Another year of Sock Knitting

I finally got everything set up and photographed the socks that I’ve knit over the past year.  The tally?  15 pairs!  Some of them are from the end of 2014 since the last time I photographed handknits was September 2014, oops.  Fifteen pairs of socks is no joke, but the majority of them are plain stockinette socks, so it’s really not a lot of substance when you get down to it, especially when you consider that I can knit a single plain sock in about four hours.  I had an off year, what can I say?  The majority of the knits from my past year in knitting were meant to keep my hands busy while I watched TV, fill time while waiting, and bust some of the more colorful sock yarn stash that isn’t suited for intricate cables and lace.  In that way, it was a successful year indeed, and now I’m well stocked to continue working on a scrap yarn blanket for a few more squares.  Here are the first two, and I’ll post a few more every week.


Fluormaina Socks
: Sock Knitting Workshop
Designer: Alysania (yours truly!)
Needles: US 1.5 (2.5mm)
Yarn: Schachenmayr Regia Fluormania in, “Neon Ocean”
Ravelry Project Link

Nothing really fancy going on here.  I used the same basic sock recipe I use for all my plain vanilla socks, and I happened to publish it on Ravelry and the blog here a few years ago when I ran a sock knitting workshop at a local cafe.  It’s easy peasy and lets the crazy wild color of this yarn really shine.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything but a plain stockinette sock for this colorway since it may be my favorite one of the whole Fluormania line.





DSC_1417More Plain Socks
Pattern: Sock Knitting Workshop
Designer: Alysania (yours truly!)
Needles: US 1.5 (2.5mm)
Yarn: Wisdom Yarn Marathon Sock in, “Twin Cities”
Ravelry Project Link

This was a silly impulse purchase because the price was right at Tuesday Morning on a trip through one day.  Green and blue self striping yarn at over 50% off?  SOLD!  It’s your basic sock yarn, nothing too fancy, not particularly soft, but it feels durable, so that works!  I like how the colorway knit up and again, used the same simple basic sock pattern as before.

Sepia Saturday 315

Our prompt image this week featured a kitchen and oven showing off fresh baked goods.  I really have nothing precisely like it, but I do have some more recent photos that show the aftermath of cooking, the cleaning!  Going to a rather not-sepia zone this week, we have two photos of dishwashers.  In about 1984, Bouwe Jaarsma and his wife Baukje Zijlstra came to the USA to visit Bouwe’s siblings, one of whom was my husband’s grandfather, Doede Jaarsma.  At some point during their visit, after a meal, they jumped right in and started washing dishes.  This is a scan from a pile of negatives, so the quality isn’t terrific, but it’s a wonderful, candid snapshot of their visit.  Even though they were the guests, they ended up (whether voluntary or assigned) the task of washing dishes that evening.  Even though not Sepia, it still fits in nicely with the theme and lets me connect a few genealogical dots in these recently scanned photos!

Sepia Saturday 314


For this week’s Sepia Saturday, the prompt image was a fairly old family photo.  While mine is probably from about 1924, the family history here is a pretty neat story that I’ve been researching heavily over the past couple of months for my husband’s side of the family.  Before I get too far, let’s introduce the people in the photo.

L to R, Back Row: Cornelius Herman Tanis, Gertrude Meyer, Jessie Meyer, Harry Meyer, Jeanette Tanis, Jenetta Meyer
L to R, Front Row: Josephine Tanis, Alida Meyer, Johannes Meyer, Jacob Meyer, John Meyer Jr., Richad Meyer, Alida Grootveld, Helen Tanis, Gertrude Tanis.

Johannes Meyer was born 3 August 1878 in Stiens, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands.  He came to the USA, arriving on 4 May 1893, with his sister Grietje, her husband Frans de Haan, a sister Willemke, and Grietje and Frans’ two children Pieter and Jan de Haan.  The rest of the family followed later and they ended up living in Passaic County, New Jersey.  On 26 November 1902, Johannes married Gertrude Lena Catherine Grootveld and had 7 children seen in the photo above with the last name Meyer.  Sadly, Gertrude died on 18 May 1916.  Just a few short months after Gertrude’s death, Alida Grootveld, sister of Gertrude, lost her husband, Herman Tanis on 15 August 1916.  Alida and Herman had been living in Wisconsin for a number of years, and in 1920, the census shows she was living as a widow in Illinois.  Shortly after the census, Johannes Meyer married his deceased wife’s sister, Alida on 10 September 1920 and brought her and her children back to New Jersey to make one big blended family.  Together they had one son, Richard Meyer, born 1 September 1922 (the baby in the photo).

I suppose circumstances lined up just right, with Alida’s husband and Johannes’ wife passing away around the same time, that it made sense for two large families to join together and combine resources to support each other and since they already knew each other, so hey, why not?  Getting into the details of the photo, the girls are all wearing basically the same dress or variations on the same dress.  The older three boys are in suits, and John Meyer Jr. is in a lovely sailor outfit, tying us neatly into the prompt photo this week.

Goodbeing (formerly Goodebox) January 2016


First Goodbeing box of the new year!  This arrived a few weeks ago, and I’m just getting around to blogging about it now (see?  Still behind, oops).  Goodbeing was formerly Goodebox and is going through a little rebranding, so for now I’ll include both names in my review posts for continuity’s sake.  Overall a pretty decent box!  There’s one product I had no interest in (the cold and sinus oil), but the rest are definitely things I’ll use.

  • Green Apple Age Defying Hand Cream – 2 oz / $12 – (Product is full size)  I never really buy into all those anti-aging claims products like this make.  Age is going to happen whether we like it or not, so throwing that out of the equation, this is still a great hand cream.  It’s thick and rich and sinks in immediately so it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky.  The scent is nothing to write home about since there’s not much of a scent at all, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!  What’s best is that a teeny little bit goes a long way and works for a while, so the value is really rather incredible.
  • Curandera Remedies Kapalabati Cold and Sinus Oil – 1 oz / $25 – (Product is .5 oz, value of $12.50)  I didn’t like Vicks VapoRub growing up as a kid and this is basically the same idea, albeit all natural.  The scent, IMHO, is absolutely horrendous (FWIW, I didn’t like Vicks either).  I use neem oil to control aphids on my outdoor plants and the idea of rubbing it under my nose is just a HUGE turn off.  I’m all for natural remedies, but when I’m sick and need to breathe, I’m going to head for traditional medicine that works instead of a bunch of oils that smell bad and do nothing to actually unclog my sinuses and reduce the swelling and pressure.  It’s one of the few places I have to turn in my all-natural-hippie card, but I’m a HUGE baby when I’m sick and traditional medicine works.
  • Balanced Guru Face It Smoothly – 4 oz / $38 – (Travel size 1 oz is $10)  It’s an aloe based cleanser, so no foam.  It dispenses from the pump as a creamy liquid and smells a bit like mint and herbs though not in any sort of overpowering way.  A quick scrub over my face didn’t dry it out, but it almost didn’t feel like it was cleaning either since it doesn’t foam (that’s all in my head though, I’m sure).  It’s really pricey for 4 oz though and while it’s fun to try, especially as the trio of products in the box, it’s not something I love enough to buy again.
  • Balanced Guru Tone It Smoothly – 4 oz / $34 – (Travel size 1 oz is $9)  I’m not a huge fan of toners to begin with since they’re mostly alcohol based and dry out my already dry skin.  This one is Aloe and Alcohol based which, eh.  Not my thing.  It smells much the same as the Face It cleanser, but this product does feel drying though not AS drying as other alcohol based toners.  Again, just not my thing – I don’t get oily, so I really have no use for this kind of product, but again, it was nice to try as a matched set.
  • Balanced Guru Nourish Me Serum – 1 oz / $22.99 – (Product is full size)  This is right up my alley!  Younger me would’ve completely cringed at putting oil on my face, but older me with dry skin is LOVING this serum.  Again, it doesn’t have a really overpowering scent and just smells herbal and natural.  Two wee little drops covered my whole face without leaving it greasy.  The Argan and Jojoba oil base seems to be just what my dry face needs and even if it doesn’t slowdown and reduce the appearance of age, it’s still just about the perfect moisturizing serum for me.

The total value of the box comes to $66.49 which is on the upper end of average for this box.  Even if I’m not thrilled with the two Balanced Guru products, it’s really awesome to try them, and the serum covers the cost of the box anyway.  I’m a little bummed at the lack of variety in this one – it’s all body/face products and a health product I didn’t want or need since my preferences are set to “None” for the “Natural Medicines” category.  Even with that obvious mistake, I’m still rather pleased with the box and it’s mostly because of the serum.  As always, looking forward to next month!

Kloverbox December 2015


So, I’m pretty late in getting this post up since the December Kloverbox arrived on December 24th!  Overall, I’m pretty pleased, though I’m not a big fan of traditional perfume and I’m still not sure I like the scent either.  However, two of the producs are HUGE and the value of the box overall is really rather amazing.

  • Balanced Guru Soothe Me – 4 oz / $19.99 – (Product is full size)  An amazing blend of oils perfect for winter dry skin!  The scent isn’t too strong, just natural and maybe even a little bit citrusy.  It sinks in to my skin so quickly and is perfect to rub into dry legs just before bedtime.  It’s really just all oils, so you can’t go wrong.  The bottle also came with a pump top to screw on.
  • Dermadeli Calm Chamomile Exfoliating Scrub – 160 g / $20.99 – (Product is full size)  My first thought was WOW, huge container, that’s amazing.  My second thought upon opening the container was WOW, smells amazing!  So, two wows in a row.  It’s got just enough coarseness to it that it scrubs well yet doesn’t feel like it’s stripping my face dry.  I used it for the first time today, so we’ll see if there are any longer-term effects!
  • Harvey Prince Hello Eau de Parfum Spray – 8.8 mL / $28 – (Product is full size)  I’m not super huge on fancypants perfumes like this – my go-to’s are usually essential oil type fragrances and not alcohol based perfumes.  Just personal preference!  That out of the way, the scent is .. I’m really not sure.  I get the warm vanilla on top and really light hints of citrus and a wee bit of a floral character which isn’t bad, but it still smells fake in comparison to essential oil based fragrances.  I also don’t like floral fragrances, and this has enough floral to be disappointing.  The florals seem to come out more as time goes on too with the vanilla fading out.  Although this is the product with the highest value in the box, it’s also not my favorite by a long shot.
  • Kiss Me Honey Lip Balm – 1 tube / $4.99 – (Product is full size)  ARGH MINT.  I love lip balm, but hate mint scented/flavored products.  I tried it anyway, and the mint is really only in the scent, so once it’s on, you can’t taste the mint.  There’s just a little tingle from the mint, that’s all, so it’s tolerable.  I saw on the company’s website that they also have a coconut and strawberry flavored one, so I may have to give those a try since I do like the formula and go through lip balm like water in the winter!

Adding up a total value, we come to $73.97 which is a phenomenal value for this box!  Four full sized products made it a really incredible box for this month and even if I’m not entirely sold on the perfume, the rest of it is really great!  In case you’re interested in subscribing, here’s my referral link for 15% off your subscription.