The Year in Knitting, 2010 Edition

The Year in Knitting, 2010 Edition

I suppose it’s time to go back and review my 2010 knitting resolutions, even though I didn’t make them all. Also, letting the blog go for two months without a post is so not good. Need to get back on that.

1. The American Aran Afghan. This is the beast that I will tackle and finish this year.
YEAH NO. I got three squares in and ended up somehow injuring myself and couldn’t knit for a solid month or two. Pretty much killed that project. I’m sure it’ll be done eventually, just not any time soon.

2. Knit /spin any club yarn/fiber in the month it is received.
I hit this one out of the ballpark. All the club yarn was knit into socks, and all the club fiber was spun. Let’s just not talk about my stash equilibrium that I was hoping to work on by doing this.

3. Knit two sweaters.
Not just two, but THREE. One of those was a sweater knit out of handspun. Still need to get that post up, but I DID IT.

4. Knit one double-knitted item.
Missed this one for a second year in a row. It’ll happen when it happens, I guess.

And lastly, because the post needs some eye candy, a flickr slideshow of my Finished Objects from this year.

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