November Knitting Wrap-up

November Knitting Wrap-up

November is gone and it’s time to update on the  knitting resolutions.

3. Knit one pair of socks per month

Socks Plain Old Socks
Pattern: None – plain Stockinette socks
Designer: Me?
Needles: US 1 (2.25mm)
Yarn: My Handspun from dkKnits Superfluff roving in, “Shooting Star”
Ravelry Project Link
I had so much fun spinning up the yarn and then knitting the socks.   The yarn is a basic fingering weight yarn that was spun on my SpinOlution Mach I and then navajo plied.   I broke the yarn at the heel and started from the other end of the ball so that the color progressions on the leg and instep would be continuous.   Yeah, it’s a few more ends to weave in, but.   Look at that!   Becky always does such a fabulous job with colors.

4. Spin four ounces of roving per month.
See above – the yarn was finished spinning about mid month.   Then it jumped in front of everything and decided to become socks.

 2. Knit two sweaters this year.
Still working on this. I really hope to be done with the second by the end of the month, but I’m just not sure that will happen.

I’m really looking forward to January so that I can post a big follow-up to this year’s resolutions and set another batch for next year. There are going to be some good ones, I can just feel it. Also looking forward to lining up all 12 photos of socks from this year and patting myself on the back a whole bunch of times. Speaking of which, I should probably start the pair for this month, huh?

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