One Local Summer 2016 – Week 3


Moving right along!  I’m a little late posting this (a theme you’ll see as we get into mid and late summer and I just get too busy to blog), but it was definitely made during week 3, I swear!  Here we have my sad attempt at an omelette and roasted asparagus.  I learned that while I make tasty omelets, they’re not very pretty to behold and probably work better as open face egg creations more than properly flipped and perfect omelets.  Presentation is just not as important as the flavor, and I can assure you that this disappeared pretty quickly!  Inside the egg are scallions, spring garlic, mushrooms, goat cheese, and spinach.  On the side is sliced asparagus, roasted with some salt and olive oil, and then given a little cheesy topping for the last few minutes.  You guys, I may never eat asparagus any other way ever again.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great grilled, but roasted?  It comes out so much more tender and crisps a little on the edges which is so wonderful.  Of course, you can never go wrong with putting cheese on top!  I plan on doing this for breakfast a few more times since I still have spinach and goat cheese, but it will probably be more of an unsightly scramble than a nicely plated creation.  Did I mention that I’m a lazy cook?  Oh, and the coffee, not local, but absolutely necessary for survival.


Sepia Saturday 332

film0293-April2002 DSC_7245-March2011

Another Sepia Saturday!  This one is a little less Sepia than usual, but I had two photos taken of the same location in the prompt image at different times and really wanted to use them.  On the left is a photo I took while studying abroad in college in April of 2002, scanned from film.  On the right is an image from a vacation we took in March of 2011.  What a difference!  The bridge was undergoing restoration apparently sponsored by Toyota during our later visit and I was more than a little disappointed that the advertisement covered the whole alleyway around the bridge.  On the sign just above, it reads, “Basta con i sospiri.  Adesso la tecnologia HSD è accessibile a tutti,” or “Enough with the sighs.  Now HSD technology is available to everyone.”  Below it reads, “Il cielo dei sospiri,” or, “the sky of sighs.”  During the restoration, the project was referred to as the latter, Sky of Sighs, since the advertising around it was a blue sky with clouds.  I understand the need for cleaning and restoration of such an old piece of architecture, but needless to say, I was a little disappointed to have the view obstructed to that degree. I probably would’ve much rather seen scaffolding than that mess!  At least I got a chance to see it without all the ads the first time around.  Rather short and sweet and no big genealogical insights this time, but since I had photos just like the prompt image, I couldn’t help but use them!

Sepia Saturday 331


Our Sepia Saturday prompt this week featured a photo of three babies with their mothers.  I don’t quite have three, but two will do!  In the above photo are siblings Hendrik and Nanne Huisman, children of Hilje (Dijkema) Jaarsma’s sister Ellechien and her husband Luitje Huisman.  They’re on a barge or boat of some sort, and it’s a bit of a shame the background is more in focus than the children!  I’ve suspected that this may be the barge of the children’s grandparents, but I can’t be sure based on a narrow view like this.  Unlike the prompt image, both of these two babies appear to be pretty content.


Another one, this one with mom Ellechien on the left and a woman who the album identifies as Froukje, but I’m really not sure who that is.  Same two babies as above, probably taken at basically the same time.  I’ve been researching the barge that Hendrik Dijkema (the aformentioned grandfather) owned, and there was a Frouwke Huizinga mentioned as having given them a loan for the barge purchase.  I’m not sure if this is her or not!  There is a Frouke Rop who was a sister-in-law to Ellechien, and the age seems to fit, but all I have is a first name in the album.

Pretty short and sweet this week since the photos speak for themselves pretty much!  Both were taken in Holland, probably in the mid to late 1930s given the ages of the babies.  Already looking forward to next week!

One Local Summer 2016 – Week 2


Husband was home briefly over the weekend, and thankfully I had thought ahead enough to pull some pork butt steaks out of the freezer.  I suggested we go out for our 12th anniversary dinner, but the man loves to cook, and I have a policy of never saying no to his cooking (any meal I don’t have to cook is a good one!), so dinner at home it was!  The pork butt steaks were given a little time to marinate in some homemade riesling with some fresh cilantro from the patio planters.  That stuff re-seeds itself and springs back every year, so we had plenty of cilantro to work with.  The asparagus was given a rub down with olive oil, salt, and pepper and then both the butt steak and asparagus were put on the grill.  Meanwhile, back at the kitchen, I was tasked with making spätzle.  I kind of did it by guesswork – it’s a combination of flour, eggs, and water (since we had no local milk) until the batter is almost the consistency of a thick waffle batter (thicker than pancakes, thinner than cookie dough).  The spätzle was then given a toss with some spring garlic, cheese, and pepper and plated together nicely with a glass of celebratory spumante.  A really nice meal for a rainy Saturday evening!


Sepia Saturday 330


The prompt image for this week’s Sepia Saturday featured a man doing type-setter work and came from the collection of the Netherlands National Archives.  I don’t have any type-setters in the family, but I do have young men at work, and the photo was taken in the Netherlands!  The man standing on the far right, hands behind his back and a grin on his face that makes you wonder what he was up to, is Doede Jaarsma, my husband’s grandfather.  Doede went to a technical high school in Friesland, Netherlands and later apprenticed and became a blacksmith which would explain the dirty coveralls and wooden shoes.  They certainly look like they just finished working and are showing off some new creation, but what exactly that creation is, I have no idea!  It almost looks like a motorized washing machine with the sort of wringer device on the top.  There’s a handwritten note on the back that reads, “Douglas at work, Uithuizen, ’43??” which would probably have been written on after they came to the USA since it shows his Americanized name.  In 1943, he would’ve been recently married and living near his wife’s family in Uithuizen, so that makes sense.  It’s a fantastic photo though, and I just LOVE that grin on Doede’s face – he looks like he’s positively up to no good.

In other news, I have a small update on an older post, Sepia Saturday 325.  Apparently the barge from that post is still in operation!  The couple who currently own it got in touch with me as a result of that blog post and updated me on what she looks like now and how she’s running.  It’s absolutely fantastic that Sepia Saturday has encouraged me and enabled me to post these photos in a blog format where they get a little better exposure than they otherwise would sitting on my hard drive, and that it’s given me an opportunity to connect the past to the present.