes this one.  I nearly dropped the box laughing so hard!  The tagline under the wrap title is, “They’ve gone to plaid,” and they glow in the dark.  Absolutely perfect.  And unlike Colonel Sanders, I’m no chicken and can’t wait to use this one.

Total value comes to $48 which is consistent with the other boxes.  I know I mentioned in the last post about doing a half-box or every other month option because I do SO love these, but it’s a bit too much for me to have four wraps every month

One Local Summer 2015 – Week 19

The weather turned crisp and cool over the past week, and I decided it was time for chili!  Usually husband is the chili master, but the pork shoulder was on special sale at the farmer’s market, so I went for pulled pork chili done up in the crock pot.  I used the remainder of the leftover tomato sauce, added some spices, onions, and peppers and let the whole thing simmer for hours until the pork fell apart.  I added some beans towards the end, and topped the whole thing off with blue cheese and a biscuit from that biscuits and gravy breakfast.  A juicy asian pear on the side and a glass of homebrewed cider, and we have a meal!  It was just the thing for a cool evening.

Buttermilk – Maplehofe Dairy
Pork Shoulder – M&M Creek Valley Farm
Lard – M&M Creek Valley Farm
Flour – Mill at Anslema, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
Asian Pear – North Star Orchard
Beans – North Star Orchard
Onion – Jack’s Farm
Peppers – Clover Hill Farm
Cider – Homebrewed from apples picked at the grandparents’ house
Cheese – Birchrun Hills, smoked blue
Non Local – Spices, salt