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Gin & Tonic

This is the second finished item of my 11 in 2011. Yeah I might be a little behind, but I can still make it, right?

The yarn is Sheepy Feet from Sheepy Time Knits, colorway, “Daisy Chain.”  The color pooled up making these awesome spirals of green around the socks and I love how that happened – looks like a twist of lime, going with the gin and tonic theme.  The sock pattern, Gin & Tonic, worked up really quickly and I’m happy with how they came out.  No real modifications to the pattern, just knit it as-is.  Pretty short post, but socks are socks, and it’s more about the eye candy here than any fancy write-up!

Dagon Casadh Socks

The first finished item of my 11 in 2011 lineup.

The yarn is from the January 2011 installment from Little Red Bicycle. The colorway is called Dagon, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories.  In fact, the three month club will entirely be based upon Lovecraft’s stories and I’m excited to see what comes up next.

The pattern, Casadh, worked up pretty quickly since there’s a lot of plain ribbing inbetween the crazy cable rows.  The sock was sized for men, so I made a few modifications (only 15 repeats on the heel flap, decreased on the gusset to 18 stitches each needle) to help fit a smaller foot.  The combination of the ribbing and cables gives it plenty of stretch though, so it ended up working out just fine.  They’re really comfortable and I can’t wait to wear them out and show them off!  There are a few more pictures on the Ravelry Link below as well as more information about my modifications.

Ravelry Link

11 in 2011

So there’s a knit-a-long for doing 11 projects in 2011. I’ve finally sat down and made a list. This is a sort of replacement for the knitting resolutions and is a much better idea. Detailing 11 projects and going for just those 11 sounds like a good idea. So, here goes the list.

  1. Shedir Mittens – From the original hat pattern, my sister-in-law requested mittens to match her hat.  Given the way KnitPicks changes their colorways every season, the same colors aren’t available, but I think there are some that are close enough.  Using the linked pattern and continuing on to make mittens instead of fingerless gloves.
  2. Juneberry – I’m sort of intimidated by this, mostly because there’s pattern work on both the right side and wrong side.  But, with enough time, I’m sure I can finish it.  There’s 11 months left, right? – DONE  – Ravelry Link
  3. Gentleman’s Fancy Sock – This project has been languishing and needs to be cast on and completed this year.
  4. Triumph Cable Scarf – For a relative on the husband’s side who was gracious enough to gift me 17 fleeces from her sheep.  I got a batch of roving back from about 1/3rd of the wool so far, and have gotten a little spun so far.
  5. Joanie – I just really love this sweater and definitely have the yarn for it already.
  6. Skulls & Flowers Mittens – They’re too cute.
  7. Casadh – Socks.  By the way, half of this list is going to be socks. – DONERavelry LinkBlog Link
  8. Gin and Tonic – More socks! – DONERavelry LinkBlog Link
  9. Irate Squirrel – Socks.  Can’t go wrong with a name like that. – DONE  – Ravelry Link
  10. Frozen Margarita – Another awesome name.  Already have the kit, just need to knit it!
  11. Warm up Socks – Pattern from a book I have already, might as well, right? – DONE Ravelry LinkBlog Link