Sepia Saturday 306


Late again!  As usual, better late than never though.  The prompt photo this week featured boys at school playing some sort of game with their caps.  I didn’t quite have anything like it, but I did have this, which, as the back of the photo states, is a Sunday School class in England probably around 1910 or thereabouts based on the older girls’ dresses.  LOTS of caps and hats of all sorts!  I’m not entirely sure where this was taken, but given the family that it came from, it was probably somewhere in the south of England in Devon or Cornwall.  There’s still some family from the Battin branch that resides there, and I know Jessie (Battin) Powis kept in touch with friends and family.  The pretty outfits and elaborate hats makes me think this was taken for Easter, but it’s hard to tell with not much other frame of reference other than that the grass appears to be green and growing.

As a side note, I’ve grown sort of fond of posting these photos I know little about through the Sepia Saturday project because I’m not sure I’d know what to do with them otherwise!

Goodebox November 2015


Not a bad box!  If you’ll remember, I got the Konjac sponge in last month’s box too, but Goodebox has assured me it’s an error and they’ll make up for it in the next box.  The other items though, I’m really pretty pleased with!  The sugar cleanser is exactly what I like to use on my face.  I’d gotten the Ellovi butter before, but LOVED it so much, I’m not at all upset to see it again.  Anyway, before I go on and on, here’s the contents of the box.

  • My Konjac French Green Clay Sponge – 1 sponge / $10 – (Product is full size)  Like I mentioned above, a computer glitch caused the same item to be sent two months in a row.  Usually Goodebox does a fantastic job managing who got what which month, but this one slipped through.  I’m SO not a fan of these sponges like I mentioned in last month’s post, so I won’t go into that again.  Goodebox said they’ll make up for it next month, and I’m perfectly happy with that resolution.
  • Odacite (Pe+C) Peach Cypress Serum Concentrate – 5 mL / $32 – (Product is approx .7 mL, value of $4.48)  This is a teeny little sample of a pretty pricey serum.  After washing my face, I dabbed a little out of the vial onto my finger (twice) and distributed it around my face.  It smells more cypressy than peachy, but it’s a rich oil and a little does go a long way without getting greasy or oily and does seem to stop my oily spots from getting oily.  This particular formulation is for combination skin which is probably the one I would’ve chosen for myself out of all of the options.  I’m not wowed by it to the point that I’d consider purchasing it, but it was fun to try!
  • Alima Pure Brow Pencil – 1 stick / $18 – (Product is full size)  I received the color, “Deep” which is pretty much the right shade.  I’ll admit that I prefer something like Benefit’s Gimme Brow since it builds fiber onto your natural eyebrow hair and looks more natural than a pencil.  The outer half of my eyebrows is really thin, so I thought this might work to help fill in underneath the brow gel, but it turns out it just feels like it looks fake to me and I’d rather just use the brow gel on its own.  It’s still a nice pencil, and I think I’ll repurpose it as eyeliner.
  • Ellovi Mint Chocolate Body Butter – 3.5 oz / $26 – (Product is .34 oz, value of $2.53)  I’ve gotten this product before and oh is it ever a joy.  The scent of the butter is wonderful and it’s just perfect for the fall and winter.  So glad to see this come through a subscription box again!
  • MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser – 3.5 oz / $25 – (Product is full size)  I tried this out right away because I love a good exfoliating scrub.  Of course, I tried it and THEN read the back of the tube.  I was a little disappointed at first that the sugar dissolved pretty quickly and didn’t stick around long enough to exfoliate, but it turns out if I use it on dry skin with dry hands first and then wet my hands after, I can get a good scrub and then let the water dissolve the sugar and turn the cleanser into a nice lather.  The scent isn’t good or bad really, and I do like the way it both exfoliates and then turns into a foamy cleanser for the best of both worlds.

The total value comes out to $60.01 which is definitely on the higher end for this box.  That includes the Konjac sponge, even though it was a mistake.  It also looks like the name is changing from Goodebox to Good Being as well as incorporating a few changes to the box structure, so I’ll reflect the name change in future posts.  As always, looking forward to next month’s box!

Kloverbox October 2015


I actually like that Kloverbox is a mix of lifestyle, bath/body, and makeup items, so this box was a little bit of a disappointment.  Not totally, since there are some awesome products in there, but I honestly like the usual variety better than a 100% lifestyle box.  There are dozens of plain lifestyle item boxes I could’ve subscribed to, but I specifically picked Kloverbox for the mix they usually have.  That said, I like all the items, so I’m calling it a win.  The box did arrive late (a week into November), but they communicated the delay early on, so I didn’t mind.

  • Foxy & Winston Organic Kitchen Towel – 1 towel / $16 – (Product is full size)  I received the artichoke design which is super cute and I like green!  It’s awfully expensive though for an organic cotton towel that’s made in India – if it were made in the USA, I’d be more able to justify the price and grab another one!  But, I’m glad to have this one and it’s going into immediate service in the kitchen.
  • Bee’s Wrap – 1 wrap / $10 – (Product is full size)  This is a great idea for sandwiches.  The string is really long, so it fits a variety of bread/sandwich sizes.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure when/if I’ll have an occasion to use it since I work from home and don’t need to use any sort of wrap to keep my sandwiches fresh as they travel from the kitchen to the ‘office’ down the hall.  The beeswax scent is really pleasant too.  I may need to take myself out to a local park for lunch some nice afternoon just to get a chance to use this.
  • Goodie Girl Cookies – 1 oz / $1 – (Product is full size)  I received the Quinoa Choco-Chip cookies and they were SO good.  If I didn’t know these were gluten free, I never would’ve guessed, they’re just that tasty!  I don’t need gluten free products since I’m not celiac or gluten sensitive, but who doesn’t love a tasty cookie?
  • Red Flower Hand & Face Towelettes – 7 towelettes / $5.00 – (Two Towelettes, value of $1.43)  I had gotten the Wanderlust scented towelette in another box before, but had not tried the blood orange one before and it’s probably one of my favorite scents ever.  This one did not disappoint!  I really love these towelettes for a quick refresh after a long flight or hot day out, so I keep one stashed in my bag.

Total value for the box comes to $28.43 which is on the lower end for this box.  Over half of the value is the kitchen towel, but I really like all the products, and the value covers the cost, so that works out just fine for me!  As usual, looking forward to next month.

Sepia Saturday 305

Scan00659 Scan00657
The Sepia Saturday prompt image this week featured a large hot air balloon in the process of being inflated.  I’ll admit, I was stumped.  I have not one single photo in my vast collection of family photos with any sort of balloon in it!  So, I went a little broader and settled on air transit with some newer photos.  The top photo shows an unknown airport with a Pan American airplane in the photo up front and a Pakistan International plane behind it.  I don’t think either airline flies anymore, so it’s neat to see photos of these planes.  The two on the bottom show an Eastern Air Lines plane on the right with an unidentified man standing in front of the plane.  The left photo is a view of the prop out of the window of a plane, but I’m not entirely sure where!  I’d assume east coast of the USA, but wherever it is, it’s a beautifully framed photo with the prop with the bridge and land in the distance.  For all of the photos, I’d guess a time range to be mid 1950s to early 1960s or thereabouts given the other photos that were in the set with these.  Even though none of these are balloons and don’t get me any closer to figuring out who the man in the one photo is, they still fit the theme enough to call it a win this week!

Edit 24 Nov 2015: My husband, frequent flyer that he is, identified the aerial view as the Bayonne Bridge and Shooters Island — takeoff from EWR.  Google Map Link.

Goodebox October 2015


I seem to have also gotten behind on my subscription box posts, so here’s the Goodebox from October!  I’ll have to say I was completely disappointed with this one.  I saw other folks got a Shea Spray for hair and I would’ve much preferred that over just about any other item in the box and it would’ve made this a much better box for me.  As it is, the value of the items I’ll actually use doesn’t cover the cost of the box.  I know there are hits and misses month to month, and this was a huge miss, but it’s the first really big miss from Goodebox in a while.

  • EO Everyone Natural Hand Sanitizer – 2 oz / $2.99 – (Product is full size)  I dont’ use hand sanitizers, ever.  I think it’s already been proven that washing your hands is better, and sanitizers like this don’t eliminate all germs.  I’d much rather just go wash my hands than coat them in alcohol and dry my skin out.  Plus the scent on this is absolutely horrible to me – the mint and citrus combined with the alcohol smells medicinal and in a bad way.  I’ll end up giving this to a friend though.
  • My Konjac Sponge – 1 sponge / $10 – (Product is full size)  I received the “Original” version of the sponge.  I had gotten one of these before from another company and wasn’t impressed.  The sponge, when wet, is slimy and I don’t feel that it exfoliates at all, but I also have rough skin that tends to be a little dry and needs a good, rough scrub.  Beyond that, all the nooks and crannies in the thing undoubtedly collect all sorts of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, etc and after about three uses it’s probably full of gunk.  I’ve heard that you can run it through the microwave or boiling water to sterilize it, but that won’t clear out the accumulated material.  I just don’t understand how these sponges can be part of any green beauty routine when they only last up to three months.  My washcloth can be washed thousands of times before I need to replace it, and one washcloth costs a hell of a lot less than $10!  I’ll find someone to give this to though.
  • Davids Natural Mint Toothpaste – 5.25 oz / $7.95 – (Product is full size)  I checked over the ingredients and it contains stevia, so it’s an automatic nope for me.  Stevia seems to have a very immediate and very unpleasant laxative effect.  Even the smallest amount sets me off, plus I find the taste of stevia really off-putting.  I won’t even bother trying it because I don’t want to find out if the amount of Stevia in the toothpaste is enough to have an undesirable effect or not.  This is going straight to the island of misfit subscription box items.
  • Lillian Eve Nourishing Cuticle Oil Pen – 2 mL / $12 – (Product is full size)  While the oil itself is pretty nice and works well on my cuticles, I’m not a huge fan of the pen.  I’d much rather have a bottle and dropper or bottle and brush.  I do really like the oil though and it works well, so it’s a keeper.  Then pen has been hanging out by the computer so I can put the oil on and it stays put and absorbs while I type.
  • Bonnie Ultra Shine Lip Gloss – .3 oz / $8 – (Product is full size)  Love the formula, hate the color which is “Pink Sapphire.”  It’s just too light of a pink for my skin tone and doesn’t look right at all.  Plus, it has peppermint oil, and I don’t really like peppermint flavored lip products.  I already tried it, so I can’t give it to a friend, so it’s just a total loss.

The total value of the box was $40.94 which is on the low side for Goodebox.  My personal value was $12 for the Cuticle Oil pen, but that doesn’t even cover the cost of the box.  Everything other than the cuticle oil is going to trade/gift or trash which is super disappointing.