11 in 2011

11 in 2011

So there’s a knit-a-long for doing 11 projects in 2011. I’ve finally sat down and made a list. This is a sort of replacement for the knitting resolutions and is a much better idea. Detailing 11 projects and going for just those 11 sounds like a good idea. So, here goes the list.

  1. Shedir Mittens – From the original hat pattern, my sister-in-law requested mittens to match her hat.  Given the way KnitPicks changes their colorways every season, the same colors aren’t available, but I think there are some that are close enough.  Using the linked pattern and continuing on to make mittens instead of fingerless gloves.
  2. Juneberry – I’m sort of intimidated by this, mostly because there’s pattern work on both the right side and wrong side.  But, with enough time, I’m sure I can finish it.  There’s 11 months left, right? – DONE  – Ravelry Link
  3. Gentleman’s Fancy Sock – This project has been languishing and needs to be cast on and completed this year.
  4. Triumph Cable Scarf – For a relative on the husband’s side who was gracious enough to gift me 17 fleeces from her sheep.  I got a batch of roving back from about 1/3rd of the wool so far, and have gotten a little spun so far.
  5. Joanie – I just really love this sweater and definitely have the yarn for it already.
  6. Skulls & Flowers Mittens – They’re too cute.
  7. Casadh – Socks.  By the way, half of this list is going to be socks. – DONERavelry LinkBlog Link
  8. Gin and Tonic – More socks! – DONERavelry LinkBlog Link
  9. Irate Squirrel – Socks.  Can’t go wrong with a name like that. – DONE  – Ravelry Link
  10. Frozen Margarita – Another awesome name.  Already have the kit, just need to knit it!
  11. Warm up Socks – Pattern from a book I have already, might as well, right? – DONE Ravelry LinkBlog Link


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