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A Year in Knitting – 2011

There was a HUGE gap in knitting from about June through September, but I still managed to turn out an impressive batch of items, even if I didn’t complete my 11 in 2011 – I only made 5 of the 11!  There were two sweaters, two shrugs, three scarves, two cowls, two hats, one baby sweater, fifteen pairs of socks, four shawls, two pairs of mittens, and SO MANY socks knitted on a circular sock machine.  WHEW! I think my favorite project of the whole year was the Dahlia cardigan in part because it was pretty easy, part because ALPACA IS SO SOFT, and part because it can be worn so many different ways


Warm Up Sox

It sounds naughty right?   Well the pattern comes from a book called The Joy of Sox, and yes, it’s a clever play on another book about something entirely different.  The pattern was originally knit starting at the toe and finishing at the cuff.  Now, I can knit socks toe-up, but I loathe every second of it.  I learned to knit socks from the cuff down (top-down), and it’s more familiar and comfortable for me.  So, I pretty much took the stitch pattern and worked it into a top-down sock.  Yeah, the cable is upside down, but it really doesn’t matter to me, and the basic idea of the sock is still preserved (or at least I think so anyway!).  Really love the eye searing green from the colorway called, “Night Vision,” and the yarn was fun to knit with, making a squishy pair of socks.  So sad that it’s summer and I won’t really be wearing them till the fall again, but when the cold weather comes, I’m sure they’ll be ready for my feet.  This is the third finished item in my 11 in 2011 goal for knitting this year.

Gin & Tonic

This is the second finished item of my 11 in 2011. Yeah I might be a little behind, but I can still make it, right?

The yarn is Sheepy Feet from Sheepy Time Knits, colorway, “Daisy Chain.”  The color pooled up making these awesome spirals of green around the socks and I love how that happened – looks like a twist of lime, going with the gin and tonic theme.  The sock pattern, Gin & Tonic, worked up really quickly and I’m happy with how they came out.  No real modifications to the pattern, just knit it as-is.  Pretty short post, but socks are socks, and it’s more about the eye candy here than any fancy write-up!

Dagon Casadh Socks

The first finished item of my 11 in 2011 lineup.

The yarn is from the January 2011 installment from Little Red Bicycle. The colorway is called Dagon, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories.  In fact, the three month club will entirely be based upon Lovecraft’s stories and I’m excited to see what comes up next.

The pattern, Casadh, worked up pretty quickly since there’s a lot of plain ribbing inbetween the crazy cable rows.  The sock was sized for men, so I made a few modifications (only 15 repeats on the heel flap, decreased on the gusset to 18 stitches each needle) to help fit a smaller foot.  The combination of the ribbing and cables gives it plenty of stretch though, so it ended up working out just fine.  They’re really comfortable and I can’t wait to wear them out and show them off!  There are a few more pictures on the Ravelry Link below as well as more information about my modifications.

Ravelry Link

11 in 2011

So there’s a knit-a-long for doing 11 projects in 2011. I’ve finally sat down and made a list. This is a sort of replacement for the knitting resolutions and is a much better idea. Detailing 11 projects and going for just those 11 sounds like a good idea. So, here goes the list.

  1. Shedir Mittens – From the original hat pattern, my sister-in-law requested mittens to match her hat.  Given the way KnitPicks changes their colorways every season, the same colors aren’t available, but I think there are some that are close enough.  Using the linked pattern and continuing on to make mittens instead of fingerless gloves.
  2. Juneberry – I’m sort of intimidated by this, mostly because there’s pattern work on both the right side and wrong side.  But, with enough time, I’m sure I can finish it.  There’s 11 months left, right? – DONE  – Ravelry Link
  3. Gentleman’s Fancy Sock – This project has been languishing and needs to be cast on and completed this year.
  4. Triumph Cable Scarf – For a relative on the husband’s side who was gracious enough to gift me 17 fleeces from her sheep.  I got a batch of roving back from about 1/3rd of the wool so far, and have gotten a little spun so far.
  5. Joanie – I just really love this sweater and definitely have the yarn for it already.
  6. Skulls & Flowers Mittens – They’re too cute.
  7. Casadh – Socks.  By the way, half of this list is going to be socks. – DONERavelry LinkBlog Link
  8. Gin and Tonic – More socks! – DONERavelry LinkBlog Link
  9. Irate Squirrel – Socks.  Can’t go wrong with a name like that. – DONE  – Ravelry Link
  10. Frozen Margarita – Another awesome name.  Already have the kit, just need to knit it!
  11. Warm up Socks – Pattern from a book I have already, might as well, right? – DONE Ravelry LinkBlog Link

The Year in Knitting, 2010 Edition

I suppose it’s time to go back and review my 2010 knitting resolutions, even though I didn’t make them all. Also, letting the blog go for two months without a post is so not good. Need to get back on that.

1. The American Aran Afghan. This is the beast that I will tackle and finish this year.
YEAH NO. I got three squares in and ended up somehow injuring myself and couldn’t knit for a solid month or two. Pretty much killed that project. I’m sure it’ll be done eventually, just not any time soon.

2. Knit /spin any club yarn/fiber in the month it is received.
I hit this one out of the ballpark. All the club yarn was knit into socks, and all the club fiber was spun. Let’s just not talk about my stash equilibrium that I was hoping to work on by doing this.

3. Knit two sweaters.
Not just two, but THREE. One of those was a sweater knit out of handspun. Still need to get that post up, but I DID IT.

4. Knit one double-knitted item.
Missed this one for a second year in a row. It’ll happen when it happens, I guess.

And lastly, because the post needs some eye candy, a flickr slideshow of my Finished Objects from this year.

Knitting update

I know it’s been a while since I’ve had a knitting/spinning update, in the midst of the One Local Summer fiesta I’ve been having. I’ve still been knitting and spinning, honest! Now that it’s been half the year, I suppose we should go back and look at the knitting resolutions for this year and see how things are progressing.

1. The American Aran Afghan. This is the beast that I will tackle and finish this year.
Yeahhh.. I have four squares done. I’m finding the charting and the way the book is set up to be VERY frustrating and it’s putting me off from knitting the squares. Each square goes rather quickly if I sit down and work at it, but it’s an absolute pain to copy, cut, and arrange the charts so that it makes sense to knit row-by-row.  Plus, there was this random odd injury that made knitting painful for a few months.  So, I was spinning A LOT but barely knitting a stitch.  Then there was the Tour de Fleece which took up almost a whole month of just spinning.. Not sure if I’m going to finish this afghan this year.

2. Knit /spin any club yarn/fiber in the month it is received.
Doing REALLY well with this one. I’ve had three club shipments for yarn this year that resulted in three pairs of socks so far. There was also a fiber club with three braids of roving that ended up as three skeins of yarn.

3. Knit two sweaters.
One down, one to go. I knitted the Leaf Pattern Gilet which knitted up rather quickly and will be a fall favorite when weather comes back around to actually knit. Here are the details!

DSC_0922 Leafy Cardigan
Pattern: Leaf Pattern Gilet
Needles: US 6 (4mm)
Yarn:  Balmoral by Sirdar
Ravelry Project Link
So incredibly pleased with this project from the color to the yarn to the pattern. It’s a really lovely and simple knit and I’m so glad I was able to grab the magazine that contained this pattern while it was available.

4. Knit one double-knitted item.
Uhhhh… Maybe this winter? I’m still feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea and it probably sounds more complicated than it really is.

2010 Knitting Resolutions

Oh dear 2010, where to start with you?  How about with a few knitting resolutions.

  1. The American Aran Afghan.  This is the beast that I will tackle and finish this year.
  2. Knit /spin any club yarn/fiber in the month it is received.
  3. Knit two sweaters.
  4. Knit one double-knitted item.

Here we notice that there is no sock goal.  As much as I enjoyed the sock-knitting last year, it’s really time to branch out a little, don’t you think?  I’m going to re-try for the sweater goal, and we’re going to try something double-knitted.  The list may seem shorter, but that number one resolution is a BIGGIE.  I’ve oogled over the afghan on Ravelry for a while and finally decided that it’s my turn to work on an epic afghan project.  Plus I need something to drape beautifully over this new antique chair I just acquired.    🙂